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Big Dan's Big News Feb 21, 2010

My hero: Down Syndrome actress response to Sarah Palin:
"In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes."

Take THAT, Queen Sarah!!!

Down Syndrome Actress = REAL person
Sarah Palin = media creation, multi-millionaire

The rightwing's "War on Cartoons" continues. What "War on Cartoons"? How about this, and last week Marvel Comics, and Oscar the Grouch with Breitbart, and the purple Teletubby, it's been going on since cartoons were first started. It's like when the "Muslim extremists" flip out over cartoons. The GOP is the American Taliban! Sarah Palin, the queen of fake outrage in the media, somehow is anointed to speak for an actress with Down Syndrome on a FOX infomercial (they call it "news"). The actress responds, and basically tells Queen Sarah the Spokeswoman for everything to mind her own business (IE: "FUCK OFF, Sarah! YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ME!"):

'Family Guy' Actress Responds To Sarah Palin's Criticism

Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane Talks Palin Controversy With Bill Maher

Sarah Palin keeps the "RETARD" controversy going:

I have to admit, the Republicans are way better at selling this SHIT:

Now imagine...I just said IMAGINE - COOL IT!!! ...imagine if our government was behind 9/11 as a false flag to keep these endless wars going...I don't see Obama pulling us out, either! Right? And please don't forget: the "financial crisis" began as Bush was leaving office and he and Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke did the first TRILLION dollar bailout of the banksters. Obama did the next one.

Israel is under growing international pressure over the assassination of a top Hamas commander in Dubai last month. On Thursday, the international police agency Interpol placed eleven members of an alleged hit squad on its most wanted list. The team of eleven suspects included six holding fake British passports bearing the names of Israeli citizens and three holding Irish passports. At least seven of the names on the passports belong to Israeli residents whose identities had been stolen.

Israel Accused of Stealing Identities, Using Fake Passports in Killing of Hamas Commander in Dubai

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Israel's foreign minister will face sharp questions from his British and Irish counterparts in Brussels on Monday over Israel's alleged use of forged European passports by a team of assassins in Dubai.

Here's the problem I have with these anti-government "patriots": they're anti-government only when the president isn't a Republican. They were nowhere to be found when Bush was president. There were anti-government "patriots" when Clinton was president. There weren't any when Reagan and Bush I were president. Does anyone detect a pattern? If the next president is a Republican, there won't be any anti-government "patriots". In fact? They will still be "patriots" for backing a Republican president. Don't you remember? If you spoke out against the Bush regime, you were "unpatriotic". Don't you remember? If you speak out against Obama, you are now a "patriot". Don't you remember during the Bush years: "You are with US, or with the terrorists"??? The Republicans and the right control the "news" and call it "liberal". They won't dare admit they control the news, that's part of the sham. Who OWNS the news? It's not a bunch of liberals, it's 5 corporations! 

Who's on the news? The Tea Party "patriots" have 600 people watch Queen Sarah Palin speak and several channels cover it live. There are other protests with thousands and tens of thousands that are totally ignored like the gay rights protest, anti-war protests and health care for all protests. But Queen Sarah Palin has 600 "patriotic" Teabaggers watch her speak and it's covered live on multiple channels. So who is running the news: a bunch of liberals? Now keep in mind: the Teabaggers are "patriotic" because they're protesting a Democratic president. When YOU protested Bush, you were "with the terrorists" and "unpatriotic" for speaking out against government. GOT THAT????????

Thanks to the Republicans' lurch to the far out right, they can at last be honest in their intentions if they get another chance at governing in 2010 or 2012. They no longer need to hide in sheep's clothing; they can now be more comfortable as what they are: wolves in wolves' clothing. And that means they will do what they say if they get the chance.

That is to say, the present Republican leadership and its young new ideologues, have put pretense aside and now openly intend to destroy during their next watch, the twin pillars of the nation's public social insurance system-75 year old Social Security and 50-year-old Medicare.

Gray Matters -- Outing the GOP's Plans For 2010-2012: The Real Republican Plans To Kill America Medicare And Social Security

Should Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Mark Levin and other Tea Party Propagandists be charged as co-conspirators in the terrorist attack by Tax Protesting Terrorist Joe Stack who crashed a plane into a IRS Building?

Glenn Greenwald on Joe Stack ramming an airplane into the IRS building in Texas: The immediate official and media reaction was to avoid, even deny, the term "terrorist" because the perpetrator of the violence wasn't Muslim. But if Stack's manifesto begins to attract serious attention, I think it's likely the term Terrorist will be decisively applied to him in order to discredit what he wrote. His message is a sharply anti-establishment and populist grievance of the type that transcends ideological and partisan divisions -- the complaints which Stack passionately voices are found as common threads in the tea party movement and among citizens on both the Left and on the Right -- and thus tend to be the type which the establishment (which benefits from high levels of partisan distractions and divisions) finds most threatening and in need of demonization. Nothing is more effective at demonizing something than slapping the Terrorist label onto it.

Glenn Greenwald - Terrorism: the most meaningless and manipulated word

ABC: Joe Stack Hailed as Hero in American 'Patriot' Resurgence

Has anyone noticed the latest Bill Moyers' Journal on PBS features MY Luzerne County (Pa.) judges in "Justice For Sale"?

A report released today by Senators Max Baucus and Charles Grassley said Glaxo knew Avandia may cause heart damage several years before a study documented the risk and the company pressed doctors to retract warnings

Gerald Celente : The Global Financial system is Collapsing, America was never a democracy

Man bulldozes his $350,000.00 home, rather than let the banks get it in foreclosure:

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