Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day Of Reckoning II: Pa. Governor Corbett Greeted By the 47% with Pitchforks & Torches

I never saw the sentence "THE GOVERNOR HAD TO FLEE UNDER ESCORT" before in a in a major news source in the U.S. Have you?

Remember when the fracking/vote disenfrachisment/austerity/forced vaginal ultrasound Governor Tom Corbett gave one of his first speeches, he said that now that he's governor, there will be a "Day Of Reckoning"? Gov Corbett was in Philadelphia giving a conservative Town Hall and the Pennsylvanians he "RECKONED", FRACKED, & STOLE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE greeted him with pitchforks and torches. The Town Hall ended with Corbett "FLEEING" under ESCORT. I don't ever remember news stories saying a governor had to "FLEE", have you? I guess that's what happens when you leave your FOX "news"/rightwing radio plastic bubble and actually INTERACT with REAL PEOPLE you "RECKONED" and they're not exclusively frackers, Dittoheads, and Republicans. They're know...the 47% you "RECKONED":

Note: in the post below I had a video from WNEP 16 with Corbett's "Day of Reckoning" speech. The video is gone and I cannot find it anymore ANYWHERE, so there's a space in this post where the video was:

(March 9, 2011) Gov Corbett's DAY OF WRECKING (day of "reckoning") - Republican Pa. Governor Tom "DAY OF RECKONING" Corbett and Jesus (s/b: "DAY OF WRECKING" Pennsylvania)

Here's the kind of crowd that Governor Corbett was looking for and didn't get, the CHICK FIL A DITTOHEAD crowd:

Don't you wonder what Gov Corbett thought? Was he *SURPRISED* at this reaction? Did he think, "GEE! I THOUGHT EVERYONE LOVES ME!"? Or did he KNOW this would happen. I mean, going into PHILADELPHIA, the place where probably MOST voters he disenfranchised reside? And here's the SCARIEST thing: they weren't just pitchforking/torching ONE SUBJECT, the were screaming about EVERYTHING - voting, defunding schools, fracking...YOU NAME IT!!! Keep in mind how his policies have not affected "RICH, WHITE FOLK" & BIG FRACKING.

Protesters disrupt Corbett’s town hall at Art Museum

Remember when Gov Corbett told women to "JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES" for the forced vaginal ultrasound bill? If he didn't like the pitchfork/torch crowd, he could've "JUST CLOSED HIS EYES":

American Taliban Come Out With Platform

I'm An Idiotic "MORAN" Dittohead Who Thinks That If I Need Photo ID To Buy A Beer, Then Everyone Needs Photo ID To Vote

The Only Thing Going Against Pennsylvania Republicans In The GOP Voter ID Law Case Is: 100% Of The Facts, Testimony, Proof, and Evidence

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