Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Dan's Big News July 2, 2010

You better find out NOW what "Net Neutrality" is, before you find out when Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T and other big communication companies TAKE IT FROM YOU because you don't know what it is!!!

Mission: Accomplished - presidential scholars say GW worst

238 presidential scholars: Bush worst president of modern era, fifth worst in US history

On this blog, one of my missions is to show you that the mainstream media isn't "liberal". It's OWNED by and serves: corporations, the wealthiest few elite families, and the military industrial complex. The mainstream media's mission is to prepare us for what these 3 entities are going to do next and to accept it, and report their "news" from their point of view, not ours. And to ignore real news that's important to the majority of us:

The "liberal media" (wink wink):

Harvard study (pdf) of how the mainstream media served the government on "torture".

Quotes from the Harvard study:

"From the early 1930's until the modern story broke in 2004, the newspapers that covered waterboarding almost uniformly called the practice torture or implied it was torture: The New York Times characterized it thus in 81.5% (44 of 54) of articles on the subject and The Los Angeles Times did so in 96.3% of articles (26 of 27). By contrast, from 2002-2008, the studied newspapers almost never referred to waterboarding as torture. The New York Times called waterboarding torture or implied it was torture in just 2 of 143 articles (1.4%). The Los Angeles Times did so in 4.8% of articles (3 of 63). The Wall Street Journal characterized the practice as torture in just 1 of 63 articles (1.6%). USA Today never called waterboarding torture or implied it was torture."

"[N]ewspapers are much more likely to call waterboarding torture if a country other than the United States is the perpetrator. In The New York Times, 85.8% of articles (28 of 33) that dealt with a country other than the United States using waterboarding called it torture or implied it was torture while only 7.69% (16 of 208) did so when the United States was responsible. The Los Angeles Times characterized the practice as torture in 91.3% of articles (21 of 23) when another country was the violator, but in only 11.4% of articles (9 of 79) when the United States was the perpetrator."

New study documents media's servitude to government

FOX "news" chart: charts for dummies - worst "news" chart ever, the "quarterly" chart that isn't quarterly...FOLKS: FOX "news" is not NEWS, it's a GOP operation!!! YOU are in DENIAL, if you think otherwise. GROW UP, would ya???

Fox News' "Quality Control" Problem (Part VII)

RFK Jr has several litigation cases going against BP:

Conservative media defend BP against "shakedowns," "show trials," and environmentalists at least 62 times. Fox hosts, shows, and outlets led the effort with at least 38 defenses of BP

While our attention has been riveted on BP's disastrous blowout in the Gulf, the British oil giant has been quietly and quickly drilling another risky offshore well three miles off of Alaska's north coast.

Allegations Emerge BP Is Dumping Sand To Cover Oil

Not only is our media corrupted, our courts are corrupted. Here's the latest on the OIL JUDGE who lifted the drilling moratorium in the Gulf. He was heavily invested in energy stocks including BP, he should've had a "BP" decal on his black robe. So, he made a court decision that directly affected his wallet positively:

Case for Impeachment of Judge Martin Feldman Strengthened by New Details on Oil Firm Holdings - New evidence reveals willful failure to recuse from oil drilling moratorium case despite full knowledge of conflicts-of-interest...

Should Judge Martin Feldman be Impeached? Controversial decision to block deep water drilling moratorium marred by conflict-of-interest...

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