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We're #1! the "liberal media" - HA HA!!!

The #1 story censored by the corporate owned media (that's not liberal, wake up!) is that we have killed over ONE MILLION Iraqi civilians in the Iraq War. And don't forget, Sadaam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11 and we're spending 2.5 BILLION dollars a week over there. You're a hypocrite if you're against "big government" and not against big government spending 2.5 BILLION DOLLARS of our taxpayer money a week during a financial crisis which would, among other things, cover all AMERICANS with health care! You're a hypocrite if you are a 2010 candidate for ANYTHING and you talk about cutting spending and DON'T talk about cutting big government military spending. You are a hypocrite if you are a talk show host or a blogger and you're interviewing a Republican candidate (OR a Democratic candidate, but especially a Republican) who's talking about cutting spending and you don't ask them: "What about military spending?" The Bush regime drove us into a financial hole with these wars and then when a different administration comes in, the Republicans scream about the mess THEY made: "We have to stop spending!!!" And what is the Obama administration doing? Continuing the military spending and asking what social programs should be cut for AMERICANS! Just like the Republicans want! And Obama's going to cause another Republican president like Bush by not stopping the wars and ramming through health care. Because of the corporate media sham of pretending to be liberal, passing anything liberal is a big, uphill battle. Just look at this censored story, censored by the "liberal media". LOL! You are a FOOL if you think corporation owned media is liberal! Where is your PROOF that the corporate owned media is liberal? I provide proof almost DAILY that it is not. WHO is saying it's liberal? The people who usurped it! Remember when obscure reports came out that we killed over a MILLION Iraqi's? They said it was "conspiracy"? WHO are THEY? The same ones who control the mainstream media and call it "liberal".

After Downing Street, July 6, 2007
Title: “Is the United States Killing 10,000 Iraqis Every Month? Or Is It More?”
Author: Michael Schwartz

AlterNet, September 17, 2007
Title: “Iraq death toll rivals Rwanda genocide, Cambodian killing fields”
Author: Joshua Holland

Reuters (via AlterNet), January 7, 2008
Title: “Iraq conflict has killed a million, says survey”
Author: Luke Baker

Inter Press Service, March 3, 2008
Title: “Iraq: Not our country to Return to”
Authors: Maki al-Nazzal and Dahr Jamail

Student Researchers: Danielle Stanton, Tim LeDonne, and Kat Pat Crespán
Faculty Evaluator: Heidi LaMoreaux, PhD

Over one million Iraqis have met violent deaths as a result of the 2003 invasion, according to a study conducted by the prestigious British polling group, Opinion Research Business (ORB). These numbers suggest that the invasion and occupation of Iraq rivals the mass killings of the last century—the human toll exceeds the 800,000 to 900,000 believed killed in the Rwandan genocide in 1994, and is approaching the number (1.7 million) who died in Cambodia’s infamous “Killing Fields” during the Khmer Rouge era of the 1970s.

#1 CENSORED STORY - Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation in Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

Let us begin by asking ourselves, “Who OWNS the corporate-mainstream media?”

And of course, the answer is large, very large, corporations own the corporate media.

But, who owns the controlling stock of these large corporations, and controls their “news” and aired content?

The answer is the foreign, privately owned International Monetary/Banking Cartel, that controls the money and credit of the world. Make sense?

Now, if one will study the long and infamous track record of this private Cartel, and correlate its activities with the corresponding “news” of the day, one will soon see the reciprocal relationship between that news and the subsequent national and international events.

You see, the corporate media does not so much reports on news events, as it prepares the stage to justify the various covert actions then taken by the Cartel.

Who Are Their Prey? All of Us: From the Left and Right

When war is peace and right is center. It's not 1984, but Newspeak lives on in the media's skewing of the terms of our political debate

The NYT Veers Neocon: Many American progressives don’t want to recognize how bad the U.S. mainstream news media has become. It’s easier to praise a few exceptions to the rule and to hope that some pendulum will swing than to undertake the challenging task of building a new and honest media infrastructure.

How did this come to happen to this poor mother’s son? It came to happen because the people in the media who are supposed to foster a public debate on such public issues as war instead used their franchise to promote articles about chocolate cake and comic book reviews. They see their free press as free to choose not to look when bad thinks happen. They feel no need to explain to his parents or to anyone that the war that blew off half of this poor boys head was based on out and out lies.

The Picture

For the GOP If You're Not in the Top 1% You Can Drop Dead

Did you ever think that our unemployment rate in America is largely due to the below: corporations roaming the world for cheap, vulnerable labor? That's YOUR job going over there! And the corporate owned media isn't telling us this! Did you ever notice the mainstream media never talks about outsourcing? Start CONNECTING THE DOTS on how these things all tie together!!!

In its mission statement, the National Labor Committee (NLC) highlights the problem stating:

“Transnational corporations (TNCs) now roam the world to find the cheapest and most vulnerable workers.” They’re mostly young women in poor countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Haiti, and many others working up to 14 or more hours a day for sub-poverty wages under horrific conditions.

Because TNCs are unaccountable, a dehumanized global workforce is ruthlessly exploited, denied their civil liberties, a living wage, and the right to work in dignity in healthy safe environments. NLC conducts “popular campaigns based on (its) original research to promote worker rights and pressure companies to end human and labor abuses. (It) views worker rights in the global economy as indivisible and inalienable human rights and (believes) now is the time to secure them for all on the planet.”

Global Sweatshop Wage Slavery

David Swanson of (one of my favorite sites!): Abolish the Senate: The Filibuster Problem, The Death of the Subpoena, the Fear Since Kennedy Died

David Swanson at Harvard COOP bookstore on February 27, 2010, speaking about his book "Daybreak" and the need to reform and remove the U.S. Senate


An older Gary Wright sings "Dreamweaver" in video 1. He's always been intense and emotional, that's why I love him. In video 2, it's Gary Wright's band Spooky Tooth from the late 60's early 70's with "Tobacco Road". This band was heavy and intense with a lot of blues. "Tobacco Road" features high/low dueling trade-off vocals that sound like the Righteous Brothers: the low vocal is the great singer Mike Harrison, the high falsetto is Gary Wright (unbelievably!). On "Tobacco Road", listen to Luther Grosvenor's growling guitar in the background. The 3rd video is a reformed Spooky Tooth playing in Germany around 2007, the song is their classic "Evil Woman" featuring Mike Harrison and Gary Wright on dueling lead vocals again. The 4th video is solo Gary Wright on the Midnight Special with his mid 70's hit "Love Is Alive". Gary Wright became good friends with George Harrison of the Beatles and helped George out on many of his projects. You can usually see Gary Wright credits on George Harrison's albums. Both Wright and Harrison had in common the mutual search for peace of mind through religion:

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