Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Nov 29, 2008

The Second Biggest Coincidence Of the Century: Financial 9/11 hits during Bush's final days in office (the first coincidence of the century was that the Bush administration already had plans drawn up to invade Iraq before 9/11 and needed an excuse to expedite it - 9/11; how many Bush coincidences are you going to believe?)

Jim Bianco of Bianco Research crunched the inflation adjusted numbers. The bailout has cost more than all of these big budget government expenditures – combined:

• Marshall Plan: Cost: $12.7 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $115.3 billion
• Louisiana Purchase: Cost: $15 million, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $217 billion
• Race to the Moon: Cost: $36.4 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $237 billion
• S&L Crisis: Cost: $153 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $256 billion
• Korean War: Cost: $54 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $454 billion
• The New Deal: Cost: $32 billion (Est), Inflation Adjusted Cost: $500 billion (Est)
• Invasion of Iraq: Cost: $551b, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $597 billion
• Vietnam War: Cost: $111 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $698 billion
• NASA: Cost: $416.7 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $851.2 billion

TOTAL: $3.92 trillion

Jim Bianco of Bianco Research

Financial Bailout Balloons to the Trillions. More Than Just TARP, the Bailout Is the Costliest U.S. Expenditure Ever

CEOs “cashed out” prior to economic crisis

New U.S. mortgage crisis looms. The full scope of the U.S. housing meltdown isn't clear and already there are ominous signs of a new crisis — one that could turn out the lights on malls, hotels and storefronts across the country.

Internet Buzz: Gift cards may be worthless

Retail chains are facing the highest bankruptcy levels in three years, as consumer confidence and spending has fallen, and credit markets have tightened.

From Foot Locker and Home Depot to Ann Taylor and Linens 'n Things, we round up more than 30 retailers that are closing (at least some) of their doors. Are some of them your favorites?

Citizens’ Economic Stimulus Plan: Stop Paying Credit Card Debt

This will be US in a little while, because we let criminals run this country:


Vice-Criminal Dick Cheney's ties to Vanguard will implicate him in Texas prison indictment, says Texas DA Guerra.

Texas DA reveals evidence against Cheney

Guerra says he went through Cheney's financial records and the prison companies' financial records and found the connection. The three top prison companies Guerra researched were Corrections Corporation of America, GEO Group and Cornell. Those three have the Vanguard Group in common, which is an investment company that puts money into all three prison companies.

DOWNLOAD: Full copies of the Cheney indictments

Here's Dick Cheney's other top secret prisin camp here in the U.S., just for you and me - SWIFT LUCKY GREENS!!!

Swift Lucky Greens Detention Camps in the USA.

Satellite Photos of Halliburton Concentration Camps…IN THE UNITED STATES!!!

Homeland Security Contracts KBR to Build Detention Centers in the US

Civilian Inmate Labor Program

Illegal US Government War Crimes Against US Civilians


False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as though they are being carried out by other entities.

Even though these firsthand accounts indicate the attackers were white, drank alcohol and displayed the steely and professional reserve of trained military men, the emerging story carried by the corporate media blames the attacks on al-Qaeda.

Media Forced To Backtrack On Al-Qaeda Link To Mumbai Attacks

India's Leaders Need to Look Closer to Home. The Assault on Mumbai

Sophisticated Attacks, but by Whom?

Chinese news exposes the Rand Corporations plans to start World War III

Deepak Chopra Blames Washington For Mumbai Terrorist Attacks


Five other members of Congress are being probed in association with the bribery scandal linked to former California Republican congressman "Duke" Cunningham, according to a little-noticed legal filing discovered Thursday. Katherine "2000 Election" Harris likely one of them.

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