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Big Dan's Big News March 30, 2010

Health Care Slime Machine - John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac and Aasif Mandvi report on the violence following the passage of the health care bill. The "TWO-STATE SOLUTION":

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Sarah Palin puts gun crosshairs on our congressman Chris Carney, among others:

Richard Connor: He rode in from secessionist state of Texas to buy the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader to make it "Fair and Balanced"!

Keeping in line with rightwing/Republican/conservative veiled threats, Richard Connor's editorial is entitled:

Ah, for the days when pistols settled politics Richard L. Connor Opinion

Another gun-reference "coincidence"! This is exactly why I cancelled the Times Leader and subscribe to the Citizen's Voice.

Since Connor started running the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, they've syndicated columns by rightwing nutcakes Ann Coulter, Mona Charen, and George Will. TL broke the story of Republican Don Sherwood choking his mistress, then endorsed Don Sherwood over Chris Carney after Conor took over...as well as endorsing nutcake Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum. Then when the TL staff voted to endorse Obama over McCain/Palin, Connor was nice enough to force them to re-vote after giving them a "Gipper" speech. The staff still voted for Obama. THAT is what rightwingers call "democracy": when the owner of the paper calls a re-vote on Obama and tries to persuade the staff to change their minds!

Fake liberal Steve Corbett of local talk radio station WILK ignores the Sarah Palin crosshairs of Chris Carney AND Richard Conor's gun reference in his editorial "Ah, for the days when pistols settled politics Richard L. Connor Opinion". He never met a Republican he didn't like, and uses his show to attack only Democrats. And he voted for Sarah "Crosshairs" Palin, and is supposedly anti-gun...but ignores these two current stories. NOW...if Joe Biden says "FUCK", that's a different story! Corbett will devote an entire week to that...or if Obama says "SWEETIE" to someone. That's important, not Sarah Palin thinly veiling an incitement to violence by putting Chris Carney in crosshairs of a gun! Corbett is anti-violence, too...under certain circumstances. It's going to ring pretty hollow the next time he says he's a big anti-gun liberal, isn't it? Just more FAKERY. Corbett: I think Biden said "FUCK" again, better get right on it. Corbett seems to be more interested in a candidate having a vagina or not, rather than a candidate being liberal or not. When Hillary was beaten, he switched to Sarah Palin. Palin is the farthest thing from liberal to come along in a while, being an evangelical, a secessionist, and wildly pro-gun among other things like...you know...putting Democrats in gun crosshairs. And get rid of the outdated Hillary promo, it's over with and annoying. And little kids saying "you better listen", I'm sure there's little kids listening to a talk show on the radio. Liberals don't keep reminding you they're liberal, they let their actions speak for themselves and let others call them liberal based on those actions. The same goes for people who go around always broadcasting that they are "patriots" and wearing red, white, and blue and waving flags all the time and having their screeners tell you to say "you're a great American" before you say something to them and putting the word "freedom" in the name of your shill organization. If Steve Corbett is a liberal, I have a bridge to sell you...it'll be available soon, it's on 8th Street in Wyoming. They're almost finished knocking it down. The only show worth listening to on WILK's strictly rightwing lineup including Rush Limbaugh, is the Nancy & Kevin Show. Turn the channel off after that, or turn the radio off.

Republicans holding up RECORD number of Obama appointees for MONTHS!

The RNC was revealed by The Daily Caller to have incurred thousands of dollars in expenses at a bondage-themed nightclub that features topless lesbian dancers, as well as other lavish escapades in its trip southern California last month.

And that's not the end of the Republican Party's troubles.

GOP Fires Staffer Over $1,946 Topless Club Visit

"Quigley...DIE..." - Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday

Tulane University researchers say Quigley is now able to experience the crippling fear of impending death previously only accessible to humans.

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