Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Dan's Big News July 22, 2010

FOX "news" is RACIST...pure and simple. They use Nixon's Southern Strategy of riling up white voters against blacks to get more Republican voters.

Sherrod: I'm a Victim of Breitbart, Fox 'Racism'

Breitbart, Fox Criticized For Sherrod Tape Coverage

FOX "news" spin cycle: Why did everyone react to OUR FAKE GOP "news"??? It's THEIR fault!!!

Once again: Keith Olbermann's EXCELLENT comment about this matter:

Dishonest racist rightwing blogger Andrew Breitbart did the SAME THING to ACORN - put up a hoax video that caused innocent BLACK people to lose their jobs.

Vilsack, WH Apologize to Sherrod, Offer New Job; Now How About Those Jobs Lost at ACORN?

Now reopen Breitbart's ACORN fraud -- and get the story right. Sherrod's case parallels deceptions used in that other big smear -- and offers a chance to restore lost standards

Breitbart & O'Keefe's ACORN hoax "pimp" video was the SAME THING!!!

Here's dishonest racist Andrew Breitbart a while back on Bill Maher's Real Time, getting his ASS handed to him by Eric Dyson. He cries about people calling him a racist...BUT HE KEEPS PUTTING UP EDITED VIDEOS OF BLACKS CAUSING THEM TO LOSE THEIR JOBS!!!

Andrew Breitbart tries to get out of it:

8 Idiots of The Year!

Annoying Orange hangs out with the whole gang. Spoof of the old Budweiser commercials.

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