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Big Dan's Big News April 8, 2011

Surprise! Stolen election in progress: in KockBrothersLand WisKockSin, where all the Republican fascism is occurring against workers, thousands of uncounted "votes" are found in a - wait for it - A REPUBLICAN STRONGHOLD! How lucky can you get!

Above: Governor KochWalker from KochBrothersLand, WisKOCHsin.

Officials in Waukesha County on Thursday said a final review of paperwork and other records from this week's closely watched Wisconsin Supreme Court election had uncovered thousands of uncounted votes, a potentially stunning development that could upend the contest.

Wisconsin election worker’s find of uncounted ballots certain to draw scrutiny

Surprise! The Pentagon and the U.S. mainstream "news" they control roll out the "human shields" stories in an Arab country we're bombing, just like clockwork!

YouTube: search "Libya Human Shields"

Google: search "Libya Human Shields"

Search Big Dan's Big Blog for: "human shields" and find my posts pointing out the propaganda "human shields" stories over the years.

Aren't they in their OWN country, and we are in THEIR country bombing them? Regardless of if there's "human shields"...which isn't true anyway? How can we go into a country, bomb them, and say when we kill their children and civilians: "Well...they used them as 'human shields', so we're absolved!"? As if we should be able to bomb them and they shouldn't have "human shields"...HOW DARE THEY! When did this become acceptable, to kill children and civilians, because they're using them as "human shields"? Then it's "OK" to keep bombing? It's bullshit! We're killing their children and civilians and they AREN'T using them as "human shields"! They say this EVERY TIME!

Here we go with the "human shields" bullshit...again...prepping us so that when we murder civilians and children in Libya, it's because Ghaddafi used them as "human shields". See: we NEVER kill children and civilians in Arab countries (it's only ARAB countries btw), THEY kill them by putting them in the way of OUR bombs when we bomb them in THEIR country:

Here's FOX "news" lying about a "human shields" story - by the way, notice the FOX "reporter" says Ghadaffi began "firing on us". Ummm...isn't he in HIS country, and YOU are in HIS country? wtf? It's not like you're in New York and Ghadaffi is bombing you where you live...YOU'RE IN FUCKING LIBYA! ASSHOLE! "Ghadaffi's bombing me! Waaaaaaah! Oh, yeah: I'm in Libya, I forgot...he's actually where he lives, and I'm not..."

And don't think I like CNN, they're in on it, too.'s a CNN newsman saying FOX "made up" a "human shields" story about HIM...what does that tell you about the "human shields" stories in general:

Here's the response to the FOX "news" "human shields" story:

Surprise! ZERO press coverage of 9/11 Pentagon survivor's trial on April 5 where she's suing Bush & Rumsfeld about 9/11:

April Gallop sues Bush & Rumsfeld: she says there was NO BOEING that hit the Pentagon.

Another "BATH SALTS" story in the "news", the usual usual: no proof they were on bath salts...besides them just saying it, and references to the two sensational priest stabbing and wall stabbing stories:

• James E. Piacente of Shickshinny and Theodore Glowacki of Nanticoke were charged with public intoxication after police responded to a call of two suspicious men on Livingston Lane Friday afternoon. Police said the two men admitted ingesting bath salts and were taken into custody and held at police headquarters until they were sober. -> on the internet you can't see what's in the paper, but it references the priest stabber and the people who stabbed their walls...just like I keep saying. Keep the two sensational stories referenced in any bath salts story, both of which provide no proof the people were on bath salts...except just "saying" they were on bath salts. My point is: since when is it PROOF of something, when someone just merely "says it"? That's my point! Maybe these two guys "said" they were on bath salts...and maybe they didn't even "say" that! Did you ever think about that? Beyond even PROVING they were on bath salts, how do we even know for sure they SAID they were on bath salts? It's all taking peoples' word for it with no actual proof, which is my point.

Do you think it's reasonable not to believe something, if someone just "says it"? I think that's reasonable. I think it's NUTS to believe something just because someone said it verbally or in print.

I'm high on bath salts right now! I must be...because I said it. I think they're trying to link crimes with being high on bath salts, that's why they keep repeating the two sensational stabbing stories every time there's a story about bath salts.

All the criminals are on "bath salts".

Government Shutdown:

Does it appear to you like the oligarch's intent is to shut down the government - at least the visible part? They've set it up perfectly for each side to blame the other. Why not assume that Rockefeller wants to see the thing totally shut down?

If you were David Rockefeller, and your goal were to destroy the US and foment global chaos to usher in your new world order, would this be part of your plan - leaving US troops stuck in far-flung places with no budget and no way home? Do you really believe they sent the National Guard overseas by accident, or was that the precursor to Martial Law using private contractors here at home?

U.S. military troops at war in Iraq and Afghanistan would receive one-week’s pay instead of two in their next paycheck if the government shuts down this weekend due to the federal budget impasse, according to a senior defense official.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss personnel issues, said the military can’t be paid during a funding lapse until a new appropriations bill or continuing resolution is passed by Congress.

If the funding bill expires on April 8, it will be in the middle of the military’s two-week pay period, so Pentagon would send out paychecks for just the first week of the pay period, said the official. - plunger

Does this have all the elements of a false flag or what?

"Palestinian Rebels" for years have been firing missiles from Gaza into Israel, missing close to 100% of targets, but always "provoking" an Israel response with sophisticated weaponry, much of it paid for by U.S. taxpayer money. So, we're expected to believe cavemen are launching thousands of missiles from a small strip land totally occupied by Israeli troops and the Israeli Mossad, and they're somehow smuggling these thousands of rockets for years into Gaza when they can't even smuggle food and medicine, and they launch these thousands of missiles knowing they will accomplish nothing except to justify a devastating Israeli attack on their fellow Palestinian civilians, and they hit a big, yellow school bus in which no one got killed but makes for a sensational picture in the media to justify another devastating retaliation, and the Israeli troops and Mossad - SHUCKS! - they just can't seem to find these bad aimed cavemen, but they have a convenient ongoing excuse to keep bombing Palestinians...I HOPE YOU DON'T BELIEVE THIS BULLSHIT!!!

Missile Fired From Gaza Strip Hits School Bus In Israel, Prompts Retaliation

UPDATE: As I predicted - "JUSTIFICATION" (the fake school bus story) to bomb Gaza: They KNEW they were going to bomb Gaza, so they needed FAKE JUSTIFICATION:

Israeli aircraft and tanks pounded Gaza on Friday, killing seven Hamas militants and five civilians in fighting sparked by a Palestinian rocket attack on an Israeli school bus the day before.

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