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Big Dan's Big News April 5, 2011

Is this really happening? No one's covering it! You wonder how they could cover up 9/11? You're seeing it NOW: they control the media and the courts! You can learn EVERYTHING about how the government and mainstream media covers up something by following this April Gallop case! April Gallop WAS THERE, and she says what EVERYBODY KNOWS because there are NO PICTURES OR VIDEO OF A BOEING: she says THERE WAS NO BOEING, I DIDN'T SEE A BOEING ANYWHERE, I WALKED THROUGH THE HOLE in the Pentagon when it happened and THERE WAS NO BOEING! There is NO PROOF OR EVIDENCE that a BOEING hit the Pentagon on 9/11 - ZERO PROOF! Where is it? Where's the BOEING? Right now, show me the pictures and/or video of a Boeing that hit the Pentagon on 9/11! Right now, look for yourself! If YOU don't know this, why DON'T you know this? The reason: you're seeing right now! Right NOW you don't know April Gallop's trial is going on! That's why you didn't know on 9/11 what happened! It's the MEDIA, STUPID! They're IN ON IT...or they would be covering the April Gallop trial!

Gallop's attorney even paid to put out a press release, yet no news organization has touched it:

Bush cousin presides over 9/11 suit against Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers

Extraordinary Conflict of Interest: Bush Cousin Presides Over Federal Court Case Against Former Bush Administration Officials

Kevin Barrett speaks with attorney William Veale immediately after Veale’s appearance in court with April Gallop

April Gallop, Military Officer, Pentagon 911 Victim, Sued Cheney, Was In Court Today~News BLACKOUT; the judge is George W. Bush's cousin!

Wikipedia: Bush's cousin is the judge.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 - 911 Appeal case, 2nd Circuit Court in New Haven

This is what REAL AMERICAN HERO'S look like:

I have to cover this, because the mainstream "liberal" (lol) media isn't!!! Actually, neither is independent media! And why isn't Democracy NOW! covering this, btw??? Or "judge" Napolitano? That means this is HUGE!!!!!!!

Our government and courts are so taken over, just forget about any justice anywhere. It's all a big joke. The mainstream media is taken over, it's a joke, too. How can they not cover this? I know how: because they're in bed with our corrupt government. There are no fair trials, it's all rigged. And idiots wonder how 9/11 can be covered up? THIS IS HOW!!!!!! RIG THE COURTS! RIG THE MEDIA! The mainstream media "happens to" parade the FALSE perpetrator of 9/11 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed THE SAME DAY AS THIS to distract from their non-coverage of this! It's no accident! This is soooooooo easy to see what's going on here! And btw, why isn't "DEMOCRACY NOW!" covering this? Is "judge" Napolitano covering this? Is ANBCBSNNX covering this? Rush Limbaugh? NOBODY except in other countries like France....because they want to keep you DUMB & STUPID! And not question 9/11. The SAME people who did 9/11 (and it ain't "the muslims") took over our government years ago and also took over the mainstream media. The mainstream media "news" speaks for them.

Here's how "news psy-ops" works: don't cover a story, so those who mention the FACT that this court case is going on, are appear "nuts"! Now you know one of the elements to covering up the 9/11 inside job: the mainstream media is in on it (they were from the very beginning and still are) and they won't cover any stories like this, so then people who talk about it are "nuts". And create some SHILL websites like "Screw Loose Change" and put some stories out there on the internet that April Gallop is "nuts" simply for telling the truth about what she saw firsthand. But don't DARE discredit her in the mainstream media, because that would draw attention to the FACT that this court case is even going on! Step one is to TOTALLY IGNORE THIS! That's STEP 2, to discredit her in the mainstream media. It hasn't advanced that far yet. Step 2 will occur if this gets enough attention. That's how it works. Ghandi said: First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they fight you, and then they lose (or something like that...lol...hey! I do a lot of this stuff by memory, I'm not looking up the exact quote!). But I know this: Step 1, the most powerful step, is to totally ignore something is happening, so it appears "nuts" to talk about it. And that's the step we're in. NO ONE is covering this! This is how it works! I'm wondering myself if this is actually going on! But I posted Kevin Barrett's interview about the court case. Yes, it's really going on! April 5, there was a court case about April Gallop suing the Bush administration about 9/11 at the Pentagon!

