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Big Dan's Big News Oct 11, 2008

NEPARichard Connor, Republican backer and head of the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. He backed mistress-choker Don Sherwood-R against Chris Carney-D and Rick "homophobe" Santorum-R against Bobby Casey-D and keeps running dagger stories about Paul Kanjorski-D. Watch: the Times Leader will endorse Republicans McCain, Hackett, & Barletta.

Special update: Wilkes-Barre Times Leader does not carry the Sarah Palin abuse of power story below!!! But he had no problem publishing this story:

Media should not quell fresh Alaskan breeze by Richard L. Connor

Mr. Connor: Maybe the "fresh Alaskan breeze" is starting to STINK??? Is that why you didn't publish it??? Sarah Palin: a breath of STENCH air! Wilkes-Barre Citizen's Voice published the story on page 4 today.

WILK's Steve Corbett does the same shill GOP fakery that's reported on in this post. Corbett's "schtick" is that he calls himself a "radical liberal", yet all he does is personally attack Democrats. He's probably busy over the weekend figuring out a way to "spin" this Sarah Palin abuse of power story. Or maybe he'll just ignore it, or cut off callers who want to talk about it. He "fell in line" last week and talked about the GOP fake voter fraud ACORN stories. He'll keep you fooled by saying generalities like he's pro-abortion or voting against Barletta, but when it comes to PERSONAL ATTACKS BY NAME, he only does it to Democrats. His trick to change a caller's subject he doesn't like, is to cut off the caller by asking him a question. This "radical liberal" has on mostly pro-Republican guests who trash Democrats. He came into town talking about being for the illegal immigrants (which he doesn't anymore), being a feminist (now he only trashes pro-womens' rights Democrats and gives anti-womens' rights Republicans like McCain, Palin, Hackett, & Barletta a pass), and being for minorities (now he's trashing the pro-active minority rights group ACORN and is on the fake GOP voter fraud stories designed to suppress minority voters). I think he gets his talking points from Rush Limbaugh. The most dangerous kind of shill: a wolf in sheep's clothing. What he talks about and the guests he has on and how he treats his callers, expose exactly who he is. Just like Sarah Palin is George Bush with a dress on, Steve Corbett is a Republican with a big, gray ponytail.


Say it ain't so, Sarah! Palin found guilty of "Abuse of Power". Are hockey moms and Joe 6-packs upset at Sarah Palin? You Betcha!!! (wink wink)

Pitbull with lipstick not vetted by McCain campaign...found guilty of "pallin' around" with abuse of power...George Bush with a dress on, the kind of leader we don't want!


Troopergate Report: Full Text

Palin's Abuse Of Power: Worse Than You Think

ABC: Troopergate Report: Palin Abused Power

CNN: Panel: Palin abused power in trooper case

Yahoo: Obama opens double-digit lead as Palin under fire

NBC: Ethics investigation finds Palin abused power. Legislative committee releases investigation into firing of public official

BBC: Palin abused power, probe finds

UK Daily Mail: Sarah Palin found guilty in 'Troopergate' abuse of power probe

McCain camp clears Palin of any wrongdoing, before the real authorities release their decision! Maybe they thought they'd FAKE OUT everyone into thinking it was the REAL decision!

Let's review EXACTLY what happened in "Troopergate".

The camera closes in on Sarah Palin speaking to young missionaries, vowing from the pulpit to do her part to implement God's will from the governor's office.

What she didn't tell worshippers gathered at the Wasilla Assembly of God church in her hometown was that her appearance that day came courtesy of Alaskan taxpayers, who picked up the $639.50 tab for her airplane tickets and per diem fees.

Report: Palin billed Alaska for family church outtings

The Twelve Lies Of Sarah Palin (by conservative Andrew Sullivan)


GOP worried REAL story of Palin's abuse of power might knock their bogus ACORN voter fraud stories out of the headlines...........

Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals. Extremists Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll helped launch Palin’s political career in Alaska, and in return had influence over policy. “Her door was open,” says Chryson — and still is.

Wm. Ayers v. Todd Palin: Tales from GBA-Land

Investigation ties Palin to 'extreme right-wing fringe'


McCain's Chilling Dance With the Dark Side

McCain & Palin rallies starting to resemble racist lynchmobs, with people yelling out, "Kill Obama" and "Obama is a terrorist":

McCain faced a booing crowd Friday for rebuking a man who said he would be "scared... to bring a child up" if Obama was elected president

Obama threat, white powder sent to LAT

It seemed too unbelievable to be true: a black man at a McCain rally. As it turns out, it wasn't true. The black guy who stands up and kisses McCain's 72-year-old rich white Republican ass at a his rally turns out to be a black rightwing radio talk show host from Milwaukee. Just like a Ron Popeil infomercial. Are you sick to death of Republicans lying and faking people? Maybe McCain will fake us into another war like Bush did! This guy makes sure he mentions ACORN, too! Boy, he really hates POOR black people, doesn't he! He says, "I took an 'ass-whoopin' for supporting you!" Maybe a REAL black guy whopped his ass! I wouldn't blame him! Or maybe he DIDN'T get an 'ass-whoopin' for supporting McCain, and McCain just paid him to say that! Then McCain says, "Thank you! Thank you, sir!" As if he doesn't know him! McCain is exactly like George Bush with Jeff Gannon! By the way, there's no black Republican Senators or Congressmen, did you know that?

