Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Dan's Big News May 1, 2009

FOXGOP doing what they do best: making scary videos to demonize their opponents and scare the shit out of dittoheads. The first video is John "Boner" Boehner's scary video complete with terrorism and 9/11 and low scary music, the second video is FOX "news" version of Obama's first 100 days for dittoheads complete with Excorcist/Omen scary chanting...brought to you by the jackasses that were on watch when for the worst terror attack ever in history. As a bonus, I threw in Republican Saxby Chambliss' ad from 2002 (where he stole the election on electronic voting machines btw...) demonizing triple amputee war hero Democrat Max Cleland, where Chambliss associates Cleland with Osama Bin Laden and terrorists:

The Project for a New American Century...WHOOPS! I mean, the "National Council for a New America":

Same old CRAP that didn't work, trying to re-paint themselves

The GOP has two choices: it can continue to fight a losing battle of division or it can start embracing tolerance. The short-term answer is that they're going defiantly, suicidally with Option B. Which now involves a re-branding effort led by the party's recently crushed presidential nominee and failed leader's brother And then there's Ms. California being used as a botoxed wedge. What we have now is a party that operates like a cult.

It Is What It Is


Israel wiretapping all Americans' phone calls including the U.S. govt pays off for Israeli spies!!! So, who is our govt working for, YOU or ISRAEL??? Why do we always release guilty spies ONLY when they're from Israel??? That's not OK with ME!!! And it shouldn't be OK with YOU!!! We need to find out from OUR govt why they are beholden only to Israel, and I think I know why.

The Israeli wiretapping/blackmail of the U.S. govt worked!!! Thank you, Jane Harman!!!

MSNBC: Feds drop charges against pro-Israel lobbyists. Pair had been accused of disclosing classified defense information

Why was this media study ordered destoyed by our govt? Would it possibly have to do with exposing who is really controlling our "liberal" media?

Media ownership study ordered destroyed. FCC draft suggested fewer owners would hurt local TV coverage

Israel clears Israel of War Crimes


Sing the petition to tell congress to impeach Federal Judge Jay "insect torture" Bybee

Sands: Bybee should resign to maintain international credibility of U.S. federal courts.

The CIA's $1,000 a Day Specialists on Waterboarding, Interrogations. The New Focus on Two Retired Military Psychologists Called the 'Architects' of the CIA's Techniques


Swine Flu Kills (press coverage of the torture memos). Coincidence Theorists Fall For It!

Swine Flu - Designer Virus/Staged Crisis? It may seem outrageous but consider this:

Mysterious late-night military flights headed for San Jose


GOP IT guru’s sisters question events surrounding his death

Snoutbreak '09 - What to Call Swine Flu

Michele Bachmann doesn't blame the Democrats for swine flu, she's just finding coincidences.

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