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Big Dan's Big News April 1, 2011

I smell a "BATH SALTS" skunk here!

If it's such an epidemic and emergency, why aren't they telling us the brand names of the bath salts? And why are the stories so vague, for example none of the stories offers actual proof that the criminals they say are actually high on bath salts. They all say things like "it is believed" he was high on bath salts, and "each one said the other was high on bath salts", etc... If politicians want to ban bath salts, why don't they just say it with no need to link sensational crimes to bath salts, sensational crimes like guys stabbing priests or stabbing their walls because they think there's 90 people living there? I can't find in any of these crimes, any charges for being high on bath salts. What does that tell you?

I don't know if this "BATH SALTS" hysteria is only in NEPA or if it's a statewide hysteria or nationwide hysteria, but this whole thing has all the elements of "something funny is going on here" to me, based on how I analyze "news" reports. In the past week or so, we are being bombarded on TV, newspapers, and radio with stories of people "high on bath salts" committing crimes.

Here's the big question I have:


Isn't that a good question?

There's criminals everywhere high on "bath salts"!!!!!!!

.......actually there are FOUR (4) cases "attributed" to people on bath salts with no proof provided to the public that they were on bath salts. The media and government "SAID" they were on "bath salts", that's true.

NOWHERE in any of the stories does it explain if they blood tested these people for "BATH SALTS", if the police went back to their homes and found "BATH SALTS", etc...HOW DO WE KNOW THESE PEOPLE ARE HIGH ON "BATH SALTS"?

I've noticed from experience that when you see a blitz of "news" reports on a subject like this, but providing no proof in any of the stories of the most important question, and you immediately see a bunch of politicians making laws about it at lightning speed, there's something funny going on.

All I want to know, and I haven't seen it yet, is: "HOW DO THEY KNOW THESE PEOPLE ARE HIGH ON BATH SALTS?" It's a simple question. A question not asked by any "news" reporter, any "news" radio talk show host, or any "news" guy on TV. THE most important question is not being asked or addressed by anyone! We're just all accepting that there's an epidemic of crimes being committed by people "HIGH ON BATH SALTS" with no proof whatsoever that they are in fact "HIGH ON BATH SALTS".

When these "criminals" are arrested, do they scream out, "WE'RE HIGH ON BATH SALTS!!!"? And the cops say, "OK, boys, put it in the papers, they're high on bath salts"? Or do the police have a blood test which proves they are high on "bath salts"? Or do the police go back to their houses and check for "bath salts"? If so, why are all these hysterical reports saying so?

Let me be clear: if all these "news" reports on TV, radio, and newspapers said how they know these "criminals" were high on "bath salts", I would have no questions here. But the absence of proof in any of the many media articles that these people are high on bath salts sticks out like a sore thumb! And the race by politicians to make laws concerning bath salts based on this media blitz also sticks out like a sore thumb. How many times have we seen things like this?

But I find it odd that I never heard of "bath salts" (the drug), and all of a sudden, all at once, we have a rash of crimes attributed to "bath salts" and laws immediately implemented at lightning speed and articles providing no proof these crimes were committed by people high on "bath salts" - all ingredients that something fishy is going on here!

Join in the "BATH SALTS" hysteria in NEPA (and elsewhere?) by reading these two articles AND NOTICE THEY DON'T PROVIDE PROOF THAT CRIMES ARE BEING COMMITTED BY PEOPLE HIGH ON "BATH SALTS"...they just "SAY" they're high on bath salts.

Here's a quote I love: "WHEN YOU ELIMINATE THE IMPOSSIBLE, WHAT'S LEFT IS POSSIBLE". I have seen no proof provided that these criminals are high on bath salts, so it's POSSIBLE they're NOT high on bath salts. So what is "POSSIBLE" that hasn't been eliminated? Among many things that are possible is the possibility that this is a RUSE by the government to ban "BATH SALTS" by attributing a string of crimes all of a sudden to "BATH SALTS". Why? I don't know at this point.

Big Govt Republicans against "BATH SALTS": Barletta & Toohill

Hello? Is this the bath salt dealers? This is Lou Barletta....I'm gonna put through a law: "NO MORE BATH SALTS"...What? What are bath salts? I don't know! What are the brand names? I don't know! How do I know these criminals were high on bath salts? Someone said it! One article said, "IT IS BELIEVED THE CRIMINAL WAS ON BATH SALTS"....There were priests stabbing walls and everything!...FOUR, there were 4 cases locally....NO, there's no proof....NO, no one died...YES, there's LOTS MORE non-bath salt related crimes going on and we're not passing any laws about that...I THINK ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THE MEXICANS AND HISPANICS ARE TAKING BATH SALTS!...The BLACKS? I don't know, I'll write a note to look into that one...Yes, my skin is as tan as John Boehner's, look at the picture of Toohill next to me, she looks like a GHOST compared to me, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!.....NO, I'm not Hispanic!........Look: all I know is we need to rush in a law banning bath salts, don't ask any questions! What will the law say? "NO MORE BATH SALTS".....What about quickly passing a law to create more jobs? What are you, HIGH ON BATH SALTS???
U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Hazleton, signed on Thursday as a co-sponsor of a bill that would classify "bath salts" under Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act with marijuana, heroin and other drugs that have a high potential for abuse.

"There is no question that synthetic drugs such as these bath salts pose a clear and present danger to the residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania, and these substances should be banned immediately," Barletta said.

Authorities have blamed "bath salts" and their mind-warping effects for several recent high-profile criminal incidents.

A naked man threatened to harm himself on the Nanticoke-West Nanticoke bridge; a man allegedly stabbed a priest during a break-in at St. Ann's Monastery in Scranton and a couple tore through the walls of their West Pittston residence with knives trying to stab 90 imaginary people.

On Monday, Wilkes-Barre police arrested Donna Zilla, 40, of Dunmore, and Michele Pace, of Throop, for allegedly driving recklessly while high on bath salts with Zilla's 3-year-old daughter in the car.

Also Monday, a 37-year-old man under the influence of bath salts fought with Wilkes-Barre police after they spotted him "acting irrationally, jumping in and out of occupied cars."

DA calls on retailers to halt 'bath salt' sales

Police say couple on bath salts stab walls to get at people inside

Toohil asks stores to stop selling bath salts

'Bath salt' ordinances under consideration in several municipalities

Here's the first original "bath salts" story, NOTICE AGAIN it provides NO PROOF the "assailant" was high on "bath salts", they just "SAY":
"It is believed that the suspect was high on bath salts"

IT IS BELIEVED??? WTF? Notice, though, the headLIE says he WAS high on "bath salts":

(March 11) Police: Man high on bath salts attacked priest

I've been meaning to write about this for a few days now, and finally got around to it. If you have any REAL PROOF that these criminals are "HIGH ON BATH SALTS", and I mean REAL PROOF, like they had blood tests and had bath salts found in their homes by police, please post in the comments to this post.

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