Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big Dan's Big News July 17, 2010

Rachel Maddow: Americans shouldn't be asked to die for Afghanistan having a government we'd like, and nation building isn't a military objective:

The Israeli-occupied U.S. media's double standard: say anything you want about Muslims, but say something Israel doesn't like and you get fired:

Amiri Abducted?, Kelly Suicided?, Farmers Bankrupted? - New World Next Week

Big Dan's ever growing famous TASER video montage:

Goldman Sachs gets a slap on the wrist for causing the financial crisis:

Goldman Sachs has agreed to pay $550 million to resolve a civil fraud lawsuit over selling a mortgage investment that was established to fail. While the SEC hailed the $550 million settlement as the largest in Wall Street history, many outside analysts questioned why the government didn’t demand more. Investors responded favorably as Goldman Sachs shares jumped by five percent in late trading, adding far more to the firm’s market value than the amount it will have to pay in the settlement.

Goldman Sachs Settles Civil Fraud Case for $550M—Less Than It Reportedly Expected, and With No Admission of Criminal Wrongdoing

While Goldman Sachs agreed to pay $550 million to resolve a civil fraud lawsuit filed by the SEC, Goldman has not been held accountable for many of its other questionable investment practices. A new article in Harper’s Magazine examines the role Goldman played in the food crisis of 2008 when the ranks of the world’s hungry increased by 250 million.

The Food Bubble: How Wall Street Starved Millions and Got Away With It

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