Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Feb 1, 2010

Andrew Breitbart & the TeaBuggers

But really, how far up the GOP ladder does this go? Don't expect the controlled corporate-owned mainstream media to "dig"...

Not just "pranksters", as the newspapers and TV are saying...

Discredited wingnuts lawyer up with high-powered GOP attorneys, downplay crime, go on offensive, blame the 'liberal media'.Latest public explanation for alleged crime quickly shredded...

O'Keefe/Breitbart: Felony Arrest, Manipulation of U.S. Senator's Phone Not What It Seems

(not) liberal NYTimes makes these scary, dangerous creeps seem like "kid pranksters", don't mention that ACORN was exonerated and that O'Keefe highly edited the ACORN videos and that he NEVER wore his pimp outfit in the ACORN offices:

NYTimes: High Jinks to Handcuffs for Landrieu Provocateur

O'Keefe wants the Landrieu tapes released by the FBI, but not his UNEDITED ACORN videos before he doctored them up to frame ACORN employees:

TeaBugger O’Keefe: Liberate the Tapes!! (No, Not THOSE Tapes!)

This accurately sums up the entire O'Keefe/pimp/ACORN SHAM and how the media screwed ACORN and treated O'Keefe like a hero and left out the part where O'Keefe doctored his videos and framed ACORN:

ACORN Is Back in the News, but News Still Gets It Wrong

What the Transcripts Show About the Doctored ACORN Video Tapes


Don't forget, a HUGE part of the Bush/DOJ firings scandal was the fact that the fired attorneys would NOT bring bogus charges against ACORN and Democratic politicians:

Five Fired U.S. Attorneys Come Together To Remember The Bush Years (VIDEO)

The TeaBuggers stayed with Ben Wetmore...

The TeaBuggers stayed with Ben Wetmore. Ben Wetmore is O'Keefe's mentor and hero. I suppose Wetmore thought it was Halloween and the TeaBuggers were dressed as telephone repairmen!

Ben Wetmore & Students for Life of America

O'Keefe & Students for Life of America

How could a couple of "pranksters" afford this guy???

If O'Keefe and the TeaBuggers were just "pranksters", would they have superstar GOP attorney Michael J. Madigan?

HELLO?!? - O’Keefe and pals are not just pranksters - Wake Up & Start Sniffing!

'Mad Dog' Is Misnomer, Says GOP Counsel

Madigan listed under Republican National Lawyers Association

Michael Madigan

Hmmmm....right before this happened, Family Research Council's Tony Perkins held a TeaBugger rally in front of Landrieu's office...TOO MANY COINCIDENCES!!!

Tony Perkins/FRC "happened" to have a press release about Landrieu's phones right before this happened.

FRC’s Tony Perkins Calls Closure the “Height of Arrogance”

Tony Perkins/Family Research Council "happened" to do this right before the TeaBuggers' posed as telephone repairmen...TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE!!!

Tea Party, group join in Landrieu protest

People at the Family Research Council/Tea Party protest were dressed as Centurions...the name of O'Keefe's college newspaper was "The Centurion":

LCRM: Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority (a message from Wendy Vitter)

There is an extremely religious/anti-choice/GOP/Third Wave tone lurking in the background of this whole TeaBugger/Watergate Jr. thing!

The Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority: The Third Wave

Palin's Churches and the Third Wave

Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave: New Video Documentary

Palin's Churches, Thomas Muthee, Witchcraft and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.

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