The mainstream "news": STILL doing their job covering up 9/11: they parade THIS story around with this picture they have ingrained in our minds of a guy they waterboarded 180+ times to get a "confession" - the "mastermind of 9/11" (I thought it was Bin Laden!):

9/11 Mastermind, 4 Alleged Henchmen to Face Military Tribunal

...to cover up THIS story (the timing couldn't be any better):

Amidst Growing World Doubts About 9/11, Career Army Officer Takes Bush Administration Officials to Court April 5th Represented by the Center for 9/11 Justice

You can see the mainstream media at work today...there will be NO COVERAGE of April Gallop today. She was IN the Pentagon on 9/11 and says there WAS NO PLANE and the story was FABRICATED. The most powerful thing they can do to discredit her (the people who did 9/11) is to have their mainstream media not cover her and put out stories like the "screw loose change" story calling her "nuts", same playbook for almost everything. Look at this video, does she look "nuts" to YOU? She looks like a very intelligent EYEWITNESS telling the TRUTH to me! Yeah, I did something they don't want us to do: I ACTUALLY WATCHED HER SPEAK FOR MYSELF!

NO MAJOR "NEWS" OUTLETS when you do this, and notice an article from "screw loose change" discrediting her happens to come up first:

Google ""april gallop" april 2011"

Now this, you see major "news" outlets:

Google "Khalid Sheikh Mohammed april 2011"

911 Appeal case, 2nd Circuit Court in New Haven

Thursday, July 13, 2006 - Interview with April Gallop

plunger [Moderator] 3 hours ago
Man, it sure is easy to spot the govt. psyop operatives in that GW thread. When you get "stupid, idiotic and UFO" in the same sentence, attacking the messenger, that's pretty much the "tell" that the Air Force CyberSecurity hit squad is In-The-House!

All other arguments aside re: how it came to pass that Rumsfeld left his office (without a pager or a cell phone) for 40 minutes - serving to guarantee that the ONLY person authorized to respond to an attack from the air was incommunicado - the most compelling evidence of a government coverup is this:

No satellite imagery of the Pentagon on 9/11 depicting the aircraft striking the building. It's not like they don't have the images from their satellites on that day. They clearly do. Clear skies, no obstruction by clouds, a bright and sunny day.

The overhead view of a perfectly-lit bright silver aircraft contrasted against the dark green lawn just prior to impact would be the compelling visual proof of their story.

That's the dog that didn't bark. The images not released.

It didn't happen. - plunger

It's not a REAL court case - it's a rigged fake "hearing."

Will there even be a record that it existed? Will there be a record of a ruling on a motion during this fiasco?

The attorney should have walked out on the lot of them when they denied his motion to have Judge Walker recuse himself - and then went on to deny the attorney a continuance for an opinion on said denial.

It's over. This will never be heard in a court. The three judge panel attacked the attorney - and that's it.

You know exactly how they're going to rule. - plunger


9/11 Pentagon: Hunt the Boeing! And test your perceptions!

People connected to the U.S. and Israeli governments did 9/11 and blamed Muslims, then we tortured them to get "confessions":

torturing Democracy

Jesse Ventura says on mainstream TV that 9/11 was an inside job; watch the SHILL George Stephanopoulus who works for the unelected people really running this country:

Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!

