Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Feb 17, 2010

If you remember, Feinstein and Schumer were key to approving AG Mukasey, too.

Dem Sell-out Dianne Feinstein Attempts End-Run to Hand California Water to Billionaire Farmers

Censored story in the media:

Student Researcher: David Abbott, Amanda Spigut, and Ann Marie O’Toole
Faculty Evaluator: David McCuan, Ph.D.

Dianne Feinstein—the ninth wealthiest member of congress—has been beset by monumental ethical conflicts of interest. As a member of the Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee (MILCON) from 2001 to the end of 2005, Senator Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions of dollars to her husband’s firms.

# 23 Feinstein’s Conflict of Interest in Iraq in Top 25 Censored Stories for 2008

It's become abundantly clear that 99% of Americans have no representation in government. Democratic voters have to start holding Democrats accountable, and Republican voters have to start holding Republicans accountable...not the other way around. IE: stop being a "KOOK-AID" drinker for your party because they're screwing you. It's worse when your own party is screwing you and making a fool out of you, and that's happening to 99% of Americans. The Democrats and the Republicans: two faces of the same party. The Democrats won't stop the wars and ram in health care for all, and the Republicans aren't fiscally conservative and didn't stop abortion when they controlled all facets of government from 2000 to 2006. And do you call spending 2.5 BILLION on wars going on almost 9 years "fiscally conservative"? The World Police? And NONE of them mentioning the #1 expenditure as a way to cut spending - military spending? And I don't mean military salaries, they're skimpy with that. All of them are super rich and you aren't! They're all liars. And YOU have to start realizing it and hold YOUR OWN party responsible for screwing YOU! - BD

Technically, this is also a censored story in the media: that James O'Keefe never wore the "pimp" getup in the ACORN offices, like he and Breitbart led you to believe...

James O'Keefe never wore the "pimp" getup in the ACORN offices, it was a LIE - he edited the widespread video that was on TV and the internet; rightwing media personality Andrew Breitbart is trying to disassociate himself from O'Keefe but has admitted on TV that O'Keefe is on salary with him now that O'Keefe has been arrested for his little "sting" games against liberals, blacks, minorities, and Democrats:

Last September, when the ACORN scandal that his website helped launch was breaking in the press, Andrew Breitbart wrote a column for The Washington Times detailing the rollout of the undercover, right-wing gotcha. He recalled a 2009 meeting with "filmmaker and provocateur James O'Keefe" that took place in Breitbart's office in June. It was there that O'Keefe played the columnist the surreptitiously recorded videos he'd made with his sidekick, Hannah Giles, and which captured the two famously getting advice from ACORN workers on how prostitutes could skirt tax laws.

In his Times column, Breitbart was quite clear about what he saw that day in his office: He watched videos of O'Keefe "dressed as a pimp" sitting inside ACORN offices "asking for -- and getting -- help" from the misguided employees.

But today we know that's almost certainly not true.

James O'Keefe and the myth of the ACORN pimp

Media Watchdog Org Calls on NYTimes to Issue Retractions, Apologies for Repeated Misreporting of O'Keefe/Breitbart's False ACORN 'Pimp' Claims

Flim-Flam Flip-Flop: Breitbart Contradicts Self About Salary Paid to O'Keefe. In radio interviews weeks apart, Rightwing media con-artist says accused felon both 'technically not salaried,' 'paid a fair salary'

A Country of Serfs Ruled By Oligarchs

The Economic Elite Vs. The People of the United States of America - Part I

America, the land of inequality

What happens when 4 right wing hacks deny reality and facts? When they're put up against Ring of Fire's own Mike Papantonio, he let's them know what really is happening in the world, and how they are the ones who kept pushing the toxic trash that helped crash our economy. As you can see in this clip, they don't always enjoy being forced to live in reality. (BD: notice the FOX shills call Mike Papantonio "nuts" and "conspiracy theorist" and they back Goldman Sachs and blame Greece's economic crisis on "entitlements" or social programs instead of Goldman Sachs)

Suspicions mount over Hamas killing

CrossTalk: Norman Finkelstein vs. Israel

HD pics from the Mars landscape:

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Layers in Olympus Mons Basal Scarp, Eroding Layers in an Impact Crater, Slope Streaks in Terra Sabaea, Exhumed Layers Near the Nili Fossae Débris Flows on Mars


Hmmmmmm....what music video shall I post today? How about a little band from Boston that I've seen at Lollapalooza called Cave In with "Inspire"? CRANK IT UP!!!!

So, who inspires you, huh?

Update: What the heck, here's another one by Cave In - "Anchor":

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