Is the McCain Campaign Hiring Vocal Audience Plants? The man McCain hugged for "begging" him to attack Obama is a talk radio jock for AM radio

Black man to McCain: I've taken ass whoopin' for supporting you


Mark Crispin Miller

As predicted (here and elsewhere), the Republicans are using their huge propaganda apparatus to accuse the Democrats of planning to steal this election. To anyone who knows what's actually been going on these last eight years, the charge is laughable -- or would be, if it weren't so dangerous.

It's dangerous because so many of our fellow-citizens still haven't learned the facts about the stolen races in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006, or about the GOP's long preparations to subvert the next election, too. Such facts are still unknown because the press has not reported them, nor have most leading Democrats even acknowledged them. That silence has now made it very easy for the GOP to pose as victims of election fraud and vote suppression -- and thereby to suppress more votes, and perpetrate an even greater fraud this time around.

What the party's done thus far is use the myth of Democratic "voter fraud" not just to cloud the issue, but to justify the passage of Jim Crow legislation, like the photo ID law in Indiana, the birth certificate requirement in Pima County, Arizona, and other measures meant to disenfranchise Democratic/Independent voters by the tens of thousands.

And now the party plans to push that strategy to its ultimate expression: an effort to undo a Democratic victory on Election Day.

On Wednesday, Investor's Business Daily posted an editorial, "Is ACORN Stealing The Election?" The tease: "ELECTION FRAUD: A radical group Barack Obama used to work for is committing voter-registration fraud in several states, ahead of the election. What does Obama know about this scam?

The whole piece is a tissue of such shrill crapola, which it would take much precious time to blow away. Suffice it to say (one more time) that ACORN has, all along, been scrupulous in its observance of the laws (necessarily, since every move they make is under hostile scrutiny); and that the outfit has prevailed in every lawsuit brought against them by the GOP. As noted earlier, moreover, these recent ACORN "scandals" are a load of rubbish, patently contrived for propaganda purposes. In short, there's nothing there, as any rational observer will discover right away.

But the GOP is not engaged in rational debate or honest inquiry, but dealing in sensational canards, so as to lay the groundwork for another stolen race--just as in Florida eight years ago, when Bush/Cheney's men deployed exaggerations, lies and livid buzzwords (and a telling moment of mob violence) to subvert the true result of that election and install themselves in power. The strategy for this election is laid out explicitly in the last paragraph of the Investor's Business Daily editorial:

"McCain would be wise to start preparing a challenge to voter registration rolls should he lose the race in a close contest. He'd be crazy not to contest the results in light of these events."

And so we would be crazy to allow the GOP to play that trick on us again. It's therefore time to set the record straight: about what Bush & Co. has done to our elections in this century, and what they're doing now (the Democrats, as usual, colluding in such evil by just sitting there). Only by aggressively exposing the Big Lie that the Republicans are pushing can we keep them from reversing their quite possible defeat on this Election Day--a loss that they apparently foresee, or they would not be getting ready to "contest" it.


Tens of thousands illegally denied voting rights; "accidentally" mostly Democrats; "accidentally" as usual!!!

Here's your proof the Republicans constantly bring bogus voter charges against ACORN every election:

From Democracy NOW! April 2007: U.S. Attorney Fired After Failing to Indict ACORN for Voter Fraud

"There are new developments in the scandal over the Bush administration’s firing of eight U.S. Attorneys. One of the dismissed prosecutors has revealed that he was pressured by Republican officials to target the advocacy group ACORN for voter fraud. ACORN was working on a voter registration drive in low-income and largely minority neighborhoods in New Mexico. David Iglesias told Newsweek that he found no case worth bringing against ACORN. But that apparently did not please the White House. Last week Attorney General Alberto Gonzales" ex-chief of staff D. Kyle Sampson testified that during the run-up to the mid-term election White House adviser Karl Rove complained that Iglesias and two other U.S. Attorneys had not done enough to prosecute so-called voter fraud."

And more from 2004:

Today, Project Vote congratulated the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) on the dismissal of the third and final voter registration fraud lawsuit brought against the group in 2004. ACORN, in partnership with Project Vote, ran the largest non-partisan voter outreach program in the 2004 election cycle, registering 1.15 million low-income and minority citizens in 26 states and contacting 2.3 million through Get-Out-the-Vote efforts. In 2004, several politically motivated law firms brought baseless charges of voter registration fraud against ACORN in an effort to inhibit its work to register low-income and minority voters.

No one talks about the jailed GOP New England Phone Jammer or the FAKE GOP voters' rights group ACVR!!!

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Fox News Panics; If you want to see real panic, don't go to Wall Street, head down to Fox News. FOX news doesn't talk about the economy, but talks about Bill Ayers and ACORN. FOX news: Fair and Balanced, or MENTALLY UNBALANCED!!!

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