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Big Dan's Big News April 13, 2011

Rightwingers can finally crack open their survival fallout shelter "food supplies" -

Rightwingers can finally crack open their "food supplies" they bought from the commercials during their favorite end times rightwing radio shows like Rush Limbaugh (Rush Limbaugh on the BP Oil Spill: "It's as natural as the ocean water is."; Ann Coulter: "Radiation is good for you") because the energy companies they keep siding with (big oil, nuclear Japan & Chernobyl, fracking, BP Gulf oil spill.......) and saying to lower their taxes - when some already pay ZERO taxes - and regulations on have just about destroyed our food, water, and environment with virtually no penalty or accountability. One after another after another disaster...the BP oil spill, Japan nuclear disaster, Marcellus Shale fracking...and on and on and on.....complete with mainstream media and government covering it up and not telling us important things we need to know. When are we going to do something about the energy company TERRORISTS and their rightwing TERRORIST radio show hosts that are FAR WORSE than the supposed "terrorists" we're fighting and spending trillions of our tax money on in Arab countries?

Up to Half a Million to get cancer from radiation in Japan:


The EPA simply the ONLY logical assumption to draw from these results is that when you read anything that says the EPA "reported no change" - you need to interpret the statement as meaningless - and intended to deceive. It does not mean there was no change - it means they willfully chose not to report the change they clearly had to have witnessed, to you and me - and obviously failed to instruct these power companies to STFU! Note how the writer of this article intends to cover for the failure of the EPA to "REPORT THE CHANGE" by implying that the power plants have "sensitive machines" - as if to imply the EPA does not:

The five Florida monitoring sites maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported no change. But three nuclear power plants in the state told the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control their sensitive machines had picked up tiny increases of the element in routine checks last week.

Cherie Jacobs, spokeswoman for Progress Energy, described the levels of iodine-131 measured at its Crystal River plant as "extremely low." Jacobs said the plant, offline since a shutdown in September 2009, is definitely not the source of the radiation.

"If it were from our own plant there would be other indicators present" — other radioactive isotopes — "and they are not present," she said.

The other two sites were Florida Power & Light's plants near Fort Pierce and Miami. "The amounts we detected were very minute, and less than half of what would be required for a report," said Mike Waldron, director of nuclear communications for FPL. "The amounts have decreased since we first reported it last week."

Who does the EPA work for? Where is the story of the ongoing government COVERUP?

Why not ask the author of that article why the headline and context of it was not THIS:

Radiation Increase Detected By EPA Intentionally Withheld From Public - Private Monitors Confirm


Who does the EPA work for? Where is the story of the ongoing government COVERUP?

Where's THAT story? Who told the reporter to imply that the EPA's monitoring equipment must be less sensitive? If the "reporter" needs an example to follow - show her this:

THAT is the story. If she's receiving directives from above not to report the truth about the EPA's intentional coverup - then THAT is another story.

What is the name of the individual within the EPA responsible for NOT REPORTING the elevated levels of iodine-131 the EPA clearly has detected? At whose direction did they NOT REPORT those results to their actual employers, the US Taxpayer? Does this fit a pattern? Let's compare this to the assurances issued by Christine Todd Whitman regarding the air quality at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11 - wherein she LIED in order to conceal the asbestos fibers found in samples throughout lower Manhattan.

The EPA is clearly a "Protection" Agency - though it is not the protector of the Environment - only of those individuals who destroy it for a profit.

For another example of a hijacked public agency - repurposed to do public harm while enriching the oligarchs - see the SEC.

Since when does a government agency not wish to instill fear in the sheeple? It's all they've been doing since 9/11 with their fake terror alerts and calls to buy duct tape, etc. Now, when it interFEARs with their plan for the US Taxpayer to provide the "insurance" essential for the oligarchs to construct more nuclear power plants - the overlords don't want you to be fearful - at least not about THIS!

POTUS and his EPA do not represent you and me - THAT is the real story. The even bigger story is the actual names of the individuals whom they DO represent...starting with David Rockefeller.


But because the cost of building a new reactor is so high — and Wall Street is reluctant to invest, with natural gas emerging as a more viable alternative — utilities have turned to the government for assistance. Obama has signaled his desire to help, proposing in his 2012 budget plan an additional $36 billion in loan guarantees to build new plants.

That would come on top of the $18.5 billion set aside as part of the loan guarantee program started under President George W. Bush’s Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Some critics have charged that Obama’s support for nuclear power can be traced to his political rise in Illinois, home to nuclear giant Exelon.

