Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Dan's Big News July 3, 2010

Reckless Driller Crosses, come and get 'em!!!

Grand Isle, Louisiana: Voices From a Community Devastated by BP Oil Spill

What's on OUR crosses, NEPA? With the Marcellus Shale Reckless Drillers? I have some crosses already prepared of things I'll miss: hiking, golfing, fishing...and more. Get your crosses ready and watch this video of the crosses down in Grand Isle, Louisiana. Crosses brought to you by the off shore Reckless Drillers in the Gulf of Mexico. We, here in Northeast Pa. are making our crosses for the Marcellus Shale Reckless Drillers. If you can't see how the government and corporation profiteers work together (fascism) against the people with no regard for safety and their profits counting above all else...HERE'S YOUR CROSS:

Should We Nuke the Oil Well?

Michael Steele CAUGHT telling the truth; GOP experiment of having a Black Republican imploding:

ABOVE: Michael Steele with a white guy, probably at the CPAC Rap Session

Michael Steele SNAGGED telling the truth, by amateur video: the Afghanistan War is un-winnable. As Jon Stewart says: DON'T THEY KNOW WE HAVE VIDEOS??? How can you LIE in this day and age? Bill Maher keeps saying that, too. WTF??? My problem is I'M NOT STUPID!!! SHEESH!!! Sorry about that... Here's my problem, and it's a theme of this blog, I'll give you an example: someone says "the Republicans just voted against extending unemployment because it would add $30 billion to the debt. They're concerned about the deficit.". I say something like: "Then how come they vote to spend $30 billion every 12 weeks on the wars for almost a decade, if they care about the deficit???" SEE??? MY PROBLEM IS I'M NOT STUPID!!! SORRY!!!!!!!! These stupid people are referred to as "sheeple". They don't think independently and come to independent conclusions based on facts. They don't analyze what people say, they listen to what a 3rd party tells them a person said. "Sheeple" are Kool-Aid drinkers, or, as I call them, KOOK-AID drinkers. That's another one of my patented phrases, like Reckless Drillers, for which I will never get any money. Funny story: KOOK-AID drinkers came about when I accidentally hit the letter "K" twice while trying to type KOOL-AID drinker. In fact, I just did that again, and had to go back and type "KOOL-AID" for the first one.

I think even Stephen Colbert knows this Al Qaeda (CIA) magazine is bullshit, like I said the other day HERE...I think everyone's catching onto this CIA bullshit. COME ON!!! How stupid do they think we are???

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Al Qaeda Starts Inspire Magazine
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Another one to add to my cops-out-of-control TASER MONTAGE: "Don't TASE My Granny" -

As usual, for "balance" (lol), they get a shill on who says it's OK to TASE the granny who's in the hospital bed. Think: Rush Limbaugh -

G20 commits itself to more "neoliberalism" - Leo Panitch: Free movement of capital and strengthening power of global elites G20 objective

Democrats Forced to Cheat to Fund War

Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal

Hey Californians: how's that Gray Davis recall workin' out for ya??? Read the Enron scandal above, that put Schwarzenegger in's your bankrupt state doing under him???

Courts back Austrian Nazi fucker's wage cuts of Americans.

The Rise and Fall of The Enron Empire

ENRON, The CALIFORNIA ENERGY CRISIS, Gray Davis’ Recall & Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Complicity In Peninsula Hotel Plot That Succeeded Because Of Calif. Electorate’s STUPIDITY & IGNORANCE! - RI10

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