Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Dan's Big News July 13, 2010

ACORN lawsuits now rolling in over O'Keefe hoax "pimp" video.

The ACORN "pimp" hoax video revisited: courts found the video was "highly edited to meet an agenda", James O'Keefe was subsequently arrested for another scam, the mainstream media further proved, like I'm always saying, that they aren't liberal by pushing the hoax video and then NOT publicizing that it was a FAKE, and congress (including the Democrats) passed The Defund ACORN Act based on the hoax video which is not only unconstitutional, but they and the mainstream media played judge and jury and convicted ACORN before the courts found the whole thing was a hoax. Don't look for the mainstream media that we're told is "liberal" or FOX "news" to shove down our throats the fact that the video was a hoax or keep us up to date on the lawsuits against O'Keefe pertaining to the hoax video the way they shoved the hoax video down our throats 24x7 for weeks. And don't look for congress to apologize for playing judge and jury with The Defund ACORN ACT (ACORN should sue congress, but I don't think they can), and don't look for the Democrats to apologize for betraying their base once again. Barney Frank was on TV all the time bashing ACORN. I don't see Barney Frank apologizing and I don't expect it.

Former San Diego ACORN Employee Files Lawsuit Against Rightwing Activists O'Keefe and Giles. Complaint leaves room for their employer/pimp, Andrew Breitbart to be added as defendant in the future...

Courts: "pimp" video "highly edited to meet an agenda"

Congressional report clears ACORN of wrongdoing — after group forced to disband

The New York Times "was duped" and "refuses to own up to mistakes in the paper's coverage" of the now-infamous ACORN "pimp" hoax video tapes published by partisan Rightwing activists James O'Keefe, Hannah Giles, and Andrew Breitbart.

FAIR - NYT and the ACORN Hoax. Why can't paper admit its mistakes?

O'Keefe and his cohorts' record of dishonesty

James O'Keefe, the face of "conservative journalism"

BUSTED: It's Hard Out Here For a (Fake) Rightwing Pimp and Phone Tapper. Breitbart's anti-ACORN activist/videographer arrested with U.S. Attorney's son, two others, attempting to bug U.S. Senator's office...

Big Falsehoods: A guide to Andrew Breitbart's lies, smears, and distortions

ACORN Cleared YET AGAIN of Wrongdoing. UPDATE: NYTimes buries Story, gives last word to wingnuts...

Conservatives’ 25-year goal of ‘defunding the left’ revealed by ACORN controversy

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Look at all these rich, white Republican cocksuckers who also vote against extending unemployment:

The Bush DOJ attorney scandal was partly about federal attorneys NOT pursuing bogus voter registration cases against ACORN:

Bush’s concerns about voter fraud led to Iglesias’s firing

David Iglesias, who was one of the U.S. attorneys (New Mexico) that the Bush Justice Department ousted for political reasons, joined Rachel Maddow tonight to continue her ongoing segment "The Truth About The Lies About ACORN."

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