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Big Dan's Big News March 12, 2010

Samantha Bee reports from REAL American's Green Zone, the safe haven from socialism - FOX "news" - where FOX has been clear about the need to fight government power...until the Republicans are back in charge, at which point it will be everyone's "patriotic duty" to DEFEND GOVERNMENT POWER like they said we should do during the Bush years:

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In yesterday's post in the red update, I pointed out that the rightwing media's kiddie attack dog is Michelle Malkin, and their guy to attack cripples is Rush Limbaugh...but whose job in rightwing media is it to attack accident victims? Yesterday, Harry Reid's family were involved in a serious car crash. Which one of the figures in the picture below on the left will say that he purposely crashed his car for sympathy votes for health care reform and that the truck that crashed into him was a teamsters union worker who was "in on it"? Will I be right again about this?

Sen. Reid’s wife, daughter in serious car accident

Last week, the conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck called on Christians to leave their churches if they heard any preaching about social or economic justice because, he claimed, those were slogans affiliated with Nazism and Communism.

This week, the Rev. Jim Wallis, a liberal evangelical leader in Washington, D.C., called on Christians to leave Glenn Beck.

NYTimes: Christians Urged to Boycott Glenn Beck (BD: see my post yesterday about Glenn Beck)

FOX "news": Doocy's health care "fix":"Treat people like dogs" -

When you succeed in destroying financial regulation, you succeed in producing a financial catastrophe; Michael Moore: the Democrats act like frightened animals:

Six of the top health insurance corporations had secretly pumped up to $20 million dollars into the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for a $100-million-dollar attack ad campaign against health reform last year.

Paul Krugman: Health Reform Myths

Riz Khan - Falluja's birth defects

Liz Cheney wants to save torture's good name (and her dad's). The former vice-president's daughter plans to fight for his legacy in her own political career


Media Watchdog FAIR Finds NYT Was 'Duped' in 'Wildly Misleading' Coverage of ACORN 'Pimp' Hoax. Says 'videos were a hoax,' 'hard to believe'. Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt 'actually believes what he's saying' in defense of repeated misreporting. Group issues action alert calling for retractions, apologies from 'paper of record'...

The New York Times "was duped" and "refuses to own up to mistakes in the paper's coverage" of the now-infamous ACORN "pimp" hoax video tapes published by partisan Rightwing activists James O'Keefe, Hannah Giles, and Andrew Breitbart.

Ignoring calls from numerous critics, the New York Times refuses to own up to mistakes in the paper's coverage of the now-famous right-wing videotapes attacking the community organizing group ACORN. Instead, the paper's public editor, Clark Hoyt, is relying on an absurd semantic justification in order to claim the paper does not need to print any corrections.

FAIR: As conventionally reported in the Times and elsewhere, right-wing activists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles dressed up as a pimp and a prostitute and visited several local ACORN offices, where office workers gave the duo advice on setting up a brothel, concealing a child prostitution ring and so forth. But many of the key "facts" surrounding the videos are either in dispute or are demonstrable fabrications.

Though O'Keefe appears in various scenes in the videos wearing a garish and absurd "pimp" costume, he in fact did not wear the outfit when he appeared in the ACORN offices (Washington Independent, 2/19/10); he was dressed in a button-down shirt and slacks. This fact undermines one of the key contentions of the ACORN smear--that the group is so hopelessly corrupt that they would dispense advice to an obvious criminal.

What's more, the "advice" that they received, according to the transcripts released by O'Keefe and Giles, does not appear to be as incriminating as it was portrayed in the videos--and echoed in outlets like the New York Times.

FAIR - NYT and the ACORN Hoax. Why can't paper admit its mistakes?

A federal judge has reaffirmed her earlier ruling blocking the congressional effort to defund the anti-poverty group ACORN. On Wednesday, Judge Nina Gershon cemented a decision from last year that such action amounted to an unconstitutional “bill of attainder.” Judge Gershon has asked all federal agencies to allow ACORN funding without delay. We speak with National Housing Institute president John Atlas, author of Seeds of Change: The Story of ACORN, America’s Most Controversial Anti-Poverty Community Group.

JOHN ATLAS: I’m going to talk about that in a minute, but the first thing I want to say, that needs to be said over and over again, is that the act of defunding ACORN by Congress is a national disgrace. We should all be outraged about that. Basically what happened is Congress bowed to Fox News, Glenn Beck, the rest of the right-wing echo chamber—we’re talking about the United States Congress—and then scapegoated the most effective anti-poverty organization in the country. That’s a scandal of enormous proportions.

Judge Instructs Fed Agencies to Resume ACORN Funding

Billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife (left), funder of rightwing media:

Scaife and Kangas.

Steve Kangas was found dead on the 39th floor of his enemy's doorstep at 11:30 PM on February 8 1999. In the bathroom of the offices of Richard Mellon Scaife, 2000 miles from home, -- in Pittsburgh PA. Shot (twice?) in the head. Due to obstructions of justice, local police investigating the wrong circumstances quickly ruled it a suicide. There are over 1000 heated Usenet posts on this topic, dated from eleven days after his death. How did he die?

The Strange Death of Steve Kangas

As a young journalist in the 1990s, David Brock was a key cog the Republican noise machine. Writing for the American Spectator, a conservative magazine funded by billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, Brock gained fame for his attack pieces on Anita Hill and President Bill Clinton. Then, in 2002, Brock came clean. In his memoir, Blinded by the Right, Brock admitted that his work was based on lies and distortion, and part of a coordinated smear campaign funded by wealthy right wing groups to discredit Clinton and confuse the public.

A Vast Right-Wing Hypocrisy

Prose and Cons: the best literary artists are coming from the Prison Industrial Complex.

"KILL MY LANDLORD" by Tyrone Green

This is THE most stunning vocal performance I've ever seen in my life: Jesus Christ Superstar {Steve Balsamo - Gethsemane Live}

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

Jesse Ventura Censored On 9/11 - Just Questioning The Facts Is Off Limits; Left-leaning Huffington Post bans Jesse Ventura:

Former governor, former wrester...Jesse Ventura has worn many hats. Now he is trying to look out for those who question the official version of the events of 9/11. The Huffington Post calls him a conspiracy theorist, which is actually the name of his tv show. Anastasia Churkina interviewed Ventura about his theories and the motives of those trying to quiet him.

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