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Big Dan's Big News April 11, 2011 - NEPATIZED!!!!!!!!

NEPATIZED!!!!! Shhhhh...don't expect WILK FOX "news" Jr to acknowledge this book just came out!!!

(Think about it: if WILK totally ignores this book...THAT MEANS IT'S TRUE and they don't want you to know about it!!! Why else would they ignore the publishing of a book by a local author, when they're supposedly a local "news" channel?)

The above right picture I made WAAAAAAAAAY before NEPATIZED came out, btw!!! It should've been in the book! Damn you, author Kenny Luck!

Here's how I found out that I am in this book "NEPATIZED". I was in a conversation with a friend on Facebook and he was talking about one of our local rightwing "hosts" on our local rightwing talk radio show WILK. The station wants you to think they're "fair and balanced", just like FOX "news". My friend was talking about host Sue Henry, and I said, "You know who she reminds me of? That character 'The Church Lady' on Saturday Night Live." Comedian Dana Carvey had a character where he played "The Church Lady", an anal retentive, religious zealot who backed all the conservative Republicans ideals. My friend said, "Man, you shoulda used those characterizations in Kenny's book- THAT would have been a hoot.". I said, "In Kenny's book? What do you mean??" He said, "yeah- calling (Sue) Henry the WILK Church Lady....". I said, "Am I in it?". My friend said, "You are VERY in it." So that is how I found out. Naturally, I rushed out to buy "NEPATIZED". As soon as I walked in to Barnes & Noble on the square in Wilkes-Barre, it was on a featured stand right when I walked in. Here's what I REALLY like about it: it was only $15 !!!

So far, I've skim-read it. Looking for where I was in it, naturally. I skim-read a lot of it, besides where I was in it. From what I've read, author Kenny Luck touches upon the CRAZY world of local NEPA (Northeast Pa.) politics and media. He points out that our local talk radio channel is absolutely not "fair and balanced" and is an outlet for older, white conservatives to have a microphone and say crazy rightwing things, which is stoked by WILK. I call WILK "FOX 'news' Jr", and Kenny has that quote to lead into the chapter "King Corbett", about one of the local WILK hosts whom I call a "FAKE LIBERAL", which he also quotes me as saying and gives proof to back up my claim. The book touches on the crazy topics that have defined NEPA recently, such as WILK, racist NEPA rep Lou Barletta, the "Christmas display incident" with local college student Justin Vacula, alleged mobster Louis DeNaples, the local Tea Party, crazy rightwing Bishop Martino, the average WILK listener, local Marcellus Shale gas drilling and how they are controlling our local and state government while ruining the environment, the mysterious firing of WILK's popular award winning and ONLY progressive host Kevin Lynn and replacing him with a rightwing classic rock jock, the Jim Spak (no relation to me, btw...) controversy over King's College programming and The Church Lady WILK's Sue Henry, and much more topics that recently define NEPA.

From what I've skim-read of the book, and now I'm reading it chronologically from front to back, author Kenny Luck is: courageous, insightful, intelligent, accurate about his conclusions of NEPA media and politics, brave, analytical, well-researched (over 300 footnotes and data from a big crosscut of various interviews with non-mainstream media "citizen journalists"...the "new media"), and respectful of the "new media" and intelligent people in NEPA. Kenny Luck destroys the MYTH that we must get opinions from media characters that are being paid by a big company and citizen journalists who are not doing it for money and don't work for a big media company should be ignored and their thoughts have no value.

The reason I say Kenny Luck is "courageous", is because just by the mere fact that he published this book, he is not afraid to tell the truth about WILK for fear of repercussions FROM WILK since he is exposing what they don't want: that they are a rightwing channel who happens to have the same daily talking points as rightwing outlets like Rush Limbaugh and The Drudge Report and their callers are made up of mostly older, white, rightwing men. THAT IS COURAGEOUS!!! But that is just ONE of the things Kenny Luck brings to light of print in this book.

But it's like a chess game: WILK may choose to totally ignore "NEPATIZED", because negative publicity is still publicity. So WILK may act like "NEPATIZED" doesn't exist. But they do. They're in a Catch-22. If they don't mention "NEPATIZED", you KNOW they're blacklisting any talk about it. They know it just came out, because when I walked into Barnes & Noble, the first thing I saw was a BIIIIIIIG display featuring "NEPATIZED" as soon as I walked in the door.

Kenny Luck doesn't have to worry about being smeared by WILK, at least not now, because as Ghandi once said (and btw has the word "GHANDI" ever been uttered on WILK?): first they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they attack you, then you win.

WILK is for the CRAZY VOCAL MINORITY that likes to portray themselves as the "majority", and I guess if you're not "with them, you're with the terrorists". Kenny Luck's insights to WILK are important because they point out at a local level what's going on at the national level: the mainstream media being taken over by the right. Kenny Luck just gives us a glimpse of an example at the local level.

Here is a quote in the book by me about WILK host Steve Corbett: 
"Just because you have a long, gray ponytail...doesn't mean you're a liberal". Now that's bumper sticker material if I ever saw it!

Don't let WILK FOX "news" Jr's Steve Corbett fool you: he may the only host to bring up a liberal issue...but he's just as likely to spend literally MONTHS pimping a rightwing candidate for president like Sarah Palin...which he did...or calling Rush Limbaugh his "brother"...which he does all the time. And he mostly does this during election season, watch for it. Does this sound like a liberal? He betrays EVERYONE by all his contradictions and lack of conviction and going with whatever he thinks will make him more popular, so he's "on your side"...which is all sides? At least "Church Lady" Sue Henry is up front about being a KOOKY rightwing zealot, as does "webster" the classic rock jock who replaced the mysteriously fired Kevin Lynn, which I give them credit for. The Nancy and Kevin show is now the "wesbster" and Nancy show and has descended into talking about, among other non-important things, talking about righwing staples like UFO's and aliens and ghosts and they even now feature a "tin foil hat" day where they exclusively talk about things like that. So they went "full rightwing" after replacing Kevin Lynn, the ONLY host to consistently hold Republicans' feet to the fire, with rightwing classic rock jock "webster". It has become a People magazine-like show with rightwing talking points thrown in as well as UFO's and aliens and ghosts. So when will Steve Corbett start talking about "ghosts"?

And let this sink in: the #1 liberal possibly in the WORLD came in to Steve Corbett's own backyard last year, Scranton, and he wasn't there (I was) and he said hardly a word about it. Let THAT one sink in! No interview with Cindy Sheehan!

And the WILK "news briefs" at the top of the hour are sound bite propaganda at it's best. The other day, I kid you not, their top "news brief" story was: people on unemployment die younger! And several weeks ago, their "news briefs", while there's wars going on, nuclear meltdowns in Japan, worker protests all around the U.S. and the world, was about Charlie Sheen and - believe it or not - Mickey Rooney, and a reality TV show star. That was the top of the hour WILK "news briefs".

The only thing I wish, is that when Kenny spoke to me a year ago on my thoughts about the local political and media scene here in NEPA, is that I had thought of Sue Henry being "THE CHURCH LADY" so it would be in his book.

Here is what WILK FOX "news" Jr's Sue Henry show is like, it's worse than going to church: pompous, condescending, narrow minded, idiotic -

RUSH OUT AND BUY THIS BOOK, AND DON'T EXPECT TO HEAR A PEEP ABOUT "NEPATIZED" FROM WILK FOX "news" JR!!!!!!!!! It will be BLACKLISTED! And remember, the book is GREAT and it's CHEAP! $15 !!!!!!



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