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Big Dan's Big News Nov 16, 2008

A look back at exactly why Lou Barletta lost.

Lou Barletta...STILL mayor of Hazleton.

I'm really glad Lou Barletta lost. But what really made me ecstatic about his loss, was that last commercial playing non-stop over the local AM airwaves, the one with the Mexican music playing. Lou Barletta is the mayor of Hazleton and rose to national fame by going on CNN's Lou Dobbs show with his stance against the illegal immigrants. His anti-illegal immigration legislation was struck down in the courts and cost Hazleton taxpayers millions of dollars in a case all experts said he would lose. "Barletta's Folly." He thought he could ride his racism tide to a victory over Democrat Paul Kanjorski for congressman of the 11th district and was supposed to win, according to all the polls. But he lost in a squeaker. I'm pinning the loss on the anti-Kanjorski ad with Mexican music playing, a clear anti-Mexican reference, linking Kanjorski to the illegal immigrants. The ad was played so much it drove everyone insane. This is the reason Barletta lost. Further, Barletta went on the air and said he had nothing to do with the ad, but always added that the ad is correct in what it said but he couldn't approach the group that made the ad and ask them to remove the Mexican music. BULLSHIT, LOU!!! Do you think we're stupid???

Here's the ad...the reason Lou Barletta lost...GOOD FOR YOU, LOU! Choke on it! I'M GLAD YOU LOST! Now pay off that 2 million you cost the Hazleton taxpayers, you can pipe in Mexican songs like the one below as you're trying to figure out how to pay it. You're stuck with it!!! You thought you were going to leave them holding the bad, and guess where YOU are right now? You're STILL the mayor of Hazleton!!!


Bill Ayers speaks out in an exclusive interview on Democracy NOW! You've got Democracy NOW!( the REAL news, non-corporate controlled) if you've got DISH (channel 9410 & 9415) or DirecTV (channel 275)!

In the late stages of the presidential race, no other name was used more by the McCain-Palin campaign against Barack Obama than Bill Ayers. Ayers is a respected Chicago professor who was a member of the 1960s militant antiwar group the Weather Underground. In their first joint television interview, Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn discuss the McCain campaign attacks, President-elect Obama, the Weather Underground, the legacy of 1960s social justice movements, and more.

Democracy Now! Exclusive (Part 1): Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn on the Weather Underground, the McCain Campaign Attacks, President-Elect Obama and the Antiwar Movement Today

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Meet the Bloggers, only on Free Speech TV/DISH channel 9415 (in every package, you have it!!!).

Meet the Bloggers for November 7th

The people have spoken! A record-setting 130 million people turned out to vote in yesterday's election, in which Barack Obama made history on a Democratic tidal wave of victory.

Polling suggests voters came out in record numbers because of growing concerns over the economy, jobs, healthcare, energy, and the wars in Iraq ­and Afghanistan. Clearly, the Obama administration and the new Democratic majority in Washington have a chance to make profound changes in our lives stretching ­ from Wall Street to Main Street. But where should they begin?


The 3rd of 4 in a propaganda series of films I'm posting:

The Century Of The Self - There is a Policeman

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Winter Patriot: Following one of my most recent posts ("Pass The Cheese: Iraqi Soldier Kills Two American Soldiers") there was a discussion at Winter Patriot dot com which reminded me of a few things. And rather than tell you about them, I've decided to show them to you.

This is a piece from October of 2007, which I called "When Will We Ever Learn? Airstrike Kills Civilians In Iraq, Pentagon Denies Everything". It is reposted here, in full, with no apologies for the graphic content.

Airstrike Redux: When Will We Ever Learn?

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