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Big Dan's Big News March 15, 2010

Another big cover-up by the corporate owned mainstream media that wants us to think they're liberal: young American activist Rachel Corrie was purposely run over by an Israeli bulldozer 7 years ago.

The final moments of Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist crushed to death beneath a pile of earth and rubble in the path of an advancing Israeli army bulldozer, were described to an Israeli court by an eyewitness yesterday.

'I saw Israeli bulldozer kill Rachel Corrie', Briton tells court of the moment he saw American activist fall as she tried to defend Palestinian homes.

'I saw Israeli bulldozer kill Rachel Corrie'. Briton tells court of the moment he saw American activist fall as she tried to defend Palestinian homes

7 Years After Killing, Family of Slain US Peace Activist Rachel Corrie Heads to Israel for Wrongful Death Suit Against Israeli Gov’t

Rachel Corrie, a twenty-three-year-old student from Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, was crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer in Gaza seven years ago as she stood before a Palestinian home facing demolition. Today, a trial opens in Israel in a lawsuit brought by Corrie’s family against the Israeli government. The eyewitness testimony is expected to challenge Israel’s version of events with evidence that she was clearly visible to the soldiers, standing before the bulldozer in her florescent orange jacket. We spend the hour with Rachel Corrie’s family: her father Craig, her mother Cindy, and her sister Sarah.

The mainstream media censorship of reporting anything negative about Israel does not apply here on Big Dan's Big Blog:

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?

Israel Crackdown Puts Liberal Jews on the Spot

Netanyahu apologizes for announcement of settlements, not actual settlements!

Israel Apology: Netanyahu Expresses Regret Over Settlement Announcement

On 9/11/2001, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the 9/11 attacks meant for US/Israeli relations, and Netanyahu replied: "It's good… it's very, very good… er… well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for our cause."

Source of Netanyahu quote: New York Times, 9/11/2001

McCain & Israel-First Shill Joe Lieberman Rush To Israel's Defense! I think these guys care more about Israel than America!

Are McCain and Lieberman U.S. Senators or Israeli Senators??? Are they getting kickbacks from Israel, or what???

Above: Israeli Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman, McCain Want Iran Sanctioned for Human Rights Abuses, But Ignore Evidence US Committed Similar Violations. Saturday 13 February 2010

Lower your voices or what? Do you guys know something we don't know???

Lieberman, McCain call on Admin to "lower voices" on Israel

Our government wasn't lying when they said we're not in Afghanistan for their oil...we're in there to protect a proposed pipeline! Dying for oil, no wonder we're in our 9th year there! Weren't you wondering why we're in Afghanistan so long? Extrapolate that into: corporations and the wealthy are using the military for their own profits! Ask yourself why we're in our 9th year in Afghanistan. Bringing them freedom? Keeping US free? Defending OUR freedom? Here's the funny part of these "ventures": WE don't see lower gas and oil prices, big wigs see more profits and see that we don't get off of oil. If you saw pictures of the pipeline, would you be against the war and want all involved in coercing us there hanged? Would you be more receptive to 9/11 being an inside job?

Central Asia Pipeline Plan Begins To Emerge by Bruce Gagnon

Bruce Gagnon: The Washington Post today introduces us to a controversy over Afghanistan war strategy. The Post reports that operations in Delaram (in the southwest) are “far from a strategic priority for senior officers at the international military headquarters in Kabul. One calls Delaram, a day’s drive from the nearest city, ‘the end of the Earth.’ Another deems the area ‘unrelated to our core mission’ of defeating the Taliban by protecting Afghans in their cities and towns.”

Why then are the Marines fighting in this part of the country?

When you check the maps above a clearer picture emerges. The right map is the proposed pipeline route to move Caspian Sea oil through Turkmenistan into Afghanistan and then finally through Pakistan to ports along the Arabian Sea where U.S. and British tankers would gorge themselves with the black gold.

The whole reason the U.S. is in Afghanistan and Pakistan today is to deny those pipelines from being routed through Russia, China, or Iran.

Then look at the left map where the U.S. Marines are operating inside Afghanistan and causing some controversy within the military. They are building big bases in desolate southwestern Afghanistan and wanting to extend control in that region near the border of Pakistan – all of which are areas that must “be controlled” if pipelines are to be successfully built and maintained.

It seems quite obvious to me what is going on.

Washington Post: At Afghan outpost, Marines gone rogue or leading the fight against counterinsurgency?

Wars Sending U.S. into RUIN, the numbers the media and government WILL NOT TALK ABOUT! These are not WARS, they are FOREIGN OCCUPATIONS and we're doing things like protecting pipelines for the wealthy. We're in Afghanistan for the 9th year! Does anyone realize this? These wars are costing every American man, woman, and child $10,000.00 each - is that OK with you? And your kids? YOU are NOT concerned with government spending, if you're only talking about spending on HEALTH CARE and not the WARS...WHICH ARE FAR MORE COSTLY! It's not even CLOSE! You cannot be taken seriously if you aren't talking about WAR SPENDING! WWII took HALF THE TIME, they are just robbing us of our money right now. Let me repeat: all you people NOT talking about war spending and saying "founding fathers" and "Constitution" all the time - SHUT UP!!! If you don't mention WAR SPENDING! And all you 2010 candidates from both parties, too. But ESPECIALLY REPUBLICANS! And the media for not asking candidates about WAR SPENDING when they talk about cutting spending.

Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants - It is generally (generally???) considered illegal for the military to hire contractors to act as covert spies:

From left: Michael D. Furlong, the official who was said to have hired private contractors to track militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan; Robert Young Pelton, a contractor; Duane Clarridge, a former C.I.A. official; and Eason Jordan, a former television news executive (what do I keep telling you about TV???).

Cornel West WHACKS Obama:

2,200 page report making a criminal case against Lehman Brothers in the financial crisis, Geithner should be behind bars, there's enough evidence here:

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