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Big Dan's Big News Oct 19, 2008


Big Dan's new dog: KING KRANKO!!! He's 9 months old and he's a smooth coated border collie!!!

Special Commentary by Big Dan: The media spin from the right about 'Joe the Plumber', is that the media put this guy in the spotlight and tore him to pieces. First of all, John McCain put 'Joe the Plumber' in the spotlight FIRST by mentioning him 15 times in the debate. No one would have ever heard of 'Joe the Plumber', if it wasn't for John McCain! That being said, the media then proceeded to do their job vetting this 'Joe the Plumber' whom McCain thrust into the spotlight, and informed us he wasn't a plumber and his name wasn't Joe. The only thing REAL about 'Joe the Plumber' was the word 'THE'! 'FOUL', cried the rightblogosphere! The media was supposed to stop at 'Average Joe the Plumber is voting Republican', IE only what the Republicans wanted everyone to know about him. If the big, bad media did anything beyond that, like finding out he wasn't a plumber and his name wasn't Joe, they were 'crucifying him'. The right's first line of defense after the media did their job, was to say, 'The main point is 'Joe the Plumber's' question about Obama's taxes! That's the issue! Not whether he's a plumber and his name is Joe!!! Can't we all just PRETEND his name is Joe? And that he's a plumber??? And the media didn't do their job???' (side note: ironically, as it turns out, 'Joe the Plumber's' taxes would have went DOWN under Obama's tax plan) Then when that failed, they 'BLAMED THE MEDIA' for putting him in the spotlight and vetting 'Joe the Plumber'...something the McCain camp seems to be unable to do: VET someone!!! Keep in mind, the media was their 'friend' when 'Joe the Plumber' was...ummmm...'Joe the Plumber'. Now they wish there was no such thing as 'Joe the Plumber', and you can thank John McCain for putting him in the spotlight in the first place, not the media."

Special update: I swear to god! I wrote the above commentary before reading this by local-yokel Times Leader rightwing columnist Renita Fennick...and she did exactly what I said above! Read this:

Renita Fennick: "I don’t care what Joe’s real name is or whether he has his plumbing license or how much money he earns. I don’t even care if this Ohio gentleman’s grilling of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was a setup. What’s important is that Obama’s response was not a setup."

Did I nail it? Or what??? LOL!!! Note to Renita: You're a little behind...rightwingers were on the "I don't care that he's not a plumber and his name isn't 'Joe'" kick last they're just wishing McCain never brought up 'Joe the Plumber'!!! Get with it!!! Would ya, please??? And quit being so predictable! I debunked your story before I even read it!!!

We can’t let foolish rhetoric kill our dreams RENITA FENNICK OPINION

The GOP better not steal THIS election!!! It's obvious that Obama is winning by a landslide!!!

Obama Rally Draws 100,000 in Missouri (well, it was really 175,000…but who's counting???

Powell Endorses Obama

"At least McCain had half a point on Wednesday night when he said, “I am not President Bush.” What he has offered his country this year is an older, crankier, more unsteady version of Bush. Tragically, he can no sooner escape our despised president than he can escape himself."

NYTimes Frank Rich: "He Just Can’t Quit W"

Some early W.Va. voters angry over switched votes. Jackson County touch-screens switched votes, 3 residents say

Letter from Obama Campaign to AG Mukasey Concerning Voter Fraud Probe

The Republican voter fraud hoax. Donald Duck and the Dallas Cowboys won't steal the election for Obama. Acorn's only crime is registering Democratic voters


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Fascism in America? Former Reagan administration official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the BAILOUT:

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Why does Sarah Palin hate animals???

Sarah Palin is NO friend of animals or animal lovers! First, it was shooting wolves from helicopters, then fighting against polar bears, and now it's beluga whales! Do you know how bad you have to be with animals...for the BUSH ADMINISTRATION to bitch-slap you about beluga whales??? Holy YIKES!!!

Sarah Palin has now TWICE asked the federal government to overturn laws declaring 1) polar bears are endangered, and, 2) beluga whales are endangered...what a nice person!!!

Bush administration to Gov. Palin: Beluga whale in Alaska is endangered

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