Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Oct 25, 2008

McCain supporter pulls RACIST HOAX!

Ashley Todd Story Pushed By McCain Campaign Aide, Say Reporters

Report: McCain camp hyped attack tale before truth emerged

Rick Sanchez Calls Out Media That Fell For "Mutilation" Hoax

Campaign Volunteer Faces Charges In Attack Hoax. Ashley Todd told investigators today she "just wanted to tell the truth" -- and was neither robbed, nor attacked

Police: McCain volunteer made up robbery story

Does ANYONE find it "more than a coincidence", that Jack Murtha just called Western Pennsylvania "racist"…and then this McCain supporter from Texas pulls off this HOAX in...WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA??????

"Part of the story is the fact that it was reported by the media," said Sanchez. "We would not be telling the story now had it not been carried by so many outlets. As I mentioned before, it was mentioned on, as a matter of fact I have a list and not to mention names, but the initials of the news organizations are Fox News, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Newsday. And also radio talk show hosts went on their radio stations and talked ad infinitum about the story yesterday, one of them even seemingly being a braggadocio about it when he was on the air with our own Wolf Blitzer yesterday."

(below) 1989: Charles Stuart murdered his pregnant wife and shot himself, and blamed a black man and the media ate it up.

● A white woman is killed in a black neighborhood, and her prematurely-delivered baby dies a few weeks later.
● Her husband is seriously shot and says a black man did the shooting.
● The black man and his family protest his innocence in this case.

Charles Stuart, Puppetmaster. A Look Back at a Notorious Boston Murder with Racist Overtones

Charles Stuart: Puppetmaster (when this movie is over, click "more shows" to see "REEL Bad Arabs", for more RACISM...

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(below) 1994: Susan Smith killed her two boys and blamed a black man.

1994: SUSAN SMITH CLAIMED A BLACK MAN jumped into her car and drove off with her children. She drove her two boys into a lake and killed them, and blamed a black man.

Troy Davis: innocent man's execution keeps getting postponed at the last minute. 7 witnesses came forward and said they lied. And the corrupt courts, including the Supreme Court, won't give him a hearing.

Georgia death row prisoner Troy Anthony Davis is scheduled to be executed Monday night. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court refused to hear Davis’s appeal to have a jury hear new evidence that he says could prove his innocence. Lawyers have asked the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to stay his execution and allow them to file a new federal lawsuit based on innocence claims. We speak to Ezekiel Edwards of the Innocence Project and Laura Moye of Amnesty International USA.

Lawyers Planning Last-Minute Challenges as Time Running Out for Troy Anthony Davis

UPDATE! Another 11th hour stay of execution for Troy Davis!

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Spreading the Wealth

Special commentary by Big Dan: "The Republicans and the complicit media went from Rev. Wright to Bill Ayers to Joe the Plumber and now to 'Obama is a SOCIALIST'. McCain goes all over TV saying 'Obama wants to spread the wealth'. Have we all gone insane??? Since when is 'spreading the wealth' a bad idea??? What the HELL is going on with us??? What McCain is really saying, is 'All the wealth should NOT be spread around, it should stay concentrated with the richest 5% of Americans'. THAT is exactly what's wrong! We NEED to 'spread the wealth'!!! This is further proof that the Republican Party is a fringe party and must cheat to win elections. They are out of touch with 95% of Americans."

Bill Maher's monologue from last night:

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