Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Oct 26, 2008

News anchor who was in the movie "W" beaten to death!
The corporate controlled media is skirting around mentioning that the anchor woman who was beaten to death was in the movie "W". That could be a possible motive, so why is the media not mentioning this in their reports? Think about it: a famous anchor is beaten to death...and it isn't noteworthy that she was in one of the present top movies out in the theaters? When Heath Ledger died, did they "forget" to mention that he was the Joker in the new Batman movie? What's going on here?

Beaten Arkansas anchorwoman dies in hospital

Here's two articles that mention that she was in the movie "W", but you have to go outside the mainstream media to find them. Start reading the Australian news and watching Russian Television to get the best news coverage. What is going on with the corporate media in this country???

TV anchor Anne Pressly bashed after George Bush film role

'W' actress Anne Pressly stabbed


Why Has John McCain Blocked Info on MIAs?

Report: McCain Suppressed Info on Fellow Vietnam POWs Left Behind

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SNL: Ferrell's Bush endorses McCain to 'really help' campaign


Sadly, the best summary of electonic voting machines in America is on Russian Television.

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Another Lost Obama Vote on an ES&S Touch-Screen. TN Voter's Screen Goes Blank, Right to Cast Ballot Gone. Just Like the Obama/DNC Attorneys Apparently...

Election Developments & Problems in FL, GA, VA, IN, OH, NM, TN, WV. Broward Co. FL Election Supervisor: 'No One Could Have Anticipated' Massive Voter Turnout. Pre-Election Litigation, Early Voting, Machine Malfunctions and Other Voting and Election Developments Across the Country This Week...

ES&S Touch-Screen Votes Now Flipping in TX Too! Obama/DNC Attorneys Still AWOL! State After State, ES&S iVotronics Are Flipping Democratic Votes to Republican! What You Can Do About It, And Where the Hell Are Those 'Thousands' of Obama/DNC Attorneys?...

Big Setbacks for GOP Voter Suppression Efforts in Swing States. Courts Rule Against Republican Schemes to Keep Voters from Voting in WI, OH, NV...

Federal Lawsuit Finally Filed Against PA to Demand Emergency Paper Ballots for Voters. NAACP, Voting Rights Coalition Demand Paper Ballots If 'Majority' of Voting Machines Fail. Sec. of the Commonwealth Had Previously Decreed Paper Only Necessary if ALL Voting Machines Break Down in a Precinct...

Following Widespread Complaints, New Lawsuit Seeks Paper Balloting in Pennsylvania

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Stealing America... Will your vote count?


Sneak attack! Dog's foot trying to steal bone from him; dog defends bone...

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