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Big Dan's Big News April 20, 2011 - The Reckless Frackers Strike Again

Gas well blowout spills frack fluids onto farm, streams in Bradford County

Above left: land ruined by the Reckless Drillers. Above right: Reckless Pa. Gov Tom Corbett: fracking is safe; I won't tax them.

Reckless Frackers' talking points obtained by Big Dan. Click on them to open them up in a new window and print them if you want:

Excerpt (this one's for all you "patriots", now you know how the "they're fighting for our freedom" war talking point works) 
"Most landowners will be patriotic Americans, and will desire to free our nation from foreign oil dependence. Make certain you lead with this selling point."

Pa. Reckless Fracker well blows, leaking out of control...can you say "BP oil spill Jr"???

In the news report videos below: Notice the PROPAGANDA that everything is "OK". "Public safety officials from Chesapeake Energy and the DEP" said it's "OK". Ummmmm....public officials from Chesapeake Energy say it's "OK"??? Aren't they the ones who blew the well? Of course they're going to say it's "OK", DUH!!! Do you believe "officials" telling you energy company disasters are "OK"? They're the same ones telling us there's no radiation from Japan here, even though several non-governmental entities have said there is. "Special response teams" are trying to stop the leak of contaminated fluids. So why do brain dead people keep saying fracking is safe? A brain dead "neighbor" who lives near the blowout says he is staying put and he expects a "good faith effort" from Chesapeake Energy, the company who blew the well and caused the out of control leak. IS THIS GUY FUCKING NUTS??? How come the reporter doesn't ask the "hero" who's staying put if he has a royalty contract with Chesapeake Energy? Another neighbor won't go on camera, but says he "doesn't blame Chesapeake Energy"...well then who does he blame? Obviously it's Chesapeake Energy's fault! Does that guy have a royalty contract with Chesapeake Energy? Doesn't it make sense that these "neighbors" have contracts with Chesapeake Energy? They HAVE TO, or Chesapeake Energy wouldn't be drilling on their land! The video says the toxic liquid went through a farm? The crops can't be any good anymore. Right? "Public officials" say "no adverse effects" from the leak of contaminated chemicals going into nearby creek. How does this guy know that? He DOESN'T! In fact, they probably KNOW it IS harmful! Thousands and thousands of gallons of contaminated fluid leaking into a creek which probably goes into the Susquehanna River IS NOT OK, GODDAMMIT!!! And don't expect the government to help you. The government is in the back pockets of the energy companies. The government IS the energy companies! Proof of that is Pa. Gov Tom Corbett not taxing the Reckless Frackers. YOU are going to pay for this spill! Because THEY aren't being taxed!

My last couple of posts have touched on ENERGY COMPANIES KILLING US: Nuclear (Japan meltdown), BP oil spill (Big Oil), and fracking (natural gas drilling). They're ruining our food, water, and land. They keep saying they're safe and we have a nuclear meltdown, the Gulf of Mexico is shot to hell and we're still seeing ramifications of it, and now they're ruining Pennsylvania with fracking...ALL THE WHILE SAYING IT'S SAFE! YOU ARE AN IDIOT IF YOU BELIEVE THEM! A HOPELESS, BRAIN DEAD IDIOT! Who probably deserves to die from the contamination.

Watch: right off the bat the news crew asks their guy on site if the leak is under control. He says "NO":

Isn't Bradford County Pa. where the movie "GASLAND" was filmed? And they (they meaning the Reckless Frackers and their brain dead minions with drilling contracts) said "GASLAND" was propaganda? Yeah, it IS where "GASLAND" was filmed:

Do you believe "public safety officials" who continually run interference for energy companies when they have disasters? If you don't think "public safety officials" are in the back pockets of energy companies, then read this:

Nuclear Overseers Are "Fake" Agencies Funded and Controlled by the Nuclear Power Industry

FDA Refuses to Test Fish for Radioactivity ... Government Pretends Radioactive Fish Is Safe

One Year Anniversary of the Gulf Oil Spill

...and Pa. Gov Tom Corbett STILL won't tax the Reckless Frackers!!!

