Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Dan's Big News July 28, 2010

BRADASS87, a 22 year old military analyst, records classified Afghan war documents onto a Lady Gaga CD.

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WikiLeak's Julian Assange: Information Activist - he wouldn't be needed, if the controlled mainstream media we're supposed to think is "liberal" was doing their job. The Wikileaks Afghanistan War leak describes the war differently than the mainstream media has been telling us (of course). Documents are being leaked to Wikileaks, because the controlled/bought out/OWNED mainstream media can't be trusted. The MSM airs the views of the wealthy, corporations, and the military...and not US or civilians, which are most of the people in the world. It's job was supposed to be reporting on abuses of those 3 entities, and now it is on their side and speaks for them - it's been bought out and corrupted from its original intention. It is now a propaganda arm for them. The MSM allows their corruption to go on without our knowledge. It's the top of the pyramid, the umbrella under which all corruption by those 3 entities can occur. Purposely inaccurate or non-reporting on such things as 9/11, electronic voting machines, and the wars. The Big Three ordered the MSM to misinform or flat out not report on those things. It's not "liberal", as Rush Limbaugh keeps telling you. In fact? An easy way to out anyone who is a liason to the wealthy, corporations, and the military - speaking on behalf and for them - is if they call the mainstream media "liberal". Further proof, is that NO LIBERALS think the MSM is liberal.

WikiLeaks founder sees himself as 'information activist' - Australian-born Julian Assange started out as a computer hacker

Why were the Afghanistan documents leaked to Wikileaks instead of to the mainstream media? Because the mainstream media cannot be trusted:

And why can't the mainstream media be trusted? Watch this:

Here's your "liberal media" for you:

...if black is white...up is down...left is right...good is bad...war is peace...

Blast from the Past: remember these stories??? They show mostly how one of the "big three", the Pentagon, control the mainstream media (the Pentagon, the wealthy, and corporations control the non-independent media) -

Daniel Ellsberg fears a US hit on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

The relationship between the media and the military:

Pentagon Pundits

Pentagon Pundits in the "news" without your knowledge.

Body of Lies: The CIA's involvement with US film-making

Weapons of Mass Deception: how the mainstream media was in bed (EMBED) with the Pentagon as cheerleaders for war...and this is relevant right now, too, with Iran and Pakistan next:

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