FBI spied on little kids for days at a time, documents reveal

All the people we're supposed to think are "NUTS" are actually telling the truth. Louis Farrakhan tells the TRUTH; WHO is telling us that Louis Farrakhan is "nuts"? Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, the mainstream media, politicians...HEY! They're the SAME ONES telling us the evidence-free official 9/11 story is true, THE SAME GUYS:

New World Order Ball: From 9/11 To Egypt

If you frequent this blog, over the years you've no doubt noticed I always say the biggest media propaganda in this country are the AM radio "news briefs" at the top of the hour, they're just a minute or so long. You can't find archives of them anywhere or look them up on the internet. So, yesterday, I'm listening to the radio and on the AM radio "news briefs", I heard the biggest bullshit story of all time, designed to cause fear in people who are unemployed. This was on the AM radio propaganda "news briefs" yesterday:

Unemployment Increases Premature Death Risk

Here's all you need to know about gas drilling in Pennsylvania (fracking): laundromats are banning people from washing their clothes there because of CHEMICALS in their clothes! The politicians and the gas companies are lying to us...but the free market doesn't lie! NO WASHING CONTAMINATED CLOTHES IN OUR LAUNDROMATS BECAUSE IT WRECKS OUR MACHINES! What does this say about the health of the people whose clothes these are?

Laundry owners: Leave dirty gas drilling clothes in hamper

How about THIS one: Pa. legislators propose "ROYALTIES" if gas drillers drill on state owned college campuses! First of all, isn't that really a TAX? And Gov Corbett won't tax the gas drillers? How about we call the taxes ROYALTIES, then, and charge them ROYALTIES? Second: we know how dangerous gas drilling is...and we're going to let them drill on college campuses where are kids are? How do Republicans get away with proposing a TAX on gas drilling so as not upset their base? CALL IT "ROYALTIES"!!!

Bill eyes campus gas lease royalties


Japan: Risking generations of radiation

Fukushima worker refuses to reveal own radiation exposure level

Interesting how the oligarchs want you to fear EVERYTHING, when it serves their purposes, yet go so far out of their way to tell you to be brave, when it does not. Meanwhile, in the No Reason To Trust The HappyTalk file:

Radioactive iodine was found in milk on the West Coast, proving for the first time that Japan's nuclear crisis is affecting U.S. food.

It's not radiation that kills, it's the Fear Of Radiation that kills - so says CBS. - plunger

Food radiation fears move to forefront: In the U.S., the fear of radiation from Japan is so great that even figures meant to reassure can instead cause alarm

Radioactive Iodine-131 in Pennsylvania rainwater sample is 3300% above federal drinking water standard

'No safe levels' of radiation in Japan; Experts warn that any detectable level of radiation is "too much".

Why is Japan dumping radioactive water into the ocean?

...and while WE are fucking around with dinosaur fuels and Japan is in a nuclear meltdown with nuclear energy, Spain jumps ahead of us in FREE RENEWABLE wind energy! You know why? Because we have BAD LEADERS WHO ARE IN THE POCKETS OF BIG OIL:

Wind Becomes Spain's Biggest Energy Source

We Are One - The Fight is Just Starting (Labor Rally in PA.) Wow! - pics - z

Passionate speech of farmers solidarity in WI - Doug

GOP Mistress Gets the Mine While WI Public Workers Get the Shaft. Sex scandal adds steam to powerful WI recall locomotive...

Gov. Walker's Wisconsin 'Union Busting' Exposes 'Tea Party' Scam, Duped Americans: Time for those formerly hoaxed by duplicitous corporate schemes to wake-up and smell what billionaire sociopaths are shoveling...

Dr. Cornel West:"Obama becoming puppet of Wall St Oligarchs"

Hey Mitch, how can we Republicans DESTROY things we always wanted to like Medicare & Social Security...but make it seem like we're "fixing" it? Mitch? Mitch? You OK? You seem like you need Medicare!

They just won't quit until we're a 3rd world country: Republicans want to TAKE DOWN MEDICARE! Do you still think the mainstream media is "liberal"? Google "Republicans Medicare", and you'll see the Republicans want to "REVAMP", "CHANGE", "TRANSFORM", "PREMIUM ASSISTANCE" etc...Medicare...not DESTROY IT:

House Republicans propose deep cuts to Medicare; essentially privatizes it.

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