This guy was INSTALLED as governor by the Reckless Frackers!

Gov. Tom Corbett doesn't waver in anti-drilling tax stance

FAKE "small government" GOP governor trends: making up "tests" set up to fail in order for the state government to confiscate public land for their friends who will make it more "profitable". Since Republican governors Synder of Michigan and Scott Walker of Wisconsin are doing this, expect Republican Pa. Governor Tom Corbett to follow suit. I don't know whether I feel sorry for residents of Pa./Wi./Mi. or to say "Good for you!" for "voting" them in. Notice I put "voting" in quotes.

CorbettWalkerSnyder: Mission Accomplished! Decimation of ALL THINGS PUBLIC; continue transfer of wealth to the wealthy -

Michigan Gov Snyder, Whirlpool (global headquarters in Benton Harbor), Harbor Shores (a developer) and assorted political cronies are using the newly enacted Emergency Financial Managers” law to grab prime beachfront property deeded to the city’s residents in 1917 in order to develop it into a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course and luxury “signature” homes:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is reportedly following the lead of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) by preparing a plan that would allow him to possibly take over municipalities that don't pass a financial stress test.

Gov. Walker planning ‘financial martial law’ in Wisconsin

The acting Pennsylvania secretary of education defended the governor's budget on Tuesday, while highlighting the need for merit pay for teachers and for districts to be able to furlough teachers.

Are Rising Oil and Food Prices a Scam?

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% - Americans have been watching protests against oppressive regimes that concentrate massive wealth in the hands of an elite few. Yet in our own democracy, 1 percent of the people take nearly a quarter of the nation’s income—an inequality even the wealthy will come to regret.

Before 9/11, there was the secret "Cheney Energy Task Force":

Cheney Energy Task Force

Documents Show The US & Britain Held Talks With Big Oil Before The Iraq War

Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq

Weapons of Mass Deception: how the media was (and is ) in bed (embed) with the Pentagon to push us into the Iraq & Afghanistan wars (that are still going on for 109 years @ $2.5 BILLION a week taxpayer money during "austerity" on public things like social security, health care, & education):


The "other" Corbett - I said here:

Don't let WILK FOX "news" Jr's Steve Corbett fool you: he may the only host to bring up a liberal issue...but he's just as likely to spend literally MONTHS pimping a rightwing candidate for president like Sarah Palin...which he did...or calling Rush Limbaugh his "brother"...which he does all the time. And he mostly does this during election season, watch for it. Does this sound like a liberal? He betrays EVERYONE by all his contradictions and lack of conviction and going with whatever he thinks will make him more popular, so he's "on your side"...which is all sides? At least "Church Lady" Sue Henry is up front about being a KOOKY rightwing zealot, as does "webster" the classic rock jock who replaced the mysteriously fired Kevin Lynn, which I give them credit for. The Nancy and Kevin show is now the "wesbster" and Nancy show and has descended into talking about, among other non-important things, talking about righwing staples like UFO's and aliens and ghosts and they even now feature a "tin foil hat" day where they exclusively talk about things like that. So they went "full rightwing" after replacing Kevin Lynn, the ONLY host to consistently hold Republicans' feet to the fire, with rightwing classic rock jock "webster". It has become a People magazine-like show with rightwing talking points thrown in as well as UFO's and aliens and ghosts. So when will Steve Corbett start talking about "ghosts"?

Since then: Steve Corbett has talked about the Smurls ghosts and Obama's birth certificate!

I met author of NEPATIZED! Kenny Luck last week at his book signing (and also Justin Vacula who is in the book), and he told me he challenged Steve Corbett to a debate - no response. He was hoping Steve Corbett showed up to the book signing - no show, just like he was a no-show when super liberal Cindy Sheehan came in his own Scranton backyard. Kenny said he sent copies of NEPATIZED! to WILK - no response. What does WILK have to say about the book NEPATIZED! - no response.

As I say in the book "NEPATIZED!": Tune in to FOX "news" Jr WILK, with FAKE "liberal" Steve Corbett:

Above: one of the many corporate STOOGE media characters on WILK.

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