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Big Dan's Big News Oct 27, 2008

NEPA's champion of democracy: Wilkes-Barre Times Leader's Richard Connor!

A real "patriot". Richard Connor, the Republican-leaning publisher of the Times Leader, wants to be thanked for letting democracy rule and a democratic vote by people at the Times Leader say who the paper endorses for president. Connor exposes what he really thinks of democracy in his opening sentence: "DEMOCRACY STINKS", he says. Yes, arrogant Republicans think democracy stinks when it doesn't work for them. Thank you for admitting that, Mr. Connor. The champion of democracy's board voted 5-4 to endorse Obama, and Mr. Connor likes democracy so much, he gave an impassioned speech to sway them to vote for McCain and have a re-vote. Yes, when Republicans lose in democracy, it calls for a re-vote. Mr. Connor: why don't you just keep re-voting until you win? In his column, he wants you to think he was a "great guy" for not vetoing the vote. He has veto power since he's the publisher. We are so proud of you for not vetoing democracy, Mr. Connor! You deserve an award! Sidenote: after his impassioned speech, one more guy switched to Obama in the "democratic re-vote" and it ended up 6-3 Obama. So much for Connor's "Gipper" speech. I have another question Mr. Connor: If you vetoed the Obama endorsement, would you have told us that? If McCain won the "re-vote", would you have told us that you kept voting until McCain won? Why do I get the feeling that if McCain won the TL vote, there would NOT have been a "re-vote? Maybe if Obama wins the election, the Republicans will "champion democracy" and let us have a re-vote!

Richard Connor: "DEMOCRACY STINKS", and you should give me an award for not vetoing democracy.


They LIED!

The Three Stooges.

Lawmakers gripe that bailout turning out to be far different from what was sold to them.

...and don't forget Shemp! Alan Greenspan!

Greenspan Concedes Error on Regulation


Only a Republican would do this: after it was exposed that her clothes cost $150,000.00, she says they aren't hers! So, she's saying it's "OK" to RENT $150,000.00 clothes? And who rents clothes? Let alone $150,000.00 clothes? Is she NUTS? Would you vote for someone who says her clothes "aren't my property"? Would you vote for someone who doesn't wear her own clothes? Would you rent clothes? Would you rent $150,000.00 clothes? WHO WEARS CLOTHES THAT AREN'T THEIR PROPERTY, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! LET'S STOP PRETENDING THIS IS NORMAL!!! She should be talking about health care, the Iraq War, and the financial crisis! Not renting $150,000.00 clothes! This video below might be the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen in my life. McCain is obviously not in control of his candidacy, because there is no way HE picked Sarah Palin as his VP candidate. Watch the video below and cringe in embarrassment.

Palin defends $150,000 wardrobe in her own clothes

...meanwhile, while Palin is renting $150,000.00 clothes and McCain is clanking around in the background like the tin man, Obama speaks to crowd of 150,000 in Denver:

Roaring toward the finish, Barack Obama presided Sunday over two Colorado rallies that together drew about 150,000 people, a startling turnout in a key swing state.


Sorry, but 'fake Americans' aren't the real threat. As near as I can tell, you are a Fake American if you live in a big city. Or on the coasts (Gulf Coast excepted). Or shop at any store ritzier than Wal-Mart. Or worship at a mosque. Or hold a college degree (Bible colleges excepted). Or -- most important of all -- espouse any ideology that is not hard-core social conservatism.

The Republican talking points have gone from Obama is a Muslim to Obama is a terrorist to Obama is an elitist to Rev. Wright to Bill Ayers to Joe the Plumber. They're flailing away, throwing as much shit against the wall to see what, if anything, sticks. The McCain campaign is now "smearing" Obama, calling him a "socialist". But why is calling someone a "socialist", a smear? McCain and the Republicans are saying they are against "spreading the wealth", as if spreading wealth is a bad thing! There you have it! The Republicans finally tell us all the truth: they want the wealth concentrated with a few super-rich people!

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A Perfect Storm This Election Season?

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