Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Nov 5, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama!!!

Reactions Around The World (PHOTOS)

Election Reactions Around The Country (PHOTOS)

My fellow plumbers...

OH! Bama HEY! Bama, Bama Bama HO!!! The Messiah has won: Obama's the guy with the long hair, the GOP are the guys in the big, black hats and low voices, the crowd are the get the picture!!!

All-around good night for lefties: marijuana decriminalized in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts voters decriminalize marijuana!


WILK blooper!!!

At around 10pm last night, my wife and I were driving home from a Chinese buffet in Scranton, and we both heard Republican WILK talk show host Sue Henry carrying on a conversation over their election coverage. We distinctly heard her say, "Jesus Christ! I just found out a personal conversation between me and Cathy Donnelly was broadcast over the airwaves. Can't we get some friggin' engineers around here that know what they're doing???" That is paraphrased, but just about exactly what she said. We missed the first part of the conversation, but I bet it was great! Thank you, Republicans, for a great all around night! We laughed our asses off to the point where we almost lost control of our vehicle!!! Did anyone hear the entire conversation or happen to record it? It sure would be great if you could post it somewhere!!!

...and in other WILK news, "Operation Everything I've Said So Far Is Wrong" continues...

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