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Big Dan's Big News March 27, 2010

Health Care Reform is Big F-ing Deal!

Will the Right Turn (More) Violent? Post-health care reform will the Right's gloves really come off? And has the GOP made a horrible political miscalculation?...

The Democrats are the new Republicans, and the Republicans are batshit crazy...and the left is totally ignored!

Obama health insurance requirement taken from GOP

GOP assails health coverage requirement … even though they invented it

Health reform and you: A new guide - Who pays? Who benefits? And what about those in between?

In health bill, Obama attacks wealth inequality. Gap between economic well-being of the sick, healthy has been growing

Jesus Camp: The American Taliban (French Documentary)


MMFA President Burns: "Glenn Beck Is The Single Most Dangerous Person In This Country"

Welcome to Glennbeckistan - Where the Tea Party Rules and Tea-hadis Roam

Below: Where the American Taliban gets their one-sided "news", and when they're polled it shows they're not reality-based...but who cares about reality and facts??? (see the "Jesus Camp" video above)

A Harris poll released on March 24 found that a majority of Republican respondents believe that President Obama "is a socialist," "wants to take away Americans' right to own guns," "is a Muslim," "wants to turn over the sovereignty of the United States to a one world government," and "has done many things that are unconstitutional." The findings follow a year of such smears and attacks on Obama by conservatives. Fully 24% of Republicans believe that "he may be the Anti-Christ" and 22% believe "he wants the terrorists to win."

No surprise that Harris poll finds Republicans believe GOP smears of Obama

The Harris Poll - "Wingnuts" and President Obama: A socialist? A Muslim? Anti-American? The Anti-Christ? Large minorities of Americans hold some remarkable opinions

Quarter of Republicans Think Obama May Be the Anti-Christ

"Conservative Woodstock?" Fox News' all-day promotion of anti-Reid tea party rally

Editor’s Note: Oklahoma-based journalist Richard Fricker was with his wife on a spring-break vacation to Washington when he came face to face with the Tea Party furor.

In this first-person account, Fricker describes how a cell-phone comment apparently upset the protesters, who chased him and called him (cover your ears!) a “professor”:

When I visited the Capitol grounds on March 21, the day the House of Representatives passed healthcare reform, I was aware that some protesters there had been directing violence, threats and insults against members of Congress, but I was surprised when I ended up on the receiving end of some abuse myself.

"You need to riot": Right-wing uses violent rhetoric

David Bender and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., discuss some of the biggest news stories of the past week that the mainstream media either didn't cover in depth, or just didn't cover at all.

Helen Thomas talks about how the White House Press Corps rolled over and played dead during the Bush years and was gung-ho for war, and how Obama lost credibility when he dodged her question about Israel having nukes:

Netanyahu Humiliates Obama with another E. Jerusalem Housing Expansion; Israeli Troops allegedly used live Ammo; UK expels Mossad Chief

Israel rules, Washington follows

Maidhc Ó Cathail – Who's to blame for the Iraq war?

Dogs attack police cruiser:

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