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Big Dan's Big News Feb 26, 2009

Special commentary by Big Dan: "The American economy is losing jobs at a record rate, yet U.S. companies are employing millions of non-citizens by giving them H1B-VISA's. Why are both parties not addressing this? This is a crime that everyone in the government should be locked up for. And they're not mentioning outsourcing as a key element in the U.S. economy crashing. That, and spending $12.3 billion a week in Iraq. These things are purposely not addressed by either party. As always, the media plays a big part in covering it up. THINK - use your head! The media is ignoring H1B-VISA's and outsourcing!"

Former Reagan administration official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

The American corporations quickly learned that by declaring “shortages” of skilled Americans, they could get from Congress H-1b work visas for lower paid foreigners with whom to replace their American work force. Many US corporations are known for forcing their US employees to train their foreign replacements in exchange for severance pay...The lost jobs with good pay resulted in the expansion of consumer debt in order to maintain consumption...The pressure of jobs offshoring, together with vast imports, has destroyed the economic prospects for all Americans, except the CEOs who receive “performance” bonuses for moving American jobs offshore or giving them to H-1b work visa holders. Lowly paid offshored employees, together with H-1b visas, have curtailed employment for older and more experienced American workers...Forced out of their careers, they seek employment as shelf stockers for Wal-Mart...the diminution of American family incomes and government tax base from the loss of the goods producing jobs...Ladders of upward mobility are being dismantled by offshoring.

Doomed by the Myths of Free Trade - How the Economy was Lost (By Dr. PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS)

The Beatles tribute to Dr. Roberts:

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Here's your proof the corporate media wants you to be stupid and really doesn't want you to know the truth of what's going on. Ron Paul tells the truth that globalists are trying to take down the world economy to start a new world financial order and CNBC accidentally lets it on...but after Ron Paul speaks his peace. The controlled CNBC talking head nitwits then break away from Ron Paul and then again accidentally let you know that they didn't want you to hear what Ron Paul had to say - the TRUTH!!!


The experiment has failed!!!

Steele and Jindal are POUNDING the Republican Party! The GOP finally has a black guy and an Indian guy, and they put them as the head of the RNC and the Republican response to Obama's speech and it just ain't workin' out! They got Steele to be their Obama and Jindal is their Keith Ellison (or their non-black/non-white guy). Heck! They even got the disaster that was Mooseburger wolf-shootin' Palin to be their Hillary! The problem is, they're still the rich white guy party, only they're trying blackface. They're tryin' to FAKE everyone out, and it just ain't workin'!!! Come on! A black Republican??? They still have ZERO black senators and congressmen. They still aren't serious. And these guys STINK! And they're pounding the CRAP out of the GOP!!! They should've stuck with rich white guys...

Jindal: We're not the Republicans...we're the Republicans!


Above is a never-before-published picture of the wine locker at the Capital Grille that defense contractor Brent R. Wilkes shared with Kyle Dusty Foggo when Foggo was the executive director of the CIA and illegally steering contracts to Wilkes. Wilkes paid for many expensive meals for Foggo at the restaurant.

Corruption Touched CIA’s Covert Operations


Senate to announce investigation of torture under Bush, senators say

A British resident detained at Guantanamo Bay will on Tuesday spend his first full day of freedom in more than six years after returning to Britain and alleging he was "tortured in medieval ways".

Lawyer: Freed Gitmo Prisoner Binyam Mohamed Experienced "Nightmare We Can't Imagine"

Justice probe may pose 'enormous consequences' for Bush officials

Taxi To The Dark Side

Taxi to the Dark Side = in full

Torturing Democracy

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