Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Dan's Big News May 4, 2009

Britain Pulls Out Of Iraq

NOT in your local newspapers - Britain pulls out of Iraq. We're alone now. THEY even came to their senses.

After six years, one month and 11 days, Britain ends its military mission in Iraq. Troops mark their withdrawal from Basra with ceremony to remember fallen comrades

British operations in Iraq come to an end. • Army hands base over to US brigade, not Iraqis • Brown and Maliki sign economic agreement

The movie "Weapons of Mass Deception" (how the "liberal" media was in bed/embed with the govt to deceive us into the Iraq War)

Add Media Propaganda to your page

George W. Bush's first 100 days back in Texas have provided at least one surprise: The state's GOP shuns him. Forty years after LBJ returned in disgrace, Robert Bryce reveals W.'s rough homecoming.

Onward Christian Soldiers!!!

US Soldiers Accused of Proselytizing in Afghanistan

Al Jazeera has revealed US soldiers are being encouraged to spread the message of their Christian faith among Afghanistan’s predominantly Muslim population. Soldiers have been filmed with Bibles printed in Afghanistan’s main Pashto and Dari languages. In one recorded sermon, Lieutenant-Colonel Gary Hensley, the chief of the US military chaplains in Afghanistan, is seen telling soldiers that as followers of Jesus Christ, they all have a responsibility “to be witnesses for him.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Gary Hensley: “The special forces guys, they hunt men, basically. We do the same things as Christians: we hunt people for Jesus. We do. We hunt them down, get the hound of heaven after them, so we get them into kingdom. Right? That’s what we do. That’s our business.”

The Pentagon has not yet responded to Al Jazeera’s report. Regulations by the US military’s Central Command expressly forbid “proselytizing of any religion, faith or practice.”

Probe call in Afghan 'convert' row

Republican and former NFL football player Jack Kemp died of cancer.

Staunch Republican Jack Kemp went out on quite a note. Here's a letter he wrote to his grandchildren:

Excerpt from Jack Kemp's letter - NOT good for the GOP (again). I always point out, you did not see this in the "liberal media", did you?

Kemp - "You see, real leadership is not just seeing the realities of what we are temporarily faced with, but seeing the possibilities and potential that can be realized by lifting up peoples' vision of what they can be.

When President-elect Obama quoted Abraham Lincoln on the night of his election, he was acknowledging the transcendent qualities of vision and leadership that are always present, but often overlooked and neglected by pettiness, partisanship and petulance. As president, I believe Barack Obama can help lift us out of a narrow view of America into the ultimate vision of an America where, if you're born to be a mezzo-soprano or a master carpenter, nothing stands in your way of realizing your God-given potential.

Both Obama in his Chicago speech, and McCain in his marvelous concession speech, rose to this historic occasion by celebrating the things that unite us irrespective of our political party, our race or our socio-economic background.

My advice for you all is to understand that unity for our nation doesn't require uniformity or unanimity; it does require putting the good of our people ahead of what's good for mere political or personal advantage.

The party of Lincoln, (i.e., the GOP), needs to rethink and revisit its historic roots as a party of emancipation, liberation, civil rights and equality of opportunity for all.

President-elect Obama talks of Abraham Lincoln's view of our nation as an "unfinished work." Well, isn't that equally true of all of us? Therefore let all of us strive to help him be a successful president, so as to help make America an even greater nation."

1964 - Jack Kemp, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills

Special commentary by Big Dan: "Yes, I'm a big sports fan. I rarely talk about it on BDBB. My ultimate favorite team since I was about 4 years old is the Boston Red Sox. I was 10 years old when I saw them in 1972. I saw Luis Tiant pitch. I saw Yaz and the whole crew in a double-header against the Cleveland Indians. Of course, over the years, I became a Phillies fan, too, living in NEPA. Football - when I was a kid, I loved the Packers with Bart Starr. Then the Oakland Raiders with Daryl Lamonica and coach John Madden. Again, living in NEPA, I slowly became an Eagles fan, that's my favorite team for years, since Ron Jaworski was quarterbacking them. In hockey, Philadelphia Flyers. In basketball, the Philadelphia 76ers. So, I like all the Philadelphia teams, and throw in the Boston Red Sox. And I loved the Red Sox WAAAAAAAAAAAAY before they won the 2004 World Series!!!"

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