Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's the Bishop!!!

NEPA religious news: The Bishop has been POUNDING NEPA since he got here!!!

Guy in funny hat and robe speaks out against College Misericordia speaker. He times it right when his Casey/communion controversy begins to die out. What will he say to get back in the news when this controversy begins to die out???

Bishop, Misericordia clash over speaker who supports gay rights

(Below: an excerpt from my Feb. 7th "guy in funny hat and robe" series. I'm thinking of adding "bling bling" to my series, and call it: "guy in funny hat and robe and bling bling - whaddya tink???)

NEPA: Guy in funny hat and robe now attacking Senator Casey.

Hatchetman Bishop Martino, sent to NEPA to decimate the Catholic Diocese of Scranton. Like a businessman "hatchetman" sent in to shut down a plant or company. He ignores the Iraq "War of Lies" and the 1 million killed, 4.5 Million Displaced, 1-2 Million Widows, 5 Million Orphans, and the Israeli attack on Gaza that killed 1,314 (412 children and 110 women) and injured 5,450 (1855 children and 795 women) ...but he's worried about contraception. You know who's following Bishop Martino's advice about contraception? This woman who just had octuplets and now has 14 children - and she's a single mom. I don't see the Catholic church offering people health care to cover all their children, do you? They're not picking up the tab for what they promote!

To distract from shutting down churches in NEPA, half of them, setting up church clusters, busting the Catholic teachers union, shut down catholic schools, dedicating centers to mobsters, giving millions in pedofile hush money, and telling parishoners to VOTE REPUBLICAN, Bishop Martino issues statement chastizing Senator Casey for supporting foreign family planning that supports abortion and contraception!

(Below: an excerpt from my Feb. 3 post...as you can see, our Bishop is a real "wild and crazy guy", and loves to keep saying and doing "wild and crazy" stuff!!!)

Half of NEPA Catholic churches shutting down, sayeth the floaty guy in the sky...Big Dan's exclusive transcript of Bishop Martino's sermon: "Oh, Lordy! Great old bearded guy floating around in the sky who needeth money! Ye wanteth thee
churches in NEPA shut down.
Half of them. Oh holy clusters of fucketh. Those who are against thee floaty bearded guy shutting down of churches, are against thee. Not against me. Even though I'm the one doing this. Thou hath striketh his mighty sword against thy evil Catholic teachers union, too! And hath previously shut down thy lousy catholic schools so kids must travel dangerously further. Hallelujiah!!! Those who are againt these things, are againt THEE, not ME! Even though I'm the one doing it. You hath worked your miracles through me via thy mobsters, and millions in pedofile hush money, but I am only the lowly messenger of thine word. It's not me, it's thee! Beardy floaty guy in the sky told me to tell you to VOTE REPUBLICAN! Let us partaketh of thine Dominus Nabisco wafers, oh 'guy in the sky'! I thinketh we still have some of those wafers. And let us still have enough money for our funny hats and robes, wherever it may be that selleth them. Why aren't you stopping all of this, oh great one? Is it because you are only credited with doing good things? And 'someone else' is always doing the bad things? Why aren't you stopping them, then? You work in mysterious ways, it is not for us to ask logical questions like that! What's that you're saying? I'm doing a 'heckuva job' here in NEPA? Where have I heard that before? Peace be with y'all, and y'all come back now, ya hear??? And don't forget to bring MONEY!!!!!! A-A-A-A-A-AAAAAAAHHHHHH-MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Pope and the Fonz say: "AAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! Heckuva job, hatchetman*** Bishop Martino!!!"

***hatchetman - 1. A person assigned or hired to carry out a disagreeable task or unscrupulous order. For example, When it came to firing an employee, Arthur was his boss's hatchet man. This expression originally referred to a hired assassin but in the mid-1900s was transferred to less nefarious enterprises.

Why isn't Bishop Martino saying anything about the corrupt judges' "kids for profit" scheme, btw??? He's worried about the speaker at Misericordia!!!

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