Saturday, November 1, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Nov 1, 2008

Is this what Republicans mean by a "Reagan Democrat"? Ronald Reagan's son is officially voting for Obama! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gipper's son officially endorses Obama

Dick Cheney endorses John McCain...

Experts: "McCain election bid over, after Cheney endorsement"; "Humanly impossible to overcome"; "Lead now even beyond reach of rigged electronic voting machines, voter suppression, and racist voters after Cheney endorsement..." McCain camp in talks with Bush to pro-actively head off Bush endorsement....

Cheney puts the final nail in the coffin of the McCain campaign, by endorsing McCain...


Documents reveal how Ohio routed 2004 voting data through company that hosted external Bush Administration email accounts


VIDEO: OPRAH SEES OWN PRESIDENTIAL VOTE DROPPED BY TOUCH-SCREEN VOTING MACHINE. 'I went back to check it, it had not recorded my presidential vote!', Says Terrified, Potentially Disenfranchised Queen of Television...

Touch-Screen Vote-Flipping 2008. (2008 General Election Version)

BREAKING: Federal Judge Compels GOP IT Guru Mike Connell To Give Deposition in Ohio '04 Election Case. Contentious Hearing Today Results in Order For Republican 'High-Tech Forrest Gump' to Testify Under Oath on Monday. Appearance to Answer Questions on 2004 Election Scheduled Just 24 Hours Prior to Election 2008...

PA Counties Said Unprepared to Serve Voters, Meet Court Order for Emergency Paper Ballots. Election Official: '80% of Counties Do Not Have Emergency Ballots'...

Vote-Flipping Diebold Machine Removed, Quarantined in CO. Karen Long, Adams County Clerk Takes Action After Voter Sees Vote Flip Repeatedly to Republican Candidate in State With Long History of E-Voting Failures. Watchdog Group Issues Press Release Calling for No 'Recalibration', Immediate Removal, Impounding of Such Machines...


Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker Michael Moore on the Election, the Bailout, Healthcare, and 10 Proposed Decrees for the New President's First 10 Days

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Breaking.....Sarah Palin upset with media because they're not calling her a "hockey mom" lately, reporting on mooseburgers, and having her on the cover of VOGUE magazine...

The Palin Circus continues! Palin "fears attacks by the mainstream media". Sounds like she can handle dealing with terrorists, doesn't it? Maybe she'll say: "The terrorists are being nasty to me", when she's president after McCain croaks. Sarah was fine with the media, when they were doing what she wanted: reporting that she made mooseburgers and was a hockey mom. Then when the media stops reporting on her the way she likes, she cries that they're infringing on her first amendment rights. Typical Republican: the truth is "liberal"! If Sarah can't control the media the way she wants, she can always go back to Alaska where she was just a hockey mom. Wait a minute! She was never a hockey mom! The GOP marketed her to the media that way when she was picked for McCain's VP!!! The American people are on to the sham of the GOP picking Sarah Palin for their VP for political purposes, not for the good of the country. The charade is over, but they're so out of touch that they're still running this infomercial.

"If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations," Palin told host Chris Plante, "then I don't know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media."


Flashback: June 11, 1963, Thích Quảng Đức sets himself on fire to protest treatment of monks. This guy knew how to protest!

Thích Quảng Đức


Big-time baby-swinging:

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