Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Dan's Big News May 22, 2009

Dick & Newt, Newt & Dick: IT'S "DICKNEWT"! ...or "NEWTDICK"! The Republicans' "new ideas guys"! Or you can just say you have a "Newt" on your "Dick"! The "liberal media" ANBCBSNNX will henceforth be known as "NEWTDICK!!!!" ...or "DICKNEWT"!!! Boy! You would think the Republicans just won the election...according to who's in the "liberal media"!!! Oh, I forgot: 5 corporations own the "liberal media", not a bunch of liberals... NEWTDICKNEWTDICKNEWTDICKNEWTDICK.......

Special commentary by Big Dan: "Now you know! If John McCain won the election, Dick Cheney would be running the country, just like he ran the country when Bush was president! Where is George Bush? Apparently, Dick Cheney was running the country. Where is John McCain for that matter? The GOP's 'new ideas' guys: Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich! Keep talking, you guys! Get as much exposure as you can! It's doing you party WONDERS!"

McClatchy: Cheney lied repeatedly in speech on closing Guantanamo

Fear of prosecution caused Cheney to speak out, daughter says

The Dick Cheney EIT Tour continues…ROCK ON!!!

Only Republicans Are Allowed To Dispute The CIA...and this is NOT to be pointed out by the "liberal media"!

Phun in Philly: Veterans raising hell in Philadelphia about TORTURE!

I thought America was better than this...

"They made us take off all our clothes, even our underwear," recalled the man who is afraid to reveal his identity, instead offering up the alias of Abu Ahmed. Watch Abu Ahmed tell his story »

"They walked us in front of all the cells, about 50 or 60 cells, in front of all the detainees, in front of the soldiers, of the female soldiers. They got us in the cells, still naked, and they locked us inside," he said, tears welling in his eyes.

"They made us stand in the corner of the cell. We were not allowed to sit down. We were not even allowed to talk." See the photos of the abuse »

That treatment went on and on, Abu Ahmed said. "For 32 days I was without clothes, even if we wanted to pray, we had to pray naked."

Ex-inmate recalls days of abuse at Abu Ghraib

The New York Times, which helped sell the Iraq War with a bogus story about aluminum tubes for nuclear centrifuges and withheld evidence of illegal spying on Americans for more than a year, is again mishandling a sensitive story in a way that panders to the Right. NYTimes says 1 of 7 detainees return to terrorism...but can't possibly know this!

Conservative radio hosts gets waterboarded, and lasts six seconds before saying its torture. "It's worse than I thought it would be"

NYT Helps the Bushies, Again

UPDATE: NYTimes keeps switching "1 in 7" detainee story, after they got SNAGGED going to bat for the Bushies again!

Dick Cheney's KBR killing U.S. soldiers and getting bonuses for it!

U.S. Army paid bonuses to KBR despite deaths

Yee-Haa! Alabama! Police Beating Caught On Video - 5 Cops Fired In Alabama

The FCC is allowed to bust down your door without a warrant because your battery operated toothbrush made in China maybe causing interference on your neighbors television made in Mexico - ž

FCC’s Warrantless Household Searches Alarm Experts

Hey! Guess what? We have our own Bernie Madoff, Jr. right here in NEPA!

NEPA: "Hi! I'm James P. Lake of JPL Financial, and remember: it's your money!!!"

Nice one! Any other great ideas, JACKASS??? Get ready to be Bernie Madoff's bitch in the crowbar hotel!!! He hosted a radio show called "Money-In-Motion" - your money was "in motion" from your checking account to his wallet!

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