Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Feb 9, 2010

Special commentary by Big Dan: "I'm sick of the tactic of rightwing media, people on the right, and Republicans that when you point out something they are wrong about, their defense is not to defend the issue you're pointing out, but to call you an 'intellectual' or say 'you're mocking her'. Please stop this, I'm onto this tactic and it doesn't work! Let me be clear: CUT THE SHIT OUT!!! Stop crying and whining and pretending you should get a pass because you're STUPID!!! I'm going to start calling that the 'RETARD DEFENSE'!!! Don't you 'intellectuals' pick on us RETARDS! It's not fair! I'm pretty certain I'd rather have intelligent people running things than retards. Don't admit the other side are 'intellectuals', because that is exactly who should be running things - SMART PEOPLE! Since when did it become a liability to be intelligent? Since when are you supposed to be ashamed to be intelligent? Since when is your defense of an argument to call the other side intelligent?"

Steven Colbert: Sarah Palin is a FUCKING RETARD:

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Sarah Palin Uses a Hand-O-Prompter
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Rightwing media: Palin is "folksy", "down to earth", and a "busy mom" (why not busy HOCKEY mom???) for writing crib notes on her hands.

The Military Media, part of the FAKE liberal media.

One of the components of the "liberal media": the military industrial complex. I'm always harping here, that the corporate owned mainstream media that pretends to be liberal actually serves 3 things: the wealthiest few, corporations, and the military industrial complex. The SHAM they perpetrate is getting you to believe it's liberal.

Pentagon Pundits

The Terror-Industrial Complex

Secret summit of top bankers

Frances Fox Piven, co-author of the "Cloward Piven Strategy" gave her opinion of Fox News host Glenn Beck.

I guess you're still not sick of taking it up the ass from health insurance companies...I'd like some more, please!

39% rate hike in Blue Cross health insurance

Insurer Denies Life-Prolonging Treatment To Five-Year-Old Boy With Cancer

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