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Big Dan's Big News April 17, 2011

On April 14th, Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) delivered a one-minute on the House floor.

Montana Gov. Schweitzer Fired Up His 'Veto' Branding Iron On The GOP's 'Frivolous' Legislation

Kucinich: Obama Admin Transferring Wealth to the Few

Left unsaid in Kucinich's eloquent statement is this:

The plan, from the outset, was for Obama to capture the hearts, minds and hopes of the majority of Americans - to once and for all destroy any possibility that the electoral process could ever possibly undermine the fascist agenda. It's classic bait & switch - for all the marbles. Destroying the dreams and aspirations of the majority was his assignment - on behalf of the Rockefeller/Rothschild oligarchy. Ensuring that self-defined liberals are left without choices is pure genius - by design. Just like Osama, Obama is merely an actor in the Big Play that the media would have us brainwashed into perceiving as real.

Note the 24/7 emphasis on politics over the past decade, with entire shows, and indeed, cable networks, dedicated to it. Politics is a divide and conquer ploy - bread & circuses - much ado about nothing. They have knotted-up the minds of Americans in the false flag of "politics," only to burn it all to the ground, leaving Americans unmotivated, bewildered, and rudderless - ON PURPOSE! This was planned years earlier.

That Kucinich is not willing to state these facts directly, leaves me wondering the extent to which he is part of the problem. Who among these allegedly "elected" officials will dare to speak the entire truth, and reveal the conspiracy, and the conspirators, by name? - plunger

Top 5 ways Obama has shifted to the right since the midterm elections
1) Cutting $39 Billion In Domestic Spending
2) Giving Up On Civilian Trials For Terror Suspects
3) Intervening In Libya Without Asking Congress
4) Extending The High-End Bush Tax Cuts
5) Appointing Corporate Executives To Key White House Positions

Railroad CEO laundered $$$ to Gov Walker

Remember when Wisconsin GOP governor Scott "Koch" Walker rejected $810 million to start a high speed train rail in Wisconsin, with him and Republicans calling it "Obama-Rail" (costing Wisconsin jobs, btw...):

“ObamaRail” is fast becoming the new “ObamaCare” for many Republicans.

Well, it turns out Walker actually DOES like Choo-Choo trains...but his buddy's Choo Choo trains. In particular, his buddy Bill Gardner, CEO of "Wisconsin & Southern" railroad and money launderer to Walker's campaign:

Railroad CEO charged with campaign law violations

Following an investigation that began last year—when a former female “friend” of Gardner contacted law-enforcement officials—the rail company president has agreed to plead guilty to two felony counts stemming from a money-laundering scheme Gardner initiated on Walker’s behalf, and Wisconsin & Southern has paid a civil forfeiture of $166,900. Under the plea deal, Gardner is expected to avoid jail time but serve two years probation.

Top Donor Pleads Guilty in Money-Laundering Scheme to Aid Governor Walker

Fallout between Gardner and former female 'friend' led to campaign finance investigation

Scott Walker Forced to Give Back Almost $45,000 in Illegal Campaign Contributions

Wisconsin residents can look at it this way: instead of losing $810 million (from Obama for a new high speed rail), they only lost $14 million (given to Gardner's railroad). But when you really think about it, the $810 million Walker rejected from "Obama-Rail" was a free federal money and would've created jobs in high speed rail as well as giving Wisonsin high speed rail, and the $14 million wasn't free and just went directly from the wallets and purses of cash strapped Wisconsin taxpayers who are told to cut spending because of their deficit to Walker's friend Gardner's railroad. WHOOPS!!! Nice one!

