Saturday, May 30, 2009

The "Liberal Media"

If THIS is the "liberal media"

...then what's THIS?

Democracy NOW! is on DISH channels 9410 LINK-TV and 9415 Free Speech TV (the BEST channel, bar none!), and DirecTV channel 375. You probably have these channels and don't watch them!

Wake up! 5 Corporations own 90% + of the "liberal media"! Corporations aren't "liberal"! Wake up! The SHAM wouldn't work, without the key component of getting you to BELIEVE the mainstream media is "liberal". The people who want you to THINK the mainstream media is liberal, are ON the "liberal media" crying that it's liberal! Look who's on TV all the time from the party that just got their ass kicked into the extreme minority: Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, William Kristol, Glen Beck, more Republican senators and congressmen than the MAJORITY... I "get it"! Do you? Republicans have done what they always wanted and planned to do since the Nixon administration: take over the "liberal media"! All there's left to do is to look at the proof and admit it! It's hard to believe, because they make it hard to believe, by spending billions and billions of dollars to get you to believe this. Did they even get you to the point where you feel "uneasy", if you actually see Dennis Kucinich on TV? Or anyone with a non-Republican point of view? I'm careful to use the word "Republican" instead of "conservative", because the Republican Party is no longer conservative. The REAL "liberal media" is independent media, not owned by corporations: Free Speech TV, LINK-TV, the internet, community channels, and things like that. The "liberal media" is NOT: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, & FOX. Also, YOU and ME are the "liberal media"!

They have ALL the money, they're well-financed. PROPAGANDA has endless financing. They're purposely misinforming and confusing Americans, on behalf of their billionaire financiers. They're NOT for the people. They're for the corporations. You might think that PBS is "liberal media". Think again! PBS gets both government and corporate money. A redundant statement: government and corporate! Independent media does NOT! Sure, PBS is closer to "liberal media", but it's not.

One thing for sure, the "liberal media" doesn't cover protests! Ever think about that? That's one of the MAIN tenants of the "liberal media", because it's people getting together against the corporate establishment. And corporations OWN the "liberal media"...or the so-called "liberal media". Get out with people and protest! Remember: the revolution won't be broadcast...

Another Media IS Possible

Special commentary by Big Dan: "Gee! I don't see the 'liberal media' covering the May 30 single payer day of action! You know, the 'liberal media' ANBCBSNNX that Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich are always on, that covers 'liberal' things like single payer health care! Those 5 'liberal' corporations that own all the media in this country. Also, are you still waiting for the 'liberal media' to report on the Bush administration's policy of The Sexual Humiliation Of Iraqi Prisoners? Don't hold your breath!"

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