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Big Dan's Big News Nov 8, 2008

Farewell, Douchebags

I'd like to add a few of my own: Mooseburgers, hockey mom, Reagan Democrats, PUMA, Democrats for McCain, Lou Barletta, Chris Hackett, Steve Corbett, NASCAR dad's, soccer mom's, Elizabeth Dole, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, rightwing media, Bristol Palin's pregnancy, Cindy McCain, Bristol Palin's shotgun marriage & boyfriend, Joe the Plumber, lipstick on a pig, Sarah Palin (I'm repeating some from "Farewell, Douchebags"), Carly Fiorina, the Dallas Cowboys, Joe Lieberman, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Huckabee, Joe the Plumber (he deserves two mentions), FOX 'news', ANY "Democrats for a Republican" group (hey! guess what! if you're a Democrat for a Republican...YOU'RE NOT A DEMOCRAT, YOU'RE A REPUBLICAN! DUH!!!), .....(add your own to the list)......

Farewell, Douchebags!!!!!!!!!


Bush and the Republicans' economy.

WASHINGTON — The nation’s jobless ranks zoomed past 10 million last month, the most in a quarter-century, as piles of pink slips shut factory gates and office doors to 240,000 more Americans with the holidays nearing. Politicians and economists agreed on a painful bottom line: It’s only going to get worse.

The unemployment rate soared to a 14-year high of 6.5 percent, the government said Friday, up from 6.1 percent just a month earlier. And there was more grim news from U.S. automakers: Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp., American giants struggling to survive, each reported big losses and figured to be announcing even more job cuts before long.

Jobless ranks hit 10 million

The US unemployment rate rose to its highest level since 1994 in October, the government said Friday, reaching 6.5 percent as the world's largest economy shed jobs amid the credit squeeze and downturn. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics said 240,000 jobs had been cut in October, the 10th straight month of job losses, and it revised sharply higher figures for August and September.

RUSH 2007: I think this needs to be noted for historical purposes (bd: Yeah! Me, too!!!). On October 7th of 2002, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, having been battered by the Clinton-Gore dot-com crash and the aftermath of 9/11 damage and fear and pessimism, October 7th on 2002, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 7,181. That's less than 7200, for those of you in Rio Linda. Today, less than five years from October 7th of 2002, the Dow all but doubled. It did cross 14,000 today. It got back just under 14,000, but it crossed 14,000 today, a humongously huge story that is not being reported at all because it doesn't fit the action line or the template of the Drive-By Media, that the economy is bad. There are four points worth noting about this. One, the Bush economic plan. Do you ever hear those words, by the way? You don't. The Bush economic plan worked, and it worked brilliantly. (bd: Hey, Rush! Still wanna note Bush's financial savvy for "historical purposes"??? I'm with ya on that one!!! WHOOPS!!! You've been silent about it lately, changed your mind??? Well, YOU don't have to worry about any "financial crisis", you have a $250,000,000.00 contract from your propaganda handlers!!!)

Rush Limbaugh: The Bush Economic Plan Worked

Bush administration delays release of prisoner abuse photos


Observers sense 'something fishy' in Alaska vote

McCain-Palin was ahead in Alaska pre election polling by as much as 55-40. The Haysresearch Poll that came out Sunday indicated that gap had closed to 2.7 points! That poll was certainly consistent with Palin’s reverse meteoric fall in popularity within the state of Alaska. In that same Haysresearch Poll released on November 2, Question 2 addressed Governor Palin’s positive-negative rating. 11% of Alaskans surveyed said their opinion of Palin had become more positive while 37% indicated they were more negative towards Palin. Yesterday’s vote contradicts those polls. McCain-Palin won Alaska 61-36! A 25 POINT SPREAD!!! An identical point spread as the 2004 Election.


What In The Hell Happened in Alaska?

Alaska On EBay? Election Numbers Update

SOMETHING SMELLS VERY FISHY IN ALASKA. Turnout Rate Reported as Lowest Ever in State, Down 11% From '04 Even With Both Palin and Obama on the Ballot. Hanging in the Balance in the Diebold State: Felon Ted Stevens' U.S. Senate Race, Corrupt Don Young's House Race & Much More...


NEPA's local hate/attack radio show host, part of WILK's hate-O-rama radio lineup (except for Nancy & Kevin), get's put up on Big Dan's big hatemonger rightwing media collage! Expect Corbett and the gang to attack Obama for the next 4 years, just like they attacked Bill Clinton. They're in high gear already! And Obama doesn't take office until late January! Steve Corbett's schtick has a twist, though: he tells his listeners he's a "radical liberal" to trick them. Steve Corbett: the "pretend liberal" who voted for McCain/Palin! He NEVER personally attacks Republicans, only Democrats. He talks over callers that defend Democrats, says "Slow down! Slow down!" only to them, interrupts them with questions to change the subject, says they're "oversimplifying things" when they have a good point, interrupts them and says there's noise in the background or their radio's on when clearly there's no other noise (only Democratic callers have noise in the background or their call isn't coming in clear or they talk too fast), giggles like a little girl when a caller participates in attacking someone with him, etc... There he is in Big Dan's rightwing hate media collage: center of the bottom row! Top row: Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity. Center row: Bill Kristol, Ann Coulter, and Bill O'Reilly. Bottom row: Mike Sewage...I mean Mike Savage, "pretend" liberal Steve Corbett, and Matt Drudge, where it all starts.

The Republican Noise Machine

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