Friday, November 7, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Nov 7, 2008

For one day, it seemed like the whole world won the Super Bowl:


Right out of the gates! Obama's first cabinet member Rahm Emanuel: good pick or another pro-Israeli warmonger like so many in the Bush cabinet, guys like Paul Wolfowicz, Richard Perle, Andrew Card, etc... Here's hoping it's the former, time will tell...

Emanuel's War Plan for Democrats. The Book of Rahm

NYTimes: The Brothers Emanuel


Voting Irregularities That We Better Keep Our Eyes On!!! How could there have been millions of less votes cast in 2008 than 2004, even though there were record registrations???

FILIBUSTER-PROOF DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY BEGINS TO LINE UP IN U.S. SENATE. Still-Outstanding Races in AK, MN & GA May Well Add Up to 60 Seats for Democrats IF The Elections Are Counted As Per the Voters' Intent...

Turnout Rate Reported as Lowest Ever in State, Down 11% From '04 Even With Both Palin and Obama on the Ballot. Hanging in the Balance in the Diebold State: Felon Ted Stevens' U.S. Senate Race, Corrupt Don Young's House Race & Much More...

All Diebold Touch-Screen Systems Impounded by Judge in PA County. Straight-Party Ticket Votes Failed to Allow Voters to Review Names of Presidential Candidates Before Casting 'Ballot'. Same Flawed, Hackable, Unverifiable Machines Being Used in GA Senate Race, Elsewhere...


Apparently, Sarah Palin won't give the GOP back the quarter-of-a-million dollars worth of clothes they got her, so they're sending a lawyer up to Alaska to get the clothes back from her. Remember when she said the clothes "aren't my property" during the campaign, so people wouldn't think she's an elitist? She was "renting" the clothes, I guess... Why isn't she giving the clothes back, if they're not her property? OR...why isn't the GOP just letting her keep them? Is she stealing the clothes? Has the GOP gone off the deep end, arguing about clothes? Are they all nuts?

GOP Lawyer Dispatched To Alaska To Retrieve Some Of Palin's Clothes

Flashback below: Sarah Palin explains that the quarter of a million dollars worth of clothes the GOP bought her "aren't my property". Hey, aren't you glad they didn't win? This would've been our president!

This is sooooooo crazy!!! The Palin pick was so crazy, I doubt we'll ever see anything like this again in our lifetime! What were they thinking??? That is EXACTLY why McCain lost: because of the Sarah Palin pick! How come no one's just coming out and saying that? It's so obvious! Smart people, at the time, said this was going to happen! Kook-aid drinkers were calling up radio stations and saying, "Sarah Palin is the perfect pick!", and "hockey mom", and "mooseburgers", remember that? That was INSANE!!! I really don't think McCain picked her...NO WAY!!! But, who did???

Tensions between McCain and Palin camps come to light. McCain aides talk about the Republican vice presidential nominee's wardrobe controversy and other issues.


Special commentary: Our local "pretend" liberal radio show host, Steve Corbett, who's always saying he's not a racist, finally has a show on racism. The only problem? He waited until AFTER the election to have it, which tells me he purposely held back on it because it might have helped Obama if he had it before the election, and he framed it as: "Why don't the Democrats hire more blacks???" Right, Steve, challenge the Democrats to hire more blacks. In case you didn't notice, Democratic president Barack Obama is black. Don't challenge the Republican Party who, after this election, STILL has ZERO black senators and congressmen! Rush Limbaugh's 'Mini-Me', "pretend" liberal Steve Corbett!!! Corbett must've done some research, and came to the conclusion that it 'sells better' if he calls himself a liberal. Corbett loves to remind his listeners that he's a liberal and wrote some things about racism a long time ago. Please post these writings on your website, Steve, if they exist. It's OK to do that, now that the election is over. Steve Corbett: the "liberal" who voted for John McCain...because he isn't a liberal. Wake up, people."

Update: Today, "pretend" liberal Steve Corbett has deputized himself to be the "Word Police"; he takes offense to Obama calling himself a "mutt", because he's bi-racial. Obama shouldn't do that. Did you get that? Corbett wants to censor what people call themselves! The Obama lynchmob continues... Time for me to buy another XM unit so I can listen to Air America radio. Note: my wife loves XM radio so much, she stole my XM radio off me! I'm not kidding!


Bush/Rice issue joint statement praising Barack Hussein Obama.

Joint statement: "Hello our fellow Americans. We would like to congratulate Barack Obama on his selection of presidency. One of us is black, so that one is really happy. The other one, the one that's not black, is happy, too. We think it's about time a half-white guy became president, instead of a full white disrespect intended towards John McCain, although we heard he may have a little black in him somewhere's upstream in the bloodlines. In fact, wasn't there a rumor going around that he's related to Obama? Sorry, we digress. Anyway, we'd like you to like us, now that it's the bottom of the 9th of our administration, so that's why we're praising Obama. We'd like you to forget about 9/11, revoking Habeus Corpus, the Military Commissions Act, knowingly ordering the torture of people (we're STILL doing that! heh heh heh...that was me, Bush, laughing on that one...), spying on Americans via the telecom industry, vetoing children's' health care, gutting social programs, trying to privatize social security, trashing the environment, politicizing the Department of Justice, stealing elections, no-bid contracts, cutting taxes on the extreme rich while spending federal money like drunken sailors thus causing the hugest deficit in history, stealing money from the treasury for our friends & family, the financial crisis, foreclosures, increasing the gap between the rich and the poor...we're getting carried away, so we'll just cut this short: CONGRATULATIONS BARACK OBAMA!!! You might be wondering why the both of us are praising Barack Obama's selection, but you haven't heard a word from Dick Cheney about this. After the devastation caused to John McCain's campaign due to Dick Cheney's endorsement (don't blame us! we tried to stop him! at least I did...that was me, Condi...), we all agreed, 'best left unsaid', but Dick sends his regards from his spider hole."

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