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Big Dan's Big News Feb 10, 2010

NYTimes: YOU LIE!!!

The tale of how the media trashed ACORN, but continue to give O'Keefe a pass. James O'Keefe never dressed outrageously as a pimp in the ACORN sting videos. He purposely edited the tapes and mislead the public, and the NYTimes won't admit it!!! In fact, the entire mainstream media won't report this!!! O'Keefe posed in his outrageous pimp getup for pictures and video and on FOX "news"...but NOT in the ACORN sting. And the entire mainstream media is playing along with it...except for BradBlog. O'Keefe will NOT release the UNEDITED videos he has of his ACORN "sting". BUT...he wants the videos released of his recent "sting" in which he was arrested for dressing like a telephone repairman and messed with Senator Landrieu's telephones.

BradBlog Exclusive: New York Times Editor 'Stands Behind' Contested 'Pimp' Reporting on James O'Keefe. Times Sr. Editor for Standards cites Fox News, accused felon as sources for paper's ACORN report; refuses to back up additional claims made in contradiction of former state Attorney General. 'No comment,' assertions of privacy, bizarre obfuscation, backtracking offered when asked by The BRAD BLOG to share alleged evidence. NYTimes dodging questions on O'Keefe reporting, giving the usual pass to the right and yet are falsely called "liberal".

BradBlog provides The daily proof that the corporate owned mainstream media isn't liberal and they LIE!

NYTIMES YOU LIE! BradBlog Follow-up: On NYTimes Sr. Editor of Standards Refusal to Correct O'Keefe/Pimp/ACORN Stories

ACORN Calls NYT Sr. Editor's Email on Misreported O'Keefe 'Pimp' Story 'Troubling and Disturbing'. Decries 'inaccurate, misleading, unfair' coverage; Confirms no evidence of rightwing activist dressed as pimp in their offices. Seeks meeting with Times Public Editor after BRAD BLOG report...

NYTimes Thinks TeaBugger James O’Keefe Entitled to Own Set of Facts

Media Matters for America: Go read the BradBlog for a truly eye-opnening encounter the blogger had with a Times standards editor after the blogger pressed for an ACORN/O'Keefe-related correction. Specifically, Brad Friedman urged the paper to correct its erroneous reports that suggested O'Keefe, when making his undercover ACORN clips, entered the ACORN offices dressed outlandishly as a pimp.

According to an independent investigation into the ACORN matter, that claim is not true. (i.e. "He was dressed like a college student - in slacks and a button down shirt.") But the Times, like lots of news outlets, has made that dressed-as-a-pimp assertion again and again.

Not only did the Times inform Friedman that no correction would be forthcoming, but a newspaper "Standards" editor, Greg Brock, explained it was because the newspaper believed O'Keefe's claim that he was dressed up as a pimp inside the all ACORN offices he visited. (Good luck finding the video to back up that claim.)

I'm not sure "standards" means what the NYTimes thinks it does

REPORT states that O'Keefe EDITED his ACORN "sting" videos to make ACORN look bad; mainstream media will not report this.

YOU LIE!!! The tale of how the media continually runs with Republican talking points: how the right controls the media and calls it "liberal".

The right-wing media narrative that the Obama administration endangered security by giving Miranda rights to alleged attempted Christmas Day bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is falling apart. Contrary to claims based on unnamed sources in the right-wing media, Obama administration officials agree that Abdulmutallab gave valuable intelligence during his first interrogation and that Abdulmutallab has begun divulging intelligence again.

Right-wing media narrative on Christmas Day plot falling apart

Tea Party speaker Farah pushes birtherism to loud applause: "one of the most important questions" we can ask

Birthers: how come you never ask Sarah Palin for Trig's birth certificate? The tale of how two different birth certificates are being treated. Funny how the birthers headline Sarah Palin and the ("liberal" LOL!!!) press ignores it and ignores the fact that Palin never produced Trig's birth certificate!

Palin headlines birther conference; press pretends not to notice

Remember when rumors swirled that Sarah Palin's baby Trig wasn't hers and she was covering up that it was her daughter Bristol's baby? Well, did you know that Palin has never produced Trig's birth certificate to prove it's Bristol's baby, even though prompted to do so to dispel the rumors? I just want to point out the hypocrisy of the teabaggers and the right on the issue of the birth certificates of Obama and Trig Palin and how they control what the mainstream media talks about. And let me point out this distinction between the two situations: we have actual Republicans still saying Obama isn't a citizen, and the Trig Palin controversy was NOT accusations by the Democratic Party but was from the internet and several magazines. Yet, the Trig Palin birth certificate controversy was allowed to die and does not follow Sarah Palin and she never produced Trig's birth certificate, but Obama's birth certificate is available for anyone to see and that still follows him thanks to the mainstream media owned by the right that we're supposed to think is liberal and Republicans and teabaggers. And don't forget the outright hypocrisy audacity of Sarah Palin herself, still pushing the Obama birthers but yet never producing Trig's birth certificate til this day!

Here is a youtube video from that time (below). I'm writing this and showing this video purely to show the hypocrisy of the mainstream media who are still showing birthers, the Republicans who are still claiming Obama isn't a citizen, and Sarah Palin herself: the HEAD OF THE RETARDS!!!

Also, there was NEVER any mainstream media coverage on Sarah Palin's crazy Third Wave church and witchdoctor Pastor Muthee vs the coverage given to Rev Wright. The tale of how two different reverends were treated.

The other Sarah Palin: Michele Bachmann is the U.S. Rep from Israel, not America! Outrageous!!!

How DARE she say this! And where was the media on this one???

Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’

GOP loonies mixing religion and politics: God is making it snow to "prove" there's no Global Warming, we're "cursed by God" if we reject Israel, chip implants are the "mark of the devil" - you have to be an IDIOT to be a Republican! You see? The GOP is the party of God, life, and security! Even though 9/11 happened on their watch, there's more Republicans caught cheating on their wives and in gay trysts, and they didn't outlaw abortion when they controlled all facets of government and the courts from 2000 to 2006. I can't believe this is 2010, it's America the most modern country, and we have the Republican Taliban in office saying "Mark of the Devil" and "God is going to curse us" and "God is making it snow". They should be tarred and feathered, or at the very least they should be laughed out of office by the citizens in their districts. Or maybe they're just millionaires tricking idiots and they don't believe the CRAP they're spewing themselves!

After bashing Hawaii because Obama was born in Hawaii, and after preaching saving money and cutting corners and fiscal responsibility because of the financial crisis, the Republicans hold their convention in...wait for it...HAWAII!!!!!!!!

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Here's a cool video, it's kind of like Candid Camera. A group of 100 Japs keep coming around a corner and surrounding unsuspecting victims to see their reaction. Sometimes they point at the stranger as if they are after him and the stranger takes off. This is very funny...I said "Japs" on purpose above to see who caught it...

"Lookin' Back" - John Mayall & Peter Green in the Bluesbreakers (Peter Green started Fleetwood Mac)

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