Those connections “run pretty deep,” said Kevin Kamp, with the watchdog group Beyond Nuclear. “That begins to explain his policy.”

Exelon has had ties to some of Obama’s closest advisers.

David Axelrod, the president’s longtime political strategist and former White House adviser, co-founded a consulting firm that worked for Exelon, though Axelrod said Friday he currently has no private clients.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former chief of staff and now Chicago’s mayor-elect, helped broker the deal that created Exelon when he worked at the investment bank Wasserstein Perella.

Exelon’s political action committee and its employees have given more than $340,000 to Obama’s congressional and presidential campaigns over the years, including $4,300 from Exelon chief executive John Rowe, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Since Obama became president, Exelon has sided with the White House in at least one major policy battle — quitting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in protest of the trade group’s opposition to climate-change legislation. Exelon declined comment.

Last year, the White House rejected a request by Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) to enforce a law passed in 2002 requiring that potassium iodide pills be made available to all U.S. citizens living within 20 miles of nuclear plants for use in case of exposure to radioactive iodine.

Markey said in an interview that he has asked the White House to reconsider that decision, which he said appeared to satisfy industry concerns that distributing the medicine “instills a fear of nuclear power” in people’s minds.

Exelon is headquartered in the Chase Tower.

Remind me again, who controls Chase?

From history, we know that the Rothschilds moved in on the US very early—evidently with the first and second US banks. We also know that though they had to wait on the sidelines for some years before they achieved total success, that time did ultimately come in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Bank. This thing was put together in the US by the fat cat Warburgs who were Rothschild relatives and agents.

The old J. P. Morgan banking interest was evidently free from European influence when it started in the 1800s. There is even evidence that in those early days the Morgan bank was a competitor of sorts with the Rothschilds. But just after the turn of the century, the competition ended when the Rothschilds gained control of the Morgan interest—evidently through stock acquisitions.

A similar turn of events happened with the Rockefellers. The Rothschilds financed and supported old John D. Rockefeller in the 19th century. But some time in the 20th century they became competitors of sorts. But this competition ended recently when Rothschild’s’ Morgan bank merged with Chase Manhattan, which was the Rockefeller flagship.

There was some speculation on whether the newly merged JP Morgan-Chase would be run by the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds. But quickly that speculation ended because the Morgan interests took over the key management positions of the new bank. Clearly, the conflict between the Rothschilds and Rockefellers seems to now be over. The JPMC bank appears to be now firmly in the grip of the Rothschilds.

But in addition to the Morgan bank, the Rothschilds have allegedly been the financial power behind many of the Wall Street investment banks—certainly like Morgan Stanley and others as well. Kuhn Loeb and Goldman Sachs are believed to be Rothschild players.

When we add in family names to the mix, the Wall Street linkage to the Rothschilds becomes even more intense. Important Wall Street names like the Schiffs and Warburgs have Rothschild ties that go all the way back to the early days in Frankfurt, Germany.

As a curious fact on this theme, some readers may remember the Little Orphan Annie cartoon script that used to run in the daily papers. There was a fat cat, super rich character in the series named Warbucks. It is said that the Warbucks was patterned after the Warburgs.

What This Means

This huge Rothschild control over Wall Street means that it is the House of Rothschild which calls many and/or most of the shots with the Federal Reserve Bank and the US government.

If one doubts Rothschild power and influence for a minute, all he has to do is note how powerful Goldman Sachs is in US affairs. It seems that there is a revolving door between GS and the US Treasury. People float back and forth with regularly. For proof of this reality, all one must do is note how recent Secretaries of the US Treasury came from GS—like Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers and Henry Paulson.

A few years ago many of us will remember the Bill Clinton flap over the need to bail out the Mexican peso. As Clinton told it, many American investors stood to lose some money over the fall of the peso. So lovingly, Slick sent $20 billion to Mexico to help them out. Later secret information came from the Fed that the Fed also sent $20 billion—making a total of $40 billion (all made without appropriation of the US Congress as the US Constitution so stipulates).

As it turned out, the “needy” American investor was Goldman Sachs who had Mexican investments in the billions which could go down the tubes unless drastic action was taken. Naturally, Bill Clinton and the Fed came to the rescue. And that’s how the plutocrats operate.

- plunger

EPA Christie Whitman lied about Ground Zero air quality at Ground Zero on 9/11.