And, btw, now we have this:

Walker Seeks Rail Funds He Rejected

I don't like Obama, as I say here he's the best Republican since Bill Clinton, but let's get real FACTS ARE FACTS: the Republicans run up all the debt and it's never a crisis while they're in office, no one's trying to "cut the deficit". Then, when a Democrat gets in as president, the GOP and their minions, the mainstream media, says the debt is a "crisis" - ONLY WHEN THERE'S NOT A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT. I read this strategy so long ago, that's how the GOP continually cuts social programs. They purposely run up debt while they're in there for things THEY WANT, which isn't what YOU WANT...then scream about "the deficit" when they're not in there and "we need to cut social security, medicare, education, health care". YOU'RE SEEING IT RIGHT NOW! Bush ran up the debt more than any president, by far, and there was no talk about "debt crisis" in the mainstream media, which proves they really OWN the mainstream media they call "liberal". But now...there's a DEBT CRISIS suddenly, when there's not a Republican president. And suddenly "we need to cut social security, medicare, education, health care"...but keep spending on the military industrial complex @ $2.5 BILLION a week. And Obama isn't continually "CAVING"...he's in on it with them. It's part of the overall strategy by the oligarchs to make it seem like we get a Democrat in there who "CAVES" but actually does the same thing and the net result is this: Republicans run up huge debts and Democrats cut social services due to the "debt crisis". I've seen this happen for many election cycles. The "cut" in the chart below is the Democrats "caving" and cutting social services. The Republicans run up the debt for the military industrial complex, then the Democrats cut social services because of the "debt crisis"...that only occurs when they are in office. Then the Democrats "CAVE"...Google "Democrats cave", "Obama caves"...they're not "CAVING", it's part of the plan. Did you ever see: "REPUBLICANS CAVE"? wtf: Oh, those "good Democrats", they really mean well, it's just that they "CAVE", they really don't want to do it (yes they do):

Our Phony Budget Battles Are All Smoke and Mirrors. Both parties in Washington have supported and sustained massive ongoing deficits propping up a crippled, state-dependent capitalism.

BUSTED: TARP-Loving, Wall Street Puppets - New GOP Leadership Caught On Tape

"Where Are The Wall Street Prosecutions!" - Gretchen Morgenson Agrees With Spitzer & Angry C-SPAN Callers

This is unbelievable: 300,000 CHILD sex slaves in U.S. - are we becoming a 3rd world country?

Radiation 20 TIMES higher in Air,water & 14 states drinking water while EPA raises "normal" levels?

Don't forget about the BP oil spill in the Gulf just because a different energy (nuclear) is in the news with the latest energy company trashing of the world:

Mystery illnesses plague Louisiana oil spill crews

Emails expose BP's attempts to control research into impact of Gulf oil spill

No, The Gulf Oil Spill Is NOT Old News

BP, coastal officials struggling over beach maintenance following oil spill

The energy companies are KILLING US!!!!!!!!!

Oil companies' new Gulf drilling plans called inadequate

Democratic report: carcinogens injected into wells

Gas prices climb…as oil prices fall ???

$5/gallon gas: Lyndsey Williams

This was banned...that's interesting, isn't it?

Jesse Venture: Police State/FEMA Camps -

John Wheeler pops up again in the (real) news:

Philip Lader’s fellow Council on Foreign Relations member John P Wheeler III was recently dumped into a land fill in Wilmington, Delaware. Wheeler III was a consultant to Mitre the non profit corporation with jurisdictional advice over the Federal Aviation Administration’s flight patterns. Was John P. Wheeler III to sentimental for the killing underway? And got murdered by the Company?

The murder of John Wheeler.

Releasing a doctored video to the public of John Wheeler and saying it's "raw footage from the security camera" is evidence of something...a cover up?

Can man cause earthquakes which in turn would cause a tsunami? Yes, it's called "HAARP". Would the psycopaths ruling the world use it for nefarious purposes? I think we all know the answer to that.

Jesse Ventura: HAARP -

AMAZING!!! Edgar Winter - Tobacco Road

Johnny Winter & Derek Trucks - Highway 61 at Crossroads

Derek Trucks/Allman Brothers: Ain't Wastin' Time No More

Derek Trucks, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton: Crossroads

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