Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Big Dan's Big News March 3, 2010

NEPA news: the offensive Kids for Cash judges go on the offensive, assemble "Taint Team"!

The best defense when you railroad kids into your private "for profit" jail is a good offense and get the "TAINT TEAM" rolling! Remember, privatizing (corporatizing) public things like jails and putting them into the "for profit" sector lead to things like this. So let's keep chipping away at public things and privatizing/corporatizing them so private citizens like the Kids for Cash judges can create badly needed the expense of justice! I feel sorry for the kids for cash and their families that have to witness this arrogant circus.

Above: is that the "Taint Team"? There's a lot of Taint there!

SCRANTON – Attorneys for former judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella launched their defense with a blistering attack Monday, filing dozens of pre-trial motions that include allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and bias by the trial judge.

The motions, filed by lead defense attorneys Al Flora and Philip Gelso, seek to dismiss the 48-count indictment filed in September. The attorneys argue that the U.S. Attorney’s Office engaged in “outrageous conduct” by utilizing attorney Robert Powell as an informant when it knew Powell had been part of a “joint defense agreement” with the judges.

Flora, who represents Ciavarella, and Gelso, who represents Conahan, also want U.S. District Judge Edwin Kosik to recuse himself from the case based on comments he allegedly made that indicate he has pre-judged Conahan’s and Ciavarella’s guilt, they say.

The documents were among a combined total of 45 pre-trial motions filed by Flora and Gelso and their co-counsel, William Ruzzo and Arthur Donato. Other key motions filed included:

• Change of venue based on extensive pre-trial publicity surrounding the case.

• Suppression of statements contained in audio recordings obtained by Powell.

• Dismissal of all counts related to the charges of racketeering and honest services fraud.

• Compelling the government to provide more detailed evidence and to provide transcripts of grand jury proceedings that led to the charges.

Ex-judges launch their attack. Motions allege bias, prosecutorial misconduct

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After tainting the NEPA judicial system forever, the Kids for Cash "judges" assemble "TAINT TEAM":

"Prosecutors, aware that defense strategies might be revealed, assembled a separate 'taint' team to review the recordings and redact any information that might be deemed to be protected by attorney-client privilege. Gelso says the 'taint' team did not follow established protocol and allowed some information to be revealed to the prosecution team that should have been withheld."

On right: the head of Judges Conahan and Ciavarella's "Taint Team" - Ron Jeremy.

First it's TeaBaggers, now it's the Taint Team!

How much more proof do we need that elections are being stolen on electronic voting machines before we ban them???

Actual witness in court under oath states that electronic voting machines were rigged to flip votes! I guess this ONLY happened here in Kentucky and never anywhere else! They're the same e-vote machines everywhere!

Federal Trial Witness: Kentucky Election Officials Used E-Voting Machines to Flip Votes. Republican official says she was asked to change party affiliation to serve as 'Democratic' precinct official...

Incidentally, Jim Bunning is from Kentucky:

Five...Five...Five Dollar Foot Long! Unemployed people of America who had their jobs outsourced to other countries: get out your Jim Bunning K-Y (R) lubricant in preparation for your Jim Bunning Five Dollar Foot Long!

...and that census worker that was either hung or hung himself with "FED" scrawled on his chest was in the EXACT SAME COUNTY in Kentucky that the electronic voting machine flipping happened! Yes, Clay County, Kentucky! What are the odds of that?

Federal Census Worker Found Hanged in Drug, Election Scandal-Ridden Clay County, KY

Far be it for the "news" to point this out to you! (you know, the "liberal media")

Like I've been telling you and providing you proof over and over and over again: now we know exactly where bajillionaire Rush Limbaugh, rightwing media, FOX "news", and the Republicans stand vs. the middle class: DEAD STRAIGHT AGAINST US! Suddenly, they pick (naturally) unemployment to take a stand on government spending!

Right-wing media praise Bunning for blocking worker pay, relief to unemployed

Rush Limbaugh-ette Laura Ingraham says Americans are against the unemployment bill like Bunning is. That's true...if her definition of "Americans" is her and Rush Limbaugh:

The man who started it all is on the right: their "hero" Ronald Reagan!

Gore Vidal - America's permanent war agenda:

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