Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Feb 12, 2009

We hit the big time! NEPA on MSNBC!( was for something bad...sorry...)

Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash. Judges allegedly took $2.6 million in payoffs to put juveniles in lockups

The "Juvie Brothers" scandal just keeps getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight!!!

The state has identified $2.26 million in questionable expenses at the western Pennsylvania juvenile detention center involved in Luzerne County’s public corruption investigation, according to a draft audit obtained Wednesday.

Limos, new suit part of $2.26M juvie costs eyed

Powell, who participated in $2.6 million in kickbacks to the disgraced judges, turns the table on the judges and accuses them of extorting him! Isn't it funny the way lawyers talk? Powell's lawyer says his client never "offered" to pay kickbacks - he just PAID the kickbacks!!! LOL!!! (he didn't "offer", that's different!!!)

Powell ‘victim’ of judges’ demands, lawyers say

Corruption probe: View videos, stories and documents

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The floodgates are open! Now they're investigating exorbitant arbitration cases in Luzerne County! Unbelievable!

Attorney: Arbitration awards led to investigation


Beware of politicians disguising "big government" fascist legislation as "saving the children" against pedofiles or porn, or to save you from "the terrorists" they created. Here's two disguised as the "saving the children" angle.

Diane Feinstein - D, disguises controlling the internet as "saving the children", she says "American ISPs can deter child pornography" with this sneaky attachment to Obama's stimulus package. WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO, FEINSTEIN!!! If you call her up to tell her to "Get Fucked", remind her of the media censored story of her conflict of interest in promoting the Iraq War:

Dianne Feinstein—the ninth wealthiest member of congress, as a member of the Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee (MILCON) from 2001 to the end of 2005, voted for appropriations worth billions of dollars to her husband’s firms. .

Is Diane Feinstein trying to sneak draconian internet control legislation into the stimulus bill? It sure looks that way.

Peter King - R wants to make a law to make all our cellphones make a loud "clicking" sound like a camera with his "Camera Phone Predator Alert Act (H.R. 414)". So pedofiles don't snap pictures of - you got it! - unsuspecting children! The bill's text says that Congress has found that "children and adolescents have been exploited by photographs taken in dressing rooms and public places with the use of a camera phone." Maybe Peter King shouldn't be in congress if he's worried about cellphones clicking instead of the financial crisis! Maybe Peter King is worried about politicians getting their pictures taken soliciting hookers! Like Vitter - R!!!

Camera Phones Will Have to ‘Emit Tone’

Peter King is also the guy who, in a moment of blatant honesty, admits Bush stole the 2004 election. Here, he says the election is over, all except for the counting, and "we'll take care of the counting" (and the "clicking" - of your cellphone):


Special commentary by Big Dan: "This time around, rightwing punditry isn't working. When Drug Limbaugh came around, Bill Clinton was president. Drug was new, and he got to slam Clinton for 8 years and had people believe we needed a Republican president. Well, we had one. And we had 8 years of Drug Limbaugh telling us how great he was. Now we have a Democratic president. What's the difference? We know Drug Limbaugh is full of shit and Bush was full of shit. Drug Limbaugh makes about 2 million dollars a week, and speaks for the very richest people in this country and isn't a conservative - but he says he is. Everyone's had enough of these rightwing pundits like Limbaugh and Hannity. We finally went through a cycle of 1 Democratic president and 1 Republican president with these AM freak-o's. The jig is up! Even 'dittoheads' are getting embarrassed to be caught listening to Drug Limbaugh."

Dittohead bros. Jeb 'n Jeb

GOD is "0-fer-2":

Kurt Warner and Norm "Tony Snow head" Coleman.

First, GOD wanted Kurt Warner of the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl, and along came the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then, GOD wanted Norm Coleman to serve in the senate, and along came Al Franken. GODDAMMIT!!!

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