Saturday, May 2, 2009


Does she look like she's "all there"? YOU tell ME!

Minnesota needs to recall Michele Bachmann and then check out vote fraud, they can't be that stupid in a blue state to vote for her. If there's no vote fraud in Minnesota, message from Big Dan - YOU are a bunch of FUCKING IDIOTS!!! And should secede from Minnesota! Again, why is this woman on TV all the time? WHO is scheduling her? How come we don't know who schedules people on TV? What are the names of the people who book these KOOKS on TV? I want it published! Michele Bachmann represents what the GOP has become - a KOOK fringe cult party - the Confederate Jesus party! Or Bachmann-Plumber Overdrive, take your pick! (or "Serial Mom"???)

Videos Below
video 1 - dangerous rhetoric from Michele Bachmann
video 2 - Michele Bachmann says there should be a McCarthy-era-like witchhunt for "anti-Americans" in congress
video 3 - Bachmann says she's "Hot" for God!" - AMEN!!! She actually says she's "HOT FOR JESUS CHRIST"!!!
video 4 - God called Michele Bachmann to run for congress, and she's a "Fool for Christ". Christ told Bush to attack Iraq, too. Dangerous stuff!
video 5 - Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Warns Of "Re-Education Camps" In America!
video 6 - Rep. Michele Bachmann Links Swine Flu To Democrats - Gets History Wrong (swine flu in the 70's was under Ford, not Carter...and SARS and Bird Flu were under Bush)
video 7 - Bachmann gives Bush more than a kiss

Yes, this is Michele Bachmann kissing George W. Bush! It goes with video 7 above.

Michele Bachmann's newest bungle (wrongly pinning the last flu scare on a Democrat) shows disdain for both facts and logic. Eric Alterman takes on Congress' mad bomber.

Mortgage bankers celebrate 12 Democrats (including Specter) killing Durbin's "Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009". The GOP NAZI party always votes 100% lockstep.

Mortgage bankruptcy bill fails in the Senate. The vote lost 45-51. 12 Democrats voted with ALL the Republicans (who always vote in NAZI lockstep) to kill help for people having their homes foreclosed on. All the NAZI lockstep Republicans need is a few turncoat Benedict Arnold Democrats like those I list below, to kill anything for the American people. 2 of 3 Americans wanted this passed. I guess that doesn't matter when mortgage banksters are giving billions of lobby money to them, which is partly OUR tax bailout money!

Here's the "Dirty Dozen" Democrats, and look who's one of them:

* Max Baucus (MT)
* Michael Bennett (CO)
* Robert Byrd (WV)
* Thomas Carper (DE)
* Byron Dorgan (ND)
* Tim Johnson (SD)
* Mary Landrieu (LA)
* Blanche Lincoln (AR)
* Ben Nelson (NE)
* Mark Pryor (AR)
* Arlen Specter (PA)
* Jon Tester (MT)

The NYC flyover by Airforce One was a test...

New York, New York--It struck me even before there was news of the identity of the plane that this was a readiness test to see how fast the response by interceptor-jets was going to be. By all appearances they got up there a lot faster than on September 11th, 2001.

Small wonder that billionaire Republican Mayor Bloomberg was angry over not being notified. They just made an ass of him and his party again...because they can. Wish them luck making hay out of this one since the mainstream media isn't going to.

Would the administration of George W. Bush have even bothered with a readiness test? No. They were too busy robbing the public trough, that's why the attacks of September 11th, 2001 were such a success. - Matt Janovic

Condi Rice Pulls A Nixon: When the President Does It, That Means It is Not Illegal

I'm so sick of hearing pro-war, pro-torture talk from chicken hawk GOPers (especially on the sixth anniversary of Mission Accomplished) who pretend to understand the gravity of war and all its ugly consequences despite having done their best to avoid joining the army and cashing a check from Uncle Sam after killing another man.

Scott Horton: The Daily Beast has learned that department lawyers are "incensed" at the White House for waging a frontal assault on their independence to prosecute over torture.

Hooray! The Surge is Working…Again

OK, so the main way that corporate media channels communicate with you is through the use of banners. You need not pay as much attention to what the talking heads say, their words are secondary as they babble on to reinforce the central point splashed across the banner. If you ever wanted to know what a channel like FOX (or CNN or MSNBC - they're all corrupt) wants you to think about a certain issue, well, its hidden in plain sight, written right there.

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