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Big Dan's Big News March 21, 2010

CLEARLY...clearly, you can now see the difference between the Tea Party and other REAL protests against corrupted power: where were the Tea Partiers for this big anti-war protest??? I can only assume they are "OK" with the wars and the 2.5 BILLION tax dollars a week going into the black holes of Iraq & Afghanistan, and the million Iraqi's killed (90% civilians), the tens-of-thousands of American soldiers killed or disabled...ALSO, note how the corporate owned media that wants us to think they're liberal IGNORES LARGER LIBERAL PROTESTS in favor of the MUCH SMALLER RIGHTWING TEA PARTY!!!

As congressional debate on health care reform comes to a close and the House of Representatives is nearing a vote on the Senate’s health care legislation, one group that has been getting more than its fair share of media attention has been the far-right tea party. As a small number of protesters gathered on Capitol Hill yesterday to demonstrate against the passage of health care legislation, the major media outlets gave obsessive coverage to the group:

Think Progress: While Giving Obsessive Coverage To The Tea Parties, Media Ignored Larger Anti-War Rally...(bd: and immigration reform rally)

Saturday anti-war protest: 5 anti-war protesters arrested in rally near White House

THOUSANDS of protesters marched through the nation's capital Saturday to urge immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

WORLDWIDE anti-war wouldn't know it, would you? If you just watched TV?

GOP Congressmen Admit Most Republicans Think Iraq War Was a Mistake

Update: ANOTHER HUGE protest in Washington DC the next day: 200,000!!! Seriously watch how the mainstream media gives these HUGE protests any air time vs. the tiny Tea Party protests, like the one with Sarah Palin that had 600 people and was covered LIVE ON THREE CABLE NETWORKS!!! This is what I'm big on: PROVING over and over and over again, that the corporate owned media isn't liberal. Just keep comparing these things, how the corporate owned mainstream media they want us to think is liberal, is covering these things. Now's your chance: there's Tea Party (rightwing) protests, and anti-war and immigration (leftwing) protests going on at the same time. THE LEFT-WING PROTESTS ARE FAR BIGGER!!! Is the mainstream media treating them accordingly??? FURTHERMORE, the anti-war protests are WORLDWIDE, not just the huge ones in the United States! I will prove DAILY, if I have to, the SHAM of the "liberal media", as Chomsky says in the video below in this post. I bet our local WILK ignores these huge protests and talks about the Tea Party...

Sunday: 200,000 protesters in DC for immigration reform

Here they are! I found the Tea Partiers! They're calling Democrats "NIGGER" and "FAGGOT" and mockingly throwing dollar bills at a guy with Parkinson's Disease!!!

Tea Partiers menace Congressional Dems with name-calling: ‘NIGGER, FAGGOT'

Hey Tea Partiers: the REAL anti-government protest was the anti-war protest...not this guy with Parkinson's Disease! And, of course, compare the corporate owned "news" they want us to think is liberal, of the coverage of the anti-war protest vs. the coverage of the Teabaggers!

The GOP operation FOX "news" Megyn Kelly breathlessly reported every movement and rallying cry of the protesters, declaring at one point: “Fox News alert! … Protesters are outside and, now we are getting word, inside the U.S. Capitol!”:

The corporate owned mass media is FOR the wars, they're for CONSTANT NEVER-ENDING WAR because they OWNERS of the mainstream media OWN corporations making obscene profits from constant war: Manufacturing Consent for the elites, the wealthiest few, the military industrial complex, and corporations...all the while trying to make us think they're "liberal".

Flashback Sept . 14, 2006: Media ownership study ordered destroyed

Propaganda networks that conduct "psychological warfare" for the Pentagon have been in vogue for a long time. Mike Furlong, a senior Pentagon official who is now being investigated for running a covert network of contractors to supply information for drone strikes and assassinations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, had a long history of working in this field.

The Pentagon's Propaganda Networks – Part 2

Below: Full of shit...again...the Scranton Diocese: one-trick ponies only worried about abortion; the WHOLE WORLD could be crumbling around them, and they're only worried about abortion, that's all that counts. They rush to comment about the health care bill, but hush up pedophilia cases for decades and move the perpetrators around instead of giving justice to the victims. Why don't they cover all their members with health care, btw? Maybe they'd get their numbers back up:

No health care for YOU, sayeth Jesus!...and keep voting REPUBLICAN! Holy Christ! I just realized, we need to shut down a few more churches around here! Quick, get on the horn to Century 21 Real Estate, CHOP CHOP!!!

Does the Scranton Diocese have to wonder why they're flock is dwindling and they're shutting down churches left and right in this area? They continually come down of the opposite side that I and a growing number of others are always on and publicly chastising Democrats such as Patrick Kennedy and Senator Casey...all the while covering up pedophilia cases reaching as high as the Vatican, worldwide as well as in the United States and right here in our own NEPA backyard. Then they wonder why their membership is dwindling and they're always shutting down churches here. It's because people like ME think they are full of shit! Get this, they said: "Cardinal Justin Rigali, apostolic administrator for the diocese, and bishop-designate Joseph C. Bambera urged 'members of Congress who represent districts in the Diocese of Scranton to vote against the current bill and instead work toward needed health care reform that will truly protect the life, dignity and health of all.'"...neglecting to note that this bill will cover 32 million more Americans, of which 45,000 a year die due to lack of health insurance. YOU GUYS ARE FULL OF SHIT!!!

Scranton Diocese Reaffirms why I do NOT go to church: they're against the health care bill...

Bishops Dismiss Other Catholic Groups: We’re The Only Ones Able To Understand Health Care Policy

Hitler would be proud! "I Vant ZOUSAND Dollar ver VROLLING SCHTOP!!! AUCHTUNG! ZE BLINKER LIGHT IZ KAPUT!!!"

Does the government need money? Forget about the 2.5 BILLION a week we're spending in Iraq and Afghanistan for 9 years, or Bush's several-hundred BILLION dollar tax cuts for the extremely rich...RAISE TRAFFIC FINES ON THE LITTLE GUYS!!! Don't worry, they'll probably have a payment plan for your $750.00 speeding fine!

Cash-Strapped State Governments Hike Traffic Fees

Bill Maher 3/19 Monologue & New Maher with Dennis Kucinich on his health care vote switch:

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