Ex-EPA Head Christine Todd Whitman Denies Misleading Public Over Environmental Dangers After 9/11; Admits White House Removed EPA Call for NYC Apartments to be Professionally Cleaned of Dust

Christie Whitman lied about Ground Zero air quality, 9/11 victims' lawyers say

Ground Zero workers win $657m settlement for health problems

FDNY Medical Officer Announces Rise in Cancer Rates Among Ground Zero Workers

And, as usual, we have this:

Senate Republicans on Thursday voted down a bill to provide health care and compensation to sick Ground Zero workers

Ongoing Cover Up of Nuclear Crisis By Governments and Nuclear Power Companies

Japan To US Radioactive Jetstream 180 Hour Dispersion Model For April 12, 2011

Japan: worse than Chernobyl:

French Nuclear Group Warns that Children and Pregnant Mothers Should Protect Themselves from Radiation

Are Japanese Authorities Covering Up Further Damage to the Fukushima Reactor from the Aftershock ?

Are Most Nuclear Power Plants Vulnerable?

Japan's Nuclear Meltdown, the Economic Meltdown, and the Gulf Oil Meltdown All Happened for the SAME REASON

Japan upgrades nuclear emergency to highest level

South Koreans Wear Masks Out of Fear of Radiation from Japan

How to protect yourself from radiation:

Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan “Not Equal to Chernobyl, But Way Worse”



This guy should crack open his "food supplies": don't use water with radiation in it from Japan to add to the dehydrated food:

Rightwing media can KILL YOU: Rightwing shill Ann Coulter spews bullshit on mainstream TV: "Radiation is GOOD FOR YOU":

Remember getting REAL EXPERTS on TV? Not ANN COULTER? Not on the mainstream media! You have to go to the internet and Democracy NOW! on TV to see REAL EXPERTS. You HAVE TO GET YOUR NEWS AWAY FROM THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, IF YOU LISTEN TO ANN COULTER ON MAINSTREAM TV...YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!! IT'S NO JOKE ANYMORE, ALL THIS RUSH LIMBAUGH & ANN COULTER SHIT is going to KILL YOU AND YOUR KIDS! Remember Rush Limbaugh during the BP oil spill saying everything was OK??? Please listen to THIS GUY instead of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and WILK and SAVE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR KIDS LIVES:

REAL EXPERT (not Ann Coulter) DR. MICHIO KAKU: Despite Japanese Gov’t Claims of Decreasing Radiation, Fukushima a "Ticking Time Bomb"

The Japanese government is trying to calm fears about radiation levels and food safety in the region around the heavily damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility, even as it has raised the severity rating of the crisis to the highest possible level. "Radiation is continuing to leak out of the reactors. The situation is not stable at all," says Dr. Michio Kaku (below), professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York and the City College of New York. "The slightest disturbance could set off a full-scale meltdown at three nuclear power stations, far beyond what we saw at Chernobyl."

AMY GOODMAN: What has to happen to the plant ultimately?

DR. MICHIO KAKU: Well, in the best-case scenario—this is the scenario devised by the utility itself—they hope to bring it under control by the end of this year. By the end of this year, they hope to have the pumps working, and the reaction is finally stabilized by the end of this year.

AMY GOODMAN: Oddly, it’s sounding a little bit like BP when they were trying to plug up the hole.


AMY GOODMAN: "It will happen. It will happen."

DR. MICHIO KAKU: They’re literally making it up as they go along.

"They Are Afraid Their House Could Blow Up": Meet the Families Whose Lives Have Been Ruined by Gas Drilling [Photos By Award-Winning Photographer Nina Berman]

Damage from BP oil spill lingers a year later


NEPATIZED!!!!! Shhhhh...don't expect WILK FOX "news" Jr to acknowledge this book just came out!!!

(Think about it: if WILK totally ignores this book...THAT MEANS IT'S TRUE and they don't want you to know about it!!! Why else would they ignore the publishing of a book by a local author, when they're supposedly a local "news" channel?)

A SOCIALIST??? A COMMUNIST??? Barack Obama: the greatest REPUBLICAN since Bill Clinton -

Top 5 ways Obama has shifted to the right since the midterm elections

1) Cutting $39 Billion In Domestic Spending
2) Giving Up On Civilian Trials For Terror Suspects
3) Intervening In Libya Without Asking Congress
4) Extending The High-End Bush Tax Cuts
5) Appointing Corporate Executives To Key White House Positions

Former Reagan official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Pentagon budget is the result of corruption

Dr Robert: he's a man you must believe, helping everyone in need -

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