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Big Dan's Big News Feb 3, 2009

ATTENTION: Right now! (8pm EST) "The Spy Factory" is on PBS/NOVA!!! Put it on!!!

The New Thought Police: The NSA Wants to Know How You Think—Maybe Even What You Think. In George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984, a civil servant named Winston Smith (played in the 1955 movie by Edmond O'Brien, above) loses all privacy as Big Brother and his Thought Police bring him under constant surveillance. Is the NSA today's Big Brother?

See my post on it:

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11

The Spy Factory homepage

Was James Bamford told he couldn't get this "Spy Factory" NOVA thing on PBS without pulling all references to Israeli Wiretapping companies? It's the only conclusion I can come to, because there is no mention of it in the NOVA special on PBS. But he says it in this video below AND in his book... What more proof do you need, that people behind the scenes are censoring things against the Israelis on ANBCBSNNX and PBS? This got the "Israeli Media Censor" routine!!!

Below: Look at James Bamford on non-corporate/non-government TV - REAL public TV Democracy NOW!...NOT censored: Israeli Wiretappers tapping Americans phones. Along with the mass surveillance being conducted on all U.S. users of AT&T and Verizon by Narus and Verint, (according to Bamford), two other Israeli-owned companies, Amdocs and NICE Systems, have their fingers in the wiretapping pie as well. If Ketcham and Bamford are correct, (so far, no lawsuits), then the National "Security" Agency has thrown the "National Security" of the United States under the bus.

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I'm not guessing...I'm telling you: James Bamford had to have been told to pull any reference to Israeli wiretapping companies tapping Americans!


Half of NEPA Catholic churches shutting down, sayeth the floaty guy in the sky...Big Dan's exclusive transcript of Bishop Martino's sermon: "Oh, Lordy! Great old bearded guy floating around in the sky who needeth money! Ye wanteth thee
churches in NEPA shut down.
Half of them. Oh holy clusters of fucketh. Those who are against thee floaty bearded guy shutting down of churches, are against thee. Not against me. Even though I'm the one doing this. Thou hath striketh his mighty sword against thy evil Catholic teachers union, too! And hath previously shut down thy lousy catholic schools so kids must travel dangerously further. Hallelujiah!!! Those who are againt these things, are againt THEE, not ME! Even though I'm the one doing it. You hath worked your miracles through me via thy mobsters, and millions in pedofile hush money, but I am only the lowly messenger of thine word. It's not me, it's thee! Beardy floaty guy in the sky told me to tell you to VOTE REPUBLICAN! Let us partaketh of thine Dominus Nabisco wafers, oh 'guy in the sky'! I thinketh we still have some of those wafers. And let us still have enough money for our funny hats and robes, wherever it may be that selleth them. Why aren't you stopping all of this, oh great one? Is it because you are only credited with doing good things? And 'someone else' is always doing the bad things? Why aren't you stopping them, then? You work in mysterious ways, it is not for us to ask logical questions like that! What's that you're saying? I'm doing a 'heckuva job' here in NEPA? Where have I heard that before? Peace be with y'all, and y'all come back now, ya hear??? And don't forget to bring MONEY!!!!!! A-A-A-A-A-AAAAAAAHHHHHH-MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Pope and the Fonz say: "AAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! Heckuva job, hatchetman*** Bishop Martino!!!"

***hatchetman - 1. A person assigned or hired to carry out a disagreeable task or unscrupulous order. For example, When it came to firing an employee, Arthur was his boss's hatchet man. This expression originally referred to a hired assassin but in the mid-1900s was transferred to less nefarious enterprises.

RNC counters Hillary with Palin...OOPS! I mean Steele with Obama!

Yes! There is a black guy associated with the Republican Party, you're not seeing things! Maybe he's the black guy who calls Rush Limbaugh and says, "Rush, I'm a black guy, but I agree with everything you say!" The party that brought you the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina, the financial crisis, and 9/11 - brings you Michael Steele, the new head of the RNC...for "change". The other black guy associated with the GOP is Ken Blackwell, who orchestrated the stolen election of 2004 in Ohio.

Steele spouts the conservative mantra, but like all Republicans, doesn't follow it. Haven't we all heard this before from the Republicans? And you just saw 8 years of Republican rule from the Bush administration and Republican senators and congressmen. You can't paint over rust, even with black paint. This pick should alienate the KKK faction of the GOP's base. Below, Steele continues to claim the Republican Party is "conservative":

Young Republicans Keepin' It Hip

Let's give the Republicans a chance. John Oliver says Americans have paid the price for Obama's failed policies for eight long days.

$35,000 toilet


David Cay Johnston: Fiscal Therapy

David Cay Johnston: More Corporate Tax Breaks Will Not Stimulate the Economy

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Solution for the homeless? Freddie Mac to let residents rent homes after foreclosure

Details of the program:

The TRUTH about the Federal Reserve "bank"

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