Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dyslexia, Thomas Frank, Greg Palast, Sibel Edmonds, & Michelle Alexander

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "I have dyslexia: I keep forgetting if you 'spring back'/'fall forward', or 'spring forward'/fall back'!!! This happens all the time! Once my clocks were off TWO HOURS! When I used to go to church, that was our reminder that the clocks were changed - we'd get into church and there'd be no one there, we'd all look at each other and then scream: 'THE CLOCKS CHANGED!!!' I'll be here all ze veek..."

Thomas Frank, author of "Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule" and "What's the Matter with Kansas"; how conservatism takes down good government on purpose with disasters and then says government is bad (THEM! 9/11, Iraq War, Katrina, Financial Meltdown...):

Thomas Frank: "The Wrecking Crew" (the GOP):

Kevin Phillips's now classic analysis of how the very, very wealthy got that way at everyone else's expense. Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich

WalMart Fires Associate Of Year, Cancer Patient For Medical Marijuana

BBC America: Palast Hunts the Vultures - Some vultures have feathers, but some have fancy offices and huge homes. Greg Palast follows the trail of one "vulture fund" chief, from a locked office door in New York to mud-brick houses in Africa.

Sibel Edmonds on the Corbett Report - whistleblowers exposing government corruption:

Flashback: Rush and Dick lying (and still lying) about the Bush administration and the wars (and 9/11):

Republican Strategist Hammered Over WMD Lies

Tiger Woods Hires Former George Bush Aide

Michelle Alexander: The New Jim Crow Era; Median Wealth for Black Women: $100, Hispanic Women: $120, White Women: $41,000; Granny D -

Charges on Gaza boy "human shield" Vatican pedophile cover-up...what's worse: the corporate world or the religious world???

Two Israeli soldiers will face charges in an Israeli court for allegedly using a young Palestinian boy as a human shield during the country's three-week bombardment in Gaza in 2008. Majed Al Rubah, 10, says Israeli troops forcefully took him from his family and made him carry out life-threatening tasks during military operations. Many other Palestinians say they have gone through similar experiences, but this is only the second indictment Tel Aviv has brought against its own soldiers. Human rights groups have accused Israel of committing numerous war crimes against Palestinians during the war on Gaza - in which nearly 1400 people have died and most of the strip was left in the non-stop Catholic pedophilia...THE FONZ SAYS, "AAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY"!!!!!!!!


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