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Big Dan's Big News Oct 15, 2008

BD: Shame on NEPA!!! Do we really want to make national news this way???

Palin rallies Scranton voters; crowd member calls to 'kill' Obama

Keith Olbermann: While Chris Hackett tells Scranton crowd at Palin rally, "Senator Obama should come to Pennsylvania and learn what the state's values are", someone in the crowd yells out, "Kill him!!!"

10,000 McCainiacs; John McCain has created a monster that's turned on him.

Republican Richard Connor's Wilkes-Barre Times Leader doesn't report the "Kill Him" reference, but the Wilkes-Barre Citizen's Voice and Scranton Times-Tribune does. Was the Times Leader at a different rally than the other two papers??? See my posts here and here about the Times Leader's biased pro-Republican reporting. They even run a Sunday column by Ann Coulter!



Ring of Fire Radio - Steal Back Your Vote!

"Voting Fraud is a Fraud." Buzzflash interviews Greg Palast

Greg Palast on Vote rigging and suppression (video below; later, hit "more shows" to see all my voting shows, including the HBO film: "Hacking Democracy")

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Judge: GOP's voter purge a 'violation of federal law'


So Where's the ACORN 'Voter Fraud'? It Doesn't Exist, But That Fact Won't Keep the Wingnuts From Claiming Otherwise...


VP's Troopers & Practical Jokes: Sarah Palin would love nothing more than to superficially answer all of our shouted questions, but she doesn't have time.


So you stole $250 billion that you allegedly were going to buy mortgages with (we knew that was a scam up front, as I said, but heh, you had to keep up the appearances until the ink was dry right?) and blew it on preferred stock in the banks - directly.

Sounds kinda Swedish.

Except its not, because the Swedes, when they had this same sort of problem with their banks, did two things you didn't:

Forced shareholders to take all loss before taxpayer money was used.
Forced full, complete balance sheet transparency.
The second is the critical item and the one that you and Bernanke have continually refused to address.

Yet this is the root of the problem with trust, when you get down to it.

Nobody trusts the banks to lend to them because they have been shown repeatedly, over the last year, to be lying about their exposures and the state of their balance sheets, to the point of their CEOs showing up on national television days before they filed bankruptcy (as in the case of Bear Stearns)!

You have repeatedly thrown tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars at these institutions and it has, in each and every instance, disappeared into a black hole.

This will continue to happen until the truth is disclosed.

Ben, Hank, Congress - there is exactly one way to stop this. You must force full and complete balance sheet transparency for every firm on Wall Street. Period. No mark to model, no Level 3, no SIVs, no concealment of any kind. You have put in place the most mighty of guarantees of both solvency and liquidity that you possess - the full faith and credit of The United States, in conjunction with the full faith and credit of other G7 nations.

The Great Bailout Swindle. Rescue for the Few, Debt Slavery for the Many

The Quadrillion Dollar Powder Keg Waiting To Blow. Derivatives at the heart of the crisis, catastrophic losses are inevitable, financial system headed for oblivion, the new world disorder, EU doomed, Credit Default Swaps at the heart of the problem, Plunge Protection Team history, coverups for globalization failures, Bloodbath for the Yen

Let’s get real. Aren’t the farmers, miners, manufacturers, builders, transport workers, wholesale and retail outlets working ? These are the major producers of the world’s material wealth. Then, what’s the problem ? The problem is “The Market” !

The Next Derivatives Bloodbath: Insurance and Auto Makers

America's bedraggled, debt slave consumers are about to reap the final whirlwind which will finally unwind what is left of their consumer materialist society. This final shoe will come in the form of the cheaply made and cheap priced and often poisonous Chinese consumer goods. It is these very goods that not only have stuffed American households in a gluttony of soulless, Christless consumerism but have equally driven those same mindless consumers out of their middle class manufacturing jobs and into the lower class that make up the vast vast masses of service sector jobs.

They Are Getting Ready To Divvy Up The Lucre: US Summons Only Super Elite Bankers To A Meeting. The Bush administration summoned executives from leading banks to a meeting in Washington Monday afternoon to work out details of the $700 billion plan. And, as they say in Chicago, "If you are not at the table, you are on the menu." For the record those expected at the table are:

It is time to break the deadly silence on derivatives ~ the true, hyper inflationary factor in the current crisis situation is the unregulated, insanely leveraged derivatives trade. This is what is bringing down the stock market . This is the great crime of Alan Greenspan and there are many co-conspirators

'They're talking about credit and liquidity, but not ours'

Even though predatory lending was becoming a national problem, the Bush administration looked the other way and did nothing to protect American homeowners. In fact, the government chose instead to align itself with the banks that were victimizing consumers.

Paulson Doles Out $125 Billion to Wall Street Elite

When Republicans and GOP Pundits Say ‘Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac’, They Mean ‘Brown People’


The Beatles - Twist & Shout

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