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Big Dan's Big News Feb 26, 2010

Big Dan shoveling 14+ inches of snow (and still snowing!):

NEPA blizzard of 2010??? With my hoodie and Red Sox hat! Will it ever stop snowing??? Good thing there's spell check in blogger, I thought there was TWO "L"s in SHOVELING!!! Update: it's STILL snowing hard! It seems like it's never going to stop!

Keith Olbermann's Emotional Special Comment: 'My Father Asked Me To Kill Him'

"Last Friday night, my father asked me to kill him." Keith Olbermann opened his emotional Special Comment on health care Wednesday with the story of his father's six-month-long hospitalization suffering through a colon removal, pneumonia, kidney failure, liver failure, and many infections.

NYTimes won't retract the FALSE story that James O'Keefe dressed as an over-the-top outrageous pimp in his "sting" of ACORN offices.

Is it because rich white guys keep trying to take down a black organization that helps poor blacks register to vote? Racism? Because ACORN registered a MILLION voters that voted for Obama? That is what the Bush/DOJ scandal was all about, you know! Bush Department of Justice attorneys refused to bring false charges against ACORN, so he fired them.

NYT Public Editor Accuses The BRAD BLOG of 'Political Agenda' on Par With ACORN Smear Artists, Hoaxsters Breitbart and O'Keefe

PLUS: Blistering blogosphere reaction for Hoyt's refusal to recommend corrections from 'paper of record'

ALSO: Online petition launched, calling for retractions...

Instead of NYTimes retracting false story about ACORN, they attack Brad Blog for pointing it out!!!

Bill Maher interviews former (REPUBLICAN!) US Attorney David Iglesias from New Mexico spelling out the basics of the scandalous firing of the 8 US Attorneys. But what makes this clip unbelievable is when guest Lisa Schiffren, a conservative commentator, argues that its okay for US Attorneys to be political and thus, selectively enforce the law against Democrats and not Republicans. OUTRAGEOUS. Coming from the law and order party also makes it SHOCKING. That the underlying politicization involved efforts to steal elections and thus circumvent our democracy makes it EGREGIOUS.

Iglesias says the Bush administration wanted him to make up false voter fraud charges against Democrats (& ACORN) right before elections to make them look bad and that's why he was fired. GEE! Does that sound familiar? Making things up to make ACORN look bad? So, this O'Keefe/Breitbart is just part of an ongoing REPUBLICAN PLAN to take down ACORN because they register poor black voters who tend to vote against Republicans! The real reason behind the Bush/DOJ scandal is not widely known by the American public because the "liberal media" has been usurped by the same people who are trying to take down ACORN.

Who, ME? RACIST???

The New Yorker: Decoding Rush Limbaugh's Racism

A couple of studies released last year produced surprising results about the average consumers of right-wing media. “The dirty little secret of conservative talk radio is that the average age of listeners is 67 [so now 68] and rising … [The] Fox News audience, likewise, is in its mid-60s.” In addition, a Pew study in February 2009 found that 72 percent of Rush Limbaugh’s grizzled Dittoheads are men and so have a life expectancy of 75.6 years, which means this cohort will expire by 2017. Limbaugh will be 60 next January, which means he will be 67 when his average-aged listeners die off.......

Declining Conservatism Among Millennials Signals Bad News for Fox News, Limbaugh

Bipartisan Health Care Reform Summit 2010

Something strange happens at the health care summit when Republicans and Democrats actually start having a conversation.

Jon Stewart would disqualify the corporate TV coverage of the Health Care Summit for "SUCKING":

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Is this good or bad? Republican Has Sex W/ Mother In Law...KINKY!!!

When I was a kid, I used to stay up and watch Johnny Carson, even on school nights. I don't think it was typical of little kids to be addicted to Johnny Carson and go to bed past 1am on school nights, but Johnny is one of the reasons I love comedy so much 'til this day. The BEATLES of late night talk shows - Johnny Carson: "Would you like an army cot, Ed?" - @ 1:44, you can tell by Johnny's laugh that he realized Ed is sloshed -

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