Friday, May 8, 2009

Big Dan's Big News May 8, 2009

Max Bachus-D...YOU are failing America!

Democrat Max Bachus, under control of the health care industry lobbyists and profiteers, didn't give a single payer health care advocate a seat at the table for his health-care hearing of the Senate Finance Committee. Then he says he does acknowledge the point of single payer...ONLY after being disrupted by protesters. BUT...he's LYING! And in the pockets of health care for profit big business! Because he doesn't seat ONE representative advocating single payer!!! Here is Senator Backus' (and congress') health care plan, paid for by YOU! We're watching a Democrat blatantly screwing us in real time.

Baucus v. Democracy

Order in the Senate! Single-Payer Advocates Disrupt Hearing

By Margaret Flowers, M.D.

On May 5, eight health care advocates, including myself and two other physicians, stood up to Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and the Senate Finance Committee during a “public roundtable discussion” with a simple question: Will you allow an advocate for a single-payer national health plan to have a seat at the table?

The answer was a loud, “Get more police!” And we were arrested and hauled off to jail. (more at link below)

Statement from the "Bachus 8": Why We Risked Arrest

These people are REAL PATRIOTIC AMERICAN HEROS, watch this video:

The Single-Payer Solution

Myths about Single Payer (printable)

Thank you, Ed!

Ed Shultz is the ONLY person remotely connected to the mainstream corporate media who is putting the single payer health insurance topic on TV. Big Eddie wants to know why Doctors and Nurses who support a single payer health system don't have a seat at the table.

Bernie Sanders on Ed Show: "Dems Have Super-Majority To Demand Single-Payer Universal Health Care"

Physicians For A National Health Plan

What Is Single Payer?

Add Health Care to your page

The terror alert color code has been dropped from RED to GREEN!

The severe terror alert (red) is over, Tom Ridge isn't running for senator of Pennsylvania. The color code is now GREEN - I repeat - GREEN! Actually, he never was. What changed from last week to this week? Nothing! This was a test, to see if the "liberal media" (wink wink) could push a Bush administration official without mentioning anything about 9/11, like duct tape or fake terror alerts.

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